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This book guide is divided into two major sections: Novels and Guides.

  • Novels include the two series of officially authorized Wing Commander fiction - Baen Book's seven book run and HarperCollins' three book movie spinoff series.
  • Official Guides are those authorized by Origin Systems, Inc. Origin published at least one strategy guide for every Wing Commander game, excluding Wing Commander Academy. Unofficial Guides are hint books published without corporate approval. They were especially popular around the release of Wing Commander III and IV... their quality ranges from excellent to being the most awful book ever published.

From Aachen to Zwuschen, Germany is full of weird and wonderful things... and no where is this better exemplified than in its large collection of Wing Commander books. From translated Wing Commander novels and guides with awesome new covers to original hint books with F-15s on them, Germany is the Wing Commander book collector's holy land. A subsection of this book guide is dedicated to unofficial German hint books.

Two unpublished Wing Commander strategy guides were assigned ISBN numbers - which has confused many online vendors into believing that they exist. The Veteran Pilot's Guide to Wing Commander III (Bernie Yee) and Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy Gold (Chris McCubbin) do not exist.


Baen Books

Freedomflight high.jpg Endrun high.jpg Fleetaction high.jpg Heartofthetiger.jpg
Freedom Flight End Run Fleet Action Heart of the Tiger

Priceoffreedom.jpg Actionstations.jpg Falsecolors high.jpg
The Price of Freedom Action Stations False Colors


Movienovel.jpg Movienoveljunior.jpg Pilgrimstars.jpg Pilgrimtruthcoversmall.jpg
Movie Novelization Junior Novelization Pilgrim Stars Pilgrim Truth


Official Guides

Wc12guide-new.jpg Privateerplaytesters-new.jpg Armadaplaytesters-new.jpg
Wing Commander I & II:
The Ultimate Strategy Guide
Playtesters' Guide
Wing Commander: Armada
Playtesters' Guide

Og-e4.jpg Acgwc3.jpg Wc4guide-new.jpg
Origin's Official Guide to
Wing Commander III
The Authorized Combat Guide to
Wing Commander III
Origin's Official Guide to
Wing Commander IV

Og-e7.jpg Og-e8.jpg
Origin's Official Guide to
Privateer 2: The Darkening
Wing Commander Prophecy:
The Official Strategy Guide

Og-e9.jpg Starlog page 00.jpg
Official Authorized Wing Commander
Confederation Handbook
Starlog Movie Hits
Wing Commander

Unofficial Guides


Uog-e1.jpg Uog-e2.jpg
Secrets of the
Wing Commander Universe
Wing Commander III:
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Uog-e3.jpg Uog-e4.jpg
Wing Commander IV:
Unauthorized Secrets & Solutions
Totally Unauthorized
Wing Commander IV Strategy Guide


Markt & Technick Buch und Software Series
Newgermanp2.jpg Germanwc3gt.jpg
Das Privateer
Piloten Handbuch
Die Wing Commander III
Piloten Power

Germanwc4gfront.jpg Gpriv2guide.jpg
Wing Commander IV:
The Unofficial Guide
Der Profi-Guide:
Privateer 2 The Darkening
DATA Becker Series
Pilotenhandbuch.jpg Spielefuhrer-wc3.jpg Spielefuhrer-wcp.jpg
Das Wing Commander
Piloten Handbuch
Wing Commander III
Wing Commander Prophecy
NBG Verlag Series
Gguide1.gif Newgermanyp2-2.jpg Gguide2.gif
Wing Commander IV
The Price of Freedom
Privateer 2
The Darkening
Wing Commander V


  • Veteran Pilot's Guide to Wing Commander III
  • Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy Gold


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