The missile that won't miss

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The missile that won't miss is a News Bulletin by Phlamin Omer posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes the commercial release of the Proximity missile.


The missile that won't miss
Veltek spokesman Phlamin Omer reveals all
We at Veltek are proud to unveil the Maelstrom class Proximity Missile. Research has shown that an astonishing 47.9% of combat missile launches fail to destroy their target, due to the missile being out-maneuvered, the deployment of decoys, or simply an insufficiently powerful warhead. The Maelstrom remedies all these problems: it contains a proximity fuse that will detonate the missile when it attains a certain distance from the target, rather than merely on impact, making it very difficult to avoid or decoy. It also has a much more powerful warhead, and a far larger blast radius, than conventional missiles. Buy one today, or it could be bye-bye tomorrow.