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1. WCPedia is comprised of two main areas.

The Wing Commander Encyclopedia is the repository for all real world information about Wing Commander products. Entries in the encyclopedia area of the project should be written and formatted in the style found on the Content Creation Help Page.

The Terran Knowledge Bank is the main area of the project that contains entries about everything found in the Wing Commander universe. Entries for the Terran Knowledge Bank should be written in the past tense from an in-universe point of view. You are a research assistant at McAuliffe VI in the 29th century tasked with writing about the people, places, things, etc. that have come before you! For example: "Christopher Blair was a Terran Confederation fighter pilot" rather than "Christopher Blair was the hero of Wing Commander 3." Entries for the Terran Knowledge Bank should be written and formatted in the style found on the Content Creation Help Page.

2. No entry is too small! Any and all proper nouns mentioned in the Wing Commander continuity should be added to the database - from callsigns or ships mentioned in passing to major characters and events.

3. Thou shalt not steal, except from us. Do not take text from external sources - no one should copy and paste anything from places like Wikipedia proper, Wedge's site, etc. Your work must be original to WCPedia. The exception being that you may use any text written by the CIC staff (without attribution) or any text included in the canonical Wing Commander universe (with attribution).

4. There are no limits on amount of text or file size. This should be the best possible source of Wing Commander information - if that means a hundred pages of information about Durasteel or a fifty megabyte image of a fighter, so be it.

5. Please try to avoid creating a 'Wikipedia Culture'. As much fun as elaborate personal profiles and super-divided 'wikiprojects' are, what this project truly needs at this time is hard work! Similarly, I also don't want to hear internet cult-terms like 'fair use' or 'open source'. We are making a database of someone else's intellectual property, we reserve only the right not to have it reprinted without attribution!

6. Worldly glory is transitory: you are a special individual for helping edit the WCPedia but are awarded no special status elsewhere. We show off our work and nothing else. We reserve the right to bar anyone from the project at any time, although hope to do so only in the case of poor contributions which show no sign of improvement over time. We also reserve the right to delete any content which does not meet WCPedia standards.

7. Standardized article creation and editing information is found in the Help section. (NOTE - Still a Work in Progress Area - August 7, 2011) The Content Creation page has example pages for WC Encyclopedia and Terran Knowledge Bank entries. All articles should conform to the standards found in the Help Section. Some standards are still evolving and we ask the community's help in trying to nail them down. Ideas for improving layouts and standards are encouraged. Community suggestions are vital!

8. We will also break with tradition here: you may add material relevant to non-canon or fan fiction stories on their own pages linked to the article under a separate header below the main body of an entry. It should maintain the same standard of quality and style as the primary body of the entry, but must also begin by including its source ("In the Holding the Line series..."). Entries for elements which appear only in fan fiction may also be created, but must be clearly marked as such. We also ask extreme diligence if you choose to pursue this option; someone who adds a character from Standoff, for example, will be expected to add every character from Standoff. See Fan Art pages for examples of how to create fan-created content pages. This work however, should be secondary to the main goal of creating the Ultimate Wing Commander Resource.

9. If you are unsure how something should be done or where it should go, please ask!

10. Do Good Work!