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Wing Commander IV


Character Location Choices Effects
Pliers (if you still have Flashpak) Hangar Bay It's too risky
It's now or never
Don't take Flashpak Take Flashpak
Sosa CIC None None

Sol 1

Objectives Destroy the Vesuvius
Ship Choices Dragon
Other Friendly Ships None
Wave 1
4 Hellcat
1 Supercarrier
Wave 2
3 Hellcat


  • Your objective is to destroy the Vesuvius so don't waste any time doing so.
  • If you don't have the Flashpak, select your torpedoes and select to do a full salvo launch (B key). Get a lock on the Vesuvius and launch everything you have at it.
  • If you have the Flashpak, select it, then fly through the middle of the Vesuvius and launch it.
  • When the Vesuvius is destroyed you will be given permission to land.

Success go to Sol 2. Failure you lose.

Sol 2

Objectives Go to Earth
Ship Choices Dragon
Other Friendly Ships None
1 Dragon
Wave 1
2 Arrow
5 Turret Mine
1 Starbase
Wave 2
2 Arrow


  • In this mission you only need to take out the fighters. The turret mines and the starbase aren't essential targets. After Nav 2, you will fly down to the planet to face the assembly.

Success: convince the assembly. Failure you lose.


Character Location Choices Effects
Assembly Earth Seize the moment
Careful, fools rush in
Talk to assembly
Get arrested
Assembly Earth Convinced the assembly
Be convicted of treason
You win!
You lose..


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Nep
Mission : Earth Assembly
Comments : The assembly, according to the script, is based on a points system. The only truly necessary choices are "Seize the moment" and "Tell them more". Choose these two and you'll be fine.

Submitted by : Wedge009
Mission : 2
Comments : As far as I know, only "Seize the moment" is necessary, however choosing "Like bioweapons?" will also help.

Submitted by : Tyler
Mission : Assembly
Comments : After chooseing seize the momment. There is a point system and only 3 questions matter. You must answer 2 of the 3 correctly to win. Correct answers are He will trip him selfup, Like Bio Weapons, and Tell them more.

Submitted by : Ben
Mission : Sol 2 - Earth Assembly
Comments : Has anyone worked out what sequence of choices results in Blair ending up as a general, an admiral or a pilot trainer? Or does this depend on prior choices?

Submitted by : PeteyG
Mission :
Comments : It seems to me that you became the head admiral (in Tolwyn's office), with Hawk as your right hand man, and sending the Black Lance around to put down rebellions if you used the Flashpak to take down the base at Ella. I could be wrong, though

Submitted by : Dammerung
Mission : Sol 3
Comments : Actually, it's based on Panther and Hawk's morale.

Submitted by : Captain "Ace" Clark
Mission : Sol 3
Comments : The ending is indeed based off Panther and Hawk's morale, and the choices you've made through-out the game (such as choosing to save civilians or attack military targets earlier, and choosing whether to use the flash-pac on the starbase.)

Submitted by : Sycrusian
Mission : Sol 2
Comments : Don't know about the PC version, but in the PSX I finished this one with ease by nailing the Dragon with a full salvo of dumbfire missiles when it was closing on me. Then I cloacked and peacefully passed by the starbase. It never saw me! :Þ

Submitted by : DrX
Mission : ending
Comments : na, on other site, it said agreeing with Hawk. I agreed with Hawk on everything except to use the FlashPack w/Ella. I used the FlashPack on Vesuvius. This caused the ending to have Hawk as Righthand man/Black forces. For end-choose bio/2can playGame

Submitted by : DrX
Mission : end
Comments : If you disagree with Hawk throughout game, then Blair becomes a Trainer

Submitted by : Mjr. Whoopass
Mission : Ending
Comments : I agreed with Panther to stop the revolt, said "Maniac's on his own, + agreed with Hawk to use the flashpack on the starbase- I ended up a trainer. "Sieze the moment" and "Tell them more" are the only ones that mattered. #of

Submitted by : Claus
Mission : Sol 1
Comments : How do you destroy the Vesuvius without the flashpak? I tried with an Avenger and even with 4 Torpedoes, it did not go boom. I do not have the flashpak anymore, I used it to blast that station to hell and civilians be damned .... :)

Submitted by : Kapikui
Mission : Sol 2
Comments : The only necessary fight is with Seether. The arrows at NAV 2 can be bypassed by cloaking and hitting the afterburners.

Submitted by : lassombra
Date : Wed Apr 11 01:44:16 2012
Mission :
Comments : to destroy vesuvius without the flashpack, use burst missile mode (b key) which fires every hardpoint that can get a lock. then, after locking onto the vesuvius fly down the hangar bay and fire off the torpedoes from the inside. If you time it just right, you'll find yourself flying out of a fireball, but even if not, as long as you hit the insides, you'll destroy vesuvius in one fell swoop.

Wing Commander IV Game Notes 
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Tyr System 
Masa System 
Silenos System 
Orestes System 
Pasqual System 
Peleus System 
Circe System 
Speradon System 
Telamon System 
Axius System 
Ella System 
Talos System 
Sol System 

Wing Commander Prophecy Game Notes 
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G'wriss System 
H'hrass System 
T'lan Meth System 
Hellespont System 
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G'mar System 
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Wing Commander Secret Ops Game Notes 
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Ella System 
Talos System 
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Lynn Murphy 
Dr. Monkhouse 
Taryn Cross 
Sandra Goodin 
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Angus Santana 
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Jan Mitorr 
David Hassan 
Hugo Carmichael 
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