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Special Operations I

Ghorah Khar 1-A: Patrol
Ghorah Khar 1-B: Rendezvous
Ghorah Khar 1-C: Patrol
Ghorah Khar 1-D: Patrol
Ghorah Khar 1-E: Strike

Ghorah Khar 1-A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Crossbow
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships Bonnie Heather
Briefing Paladin: The Major and I will leave in the Bonnie Heather... --- an' you, with Ralgha as your chief gunnery officer, will be flying escort for us, Maverick ... I'll see you on the deck in ten minutes, laddie!
Jump Point
3 Drakhri
Jump Entry
4 Strakha
1 Dorkathi
2 Strakha


  • This mission is difficult no matter how you go at it. Fighting 10 fighters and a capship solo is... interesting.

Success / Failure go to Ghorah Khar 1-B.

Ghorah Khar 1-B : Rendezvous

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Crossbow
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships Tinderbox
Sh'ar N'Tanya
Briefing Paladin: Ready for another mission, Maverick?
Maverick: Of course, James.
Paladin: We're running guns and supplies to the Kilrathi rebels at N'Tanya. They're sending a Ralatha to rendezvous with us... Maverick, take the Clydesdale to meet the Sh'ar N'Tanya via Nav 1 --- and return to Olympus via Nav 2. But be careful who you shoot at, laddie... we have friendly cats out there!
Nav 1
3 Jalkehi
Sh'ar → Jump Point
2 Grikath
Jump Point
2 Kamekh
Nav 2
5 Drakhri


  • To follow up a challenging mission... let's have a harder one! This time you get to take on 10 fighters and two Kamekh, while trying to protect two capships.
  • Stick close to Tinderbox and the Sh'ar N'Tanya. Don't chase after enemies or they'll take out your friendlies while you're away.

Success / Failure go to Ghorah Khar 1-C.

Ghorah Khar 1-C: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points. Protect Starr, Rhino and Cafrelli.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingmen Starr
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Hobbes just returned from his assignment downside on Ghorah Khar --- where he's organizing the resistance and training the rebel leaders. He's returning with a team of young human pilots who will command the Ghorah Khar squadrons. I want them to learn from you... your combat tactics, your style of command. And I want them to learn how to stay alive in combat. This'll be a straightforward mission, a patrol around Olympus Station. Your main objective is to keep these boys alive, Maverick... we need them to lead the resistance. That's more important than scoring any kills on this mission. Hobbes has already launched... his team will meet you at Nav 1. You'll patrol through Nav 2, and return via Nav 3. Good luck, Maverick. Dismissed.
Nav 2
4 Sartha
1 Kamekh
Nav 3
5 Jalkehi


  • This mission is a cakewalk compared to the last few. You have 4 wingmen (though 3 are somewhat useless) to help you out.
  • Try to take out the Kamekh at Nav 2 first, that will keep it from shooting down your inexperienced wingmen.

Success/Failure go to Ghorah Khar 1-D.

Ghorah Khar 1-D: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav points and retrieve the data capsule.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Hobbes
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Maverick: Any word from Colonel Taggart, Major?
Major Edmond: Paladin is still meeting with Colonel Marnier from Ghorah Khar, and the station commander. But he asked me to brief you on the current situation here at Olympus. Paladin's agents informed us that an Imperial Kilrathi intelligence team --- is planning to drop a data pod with the invasion plans at the edge of the system. The data pod should be at Nav 2. Patrol Nav 1 and 3 to make sure none of the intelligence team escapes. We're going to retrieve that data pod, crack their codes, and substitute another data pod with OUR invasion plan. If we can substitute the data undetected, we can select their invasion route for them --- and lead the Imperial Kilrathi right into our main defensive forces. Colonel, you and Hobbes are assigned to go after the Kilrathi intelligence squad and the data pod. They're readying a pair of Sabres for you on the Flight Deck right now.
Nav 1
4 Drakhri
2 Grikath
Data Pod
Nav 3
4 Drakhri


  • Dogfighting in a minefield isn't fun. Try and lure the Grikath out so you can take them out more easily. An alternative is saving your missiles for the minefield so that you don't have to be drawn into a dogfight.

Success go to Ghorah Khar 2-A. Failure go to Ghorah Khar 1-E

Ghorah Khar 1-E: Strike

Primary Objectives Assist Marnier's wing to Olympus
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Hobbes
Other Friendly Ships Ladyman
Briefing Major Edmond: We've received a distress call --- from two pilots en route from Olympus Station to Ghorah Khar. They are under attack by a wing of Gothri fighters. One of the pilots is Colonel Marnier, the Ghorah Khar space forces commander. Their Sabres have been damaged; it is imperative that they return to Olympus immediately. You are to assist them at Nav 1, and then escort them back to Olympus via Nav 2. I'm uploading your Nav computer data now. Olympus out.
Nav 1
4 Gothri
Nav 2 → Olympus
4 Grikath


  • This is a relatively straight-forward mission. You end up with 4 sabres in your wing, taking on 8 Kilrathi fighters should not post too much of a problem.

Success go to Ghorah Khar 2-A. Failure results in loss.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : LarkInFlight
Mission : Ghorah Khar 1-B : Rendezvous
Comments : Despite the fact that we have friendly Destroyer (Sh'ar N'Tanya) nearby - it won't fire on the Kamekhs! You have to kill them yourself.

Submitted by : Guderheinz
Date : Wed Jun 23 20:39:09 2010
Mission : Ghorah-Khar 1-A
Comments : I thought that after the previous few missions with Epee-on-Epee action, this one was a breeze to play through. The Kilrathi throw at you only their light fighters here, which die after two direct hits from Crossbow's MULTICANNON OF INSTANT DEATH, while their puny mass drivers can barely scratch the paint off your hull. Not even Drakhai pilots can help them much here.

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