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Wing Commander

Gimle 1

Primary Objectives Defend Exeter and escort it back to the Claw
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Angel
Other Friendly Ships 2 Raptor at Claw Nav
Exeter at Nav 1
Briefing The Exeter is currently at Nav 1. Her skipper reports at least three Kilrathi fighters in the area. You'll head straight for the Exeter, and help in her defense. When the Kilrathi have been routed, come on back home.
Wave 1
2 Salthi
Wave 2
2 Salthi
3 Jalthi


  • As soon as you launch, you have to deal with some Salthi. When the first two are destroyed, the second two appear. Go to full speed, order Angel to Break & Attack, and wade in. Fortunately you have the Claw's two escort fighters to help you out. Don't take any risks here, the real battle is yet to come.
  • As soon as you reach Nav 1, taunt each of the 3 Jalthi fighters. One or two will hopefully turn to attack you which will take the focus off of the Exeter. The full guns option on your Raptor may be nice, but it draws a lot of power and you will soon run dry. Only use it if you are real sure of your shots. A better way perhaps is to use just your Mass Driver and let rip. If the Jalthi persist in attacking the Exeter, you'll have very little time before it gets blown to bits.

Success / Failure go to Gimle 2.

Gimle 2

Primary Objectives Fly patrol
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Angel
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Just fly by each Nav Point, watching for signs of enemy activity. There's a field of what looks like asteroids around Nav 1 so watch yourself in that area.
Asteroid Field
4 Dralthi
2 Gratha


  • Here's your chance to try out the latest in Confed hardware. The Rapier is fast with some nicely balanced weapons. Going at such a speed, you need to be careful when approaching an enemy head on. Often the enemy underestimates the time needed to turn away and you end up ramming.
  • Nothing too strenuous for your first outing in a Rapier. Navigate the asteroids slowly to start with. Once through you'll be attacked by four Dralthi. Your ship has plenty of missiles for such an occasion so use them. Finally you face a couple of Gratha, so just take your time with those and be careful not to ram them.

Success / Failure go to Gimle 3.

Gimle 3

Primary Objectives Examine Kilrathi force at Nav 1. Retreat if overwhelmed.
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Angel
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Nav 1 indicates their last confirmed position. We believe the bogeys are Dralthi and we estimate their present location here. If you think you can take them, go ahead and engage, but break off if the squadron turns out to be too big to handle.
Wave 1
6 Dralthi
Wave 2
3 Dralthi


  • 9 Dralthis. Wow. Mass Drivers work well against Dralthi so use them to first wear down the shields. You can then finish off your target with a few more well placed shots or if you are getting overwhelmed, a well placed missile.
  • The second wave is lead by Dakhath. Target him first and chase him off since he is quite a skilled flyer. Not one you want to leave to get on your tail. When he is gone, you can take out the remaining two and head home. Remember, if you get overwhelmed, afterburn home before you get destroyed.

Success go to Dakota 1. Failure go to Brimstone 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Sylvester
Mission : Gimle 3 and 1
Comments : If you destroy all nine Dralthi, you get the Silver Star For mission 1, if you destroy the 4 salthi and 3 Jalthi, you get the gold star.

Submitted by : Asterion
Mission : Gimle 3
Comments : Even after taking out all 9 Kilrathi, I only got a Bronze Star. Does it not give you a second after McAuliffe 2?

Submitted by : Eduardo
Mission : Gimle 3
Comments : killed 7 out of 9 dralthi, killed the kilrathi ace, still go to brimstone 1 instead of dakota 1... what's wrong?

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : Gimle 2
Comments : Once again you can avoid most of the asteroids by changing the sequence of Nav points. Try Nav 2, Nav 3, Tiger's Claw, Nav 1, then back to the Tiger's Claw.

Submitted by : szaleniec
Mission : Gimle 1
Comments : I think you go to Brimstone if you lose the Exeter, however well or badly you do on the other missions.

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