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Wing Commander

Cheng-du 1

Primary Objectives Rescue Valkyrie
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Angel
Other Friendly Ships Hornet at Nav 1
Briefing This is Valkyrie's current position. She's got a wing of four Krant on her tail. They're within 20,000 klicks and closing. You'll rendezvous with her, and cover her retreat back to the Claw.
Wave 1
4 Krant
Wave 2
2 Krant
1 Ralari


  • This battle doesn't take place very far from the Claw. Valkyrie won't be much help once you arrive, so you need to do much of the work yourself. Krants are quite easy to get on the tail of, so get there and knock down the shields with your laser, then fire a Dumbfire to finish it off. Repeat until your missiles are gone, then finish off the remaining enemies with your guns.
  • The second wave may or may not be on your radar depending on your position, but the mission won't be flagged as a complete success unless you find and take out that Ralari. Simply take out the two escorting Krants which is a fair fight against you and Angel, then start work on the Ralari. With just your lasers to damage the Ralari with, it may a minute or two to destroy, but be patient. It will go down.

Success / Failure go to Cheng-Du 2.

Cheng-du 2

Primary Objectives Escort Exeter to jump point
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Angel
Other Friendly Ships Exeter
Briefing The jump point is here, at Nav 1. Look alert out there, as you may need to guide the destroyer. We have detected several asteroid fields in the area and we believe there may be Kilrathi fighters nearby as well.
Asteroid Field
5 Dralthi
Asteroid Field
4 Salthi


  • The first trip through the asteroid field is quiet enough so try not to get hit. Nav 1 is a different matter. A wing of five Dralthi lead by Dakhath head straight in to attack the Exeter. Take on Dakhath first, and try to take him out quickly. This may leave the Exeter open to attack, but it should be able to jump out before being destroyed. When the Exeter jumps out, the remaining Dralthi will turn to attack you and Angel, but hopefully you'll have killed or chased off Dakhath by then. Use your missiles here on the remaining Dralthi since they won't be much use in an asteroid field. It's down to you and your guns to take out the Salthi in the asteroid field, and you need to be careful avoiding rocks. Fortunately Salthi are so quick, they often run in to asteroids.

Success / Failure go to Cheng-Du 3.

Cheng-du 3

Primary Objectives Defend the Tiger's Claw
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Angel
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing We've got six Kilrathi Gratha headed for the Tiger's Claw. You Killer Bees are the only squadron available so you're going to have to stop them before they can blow up the Claw.
Wave 1
2 Gratha
Wave 2
4 Gratha


  • Of the six Grathas which attack, only two are in the area when you first launch. Take your time with these, save your missiles, and try not to take any damage. Once you have taken out the first two, the other four arrive. At this point you need to let rip with your missiles and take them out before they get a chance to destroy the Claw.

Success go to Brimstone 1. Failure go to Port Hedland 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Retrogame
Mission : Cheng Du???
Comments : Wow, I've never even SEEN these missions... I guess I don't get shot down enough. Interesting!

Submitted by : Retrogame
Mission : Cheng Du
Comments : And, to wit, the other sad part, is that my favorite starfighter is the Hornet, and the only way you get to fly it is by losing the war or by flying the simulator. How sad ;P

Submitted by : Servo
Date : Sat Jul 31 20:43:35 2010
Mission : Cheng-du 1
Comments : So where IS the destroyer on that first mission?

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