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Wing Commander II

Niven A : Patrol
Niven B : Transport Message
Niven C : Escort
Niven D : Patrol

Niven A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points to scan for jump traces.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: The Concordia arrived in Niven system half an hour ago. Our new destroyer escort, the TCS William Tell, is jumping in-system now. Our mission is to determine if the enemy is preparing for an assault on Niven. Niven Colony HQ has reported Kilrathi jump traces in their system. Spirit, you'll lead the patrol wing to investigate.
Spirit: May I request Maverick as my wing?
Angel: Non. The Admiral doesn't want Captain Blair flying combat missions.
... but I do need a reconnaissance pilot, Maverick. We need more information on the Kilrathi capital ship movements in this area. Your ship is equipped with a trace analyzer. The analyzer automatically scans for the jump trails of Kilrathi vessels. You will fly this mission in a Broadsword. Your turret crew is on the flight deck. The Broadsword has lots of firepower, but it's not as agile as other fighters.
Maverick: No problem, Colonel.
3 Jalkehi
2 Grikath


  • The Jalkehi should prove little problem, and the Grikath will only bother you if your first encounter causes heavy damage.
  • If you're having problems you can always run. Combat isn't required to retrieve sensor data.

Success / Failure go to Niven B.

Niven B : Transport Message

Primary Objective Transport a comm packet from Admiral Tolwyn to Niven.
Your Ship Ferret
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Concordia: Concordia to Maverick, do you copy?
Blair: Roger Concordia. This is Maverick. Go ahead.
Concordia: We've lost communication with Niven due to sunspot activity. You'll carry a comm packet from the Admiral to the Chief Officer at Niven.
Blair: So I'm Admiral Tolwyn's delivery boy now?
Concordia: Your course is recorded in your Nav computer. We've plotted it to avoid enemy encounters. Do not deviate from your course. You will not have a wingman for backup... so if you go into a combat situation, you're on your own. You'll receive your new assignment from Niven.
Blair: Roger that, Concordia. Maverick out.
Nav Point
5 Sartha


  • Taking on 5 fighters, even Sartha, in a Ferret with no wingman can be difficult. Make sure you watch your own six.
  • Don't be afraid to run. The only thing engaging the Sartha does is raise your kill score. Just make sure you deliver the comm packet.

Success / Failure go to Niven C.

Niven C: Escort

Primary Objectives Escort two Free Traders
Your Ship Ferret
Wingmen None
Other Friendly Ships Bhomis
Briefing Niven: Niven to Maverick. Maverick, do you copy?
Blair: Loud and clear, Niven. Go ahead.
Niven: The course in your Nav computer takes you back to the Concordia... but General Snell's got a job for you to do on the way.
Blair: Roger that, Niven. What's up?
Niven: You'll escort the Bohmis and the Excalibur to their jump point. After they jump out, proceed to the Concordia by your programmed route.
Blair: What's the cargo, Niven?
Niven: Medical supplies for the outpost at Argarrio Two.
Blair: Another outbreak of Watson's disease?
Niven: Just normal supplies, Maverick. Be careful out there, though... There's been an increased amount of enemy activity in this system. A long-range patrol ran into Drakhri fighters less than three hours ago.
Blair: Roger that, Niven. Thanks for the heads-up. Maverick out.
Niven → Jump Point
4 Sartha
Jump Point NAV
3 Drakhri


  • Don't worry about the transports if you don't want to. You don't actually have to win this mission. A loss here changes absolutely nothing (except maybe those people that are supposed to get the medical supplies... but hey, what'cha gonna do?)
  • Just get back to the Concordia one way or another... even if you have to eject to do it.

Success / Failure go to Niven D.

Niven D: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol two Nav points then return to the Concordia
Your Ship Ferret
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: In a few minutes, the Concordia is jumping into the Ghorah Khar System. Reconnaissance near Niven indicates that the Kilrathi moved through the Niven system but their real target is Ghorah Khar, the rogue Kilrathi colony that joined the Confederation 10 years ago. Maverick, you're back in your Ferret for this one. You'll be flying a wide scout pattern to the Concordia's port side.
3 Strakha
NAV 2 → Concordia
3 Strakha


  • Take your time with Strakha. When they disappear watch your radar. When they appear again cut engines, spin to face them, and re-engage engines.

Success / Failure go to Ghorah Khar A. Eject results in capture.


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