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Wing Commander  Game Notes
 Enyo System
 McAuliffe System
 Gateway System
 Gimle System
 Brimstone System
 Cheng-Du System
 Dakota System
 Port Hedland
 Kurasawa System
 Rostov System
 Hubble's Star
 Hell's Kitchen
 Venice System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions  Game Notes
 Goddard System
 Border Zone
 Midgard System
 Valgard System
 Vigrid System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions 2  Game Notes
 Firekka System
 Corsair System I
 Near Firekka
 Corsair System II
 Charon System

Wing Commander II  Game Notes
 Gwynedd System
 Niven System
 Ghorah Khar
 Novaya Kiev
 Heaven's Gate
 Tesla System
 Enigma System
 K'tithrak Mang
 Ghorah Khar (Alt)
 Novaya Kiev (Alt)
 Tesla (Alt)
 Gwynedd (Alt)

Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
 Ghorah Khar 1
 Ghorah Khar 2

Wing Commander II : Special Operations II  Game Notes
 Canewdon 1
 Canewdon 2
 Canewdon 3
 Ayers Rock

Wing Commander III  Game Notes
 Orsini System
 Tamayo System
 Locanda System
 Ariel System
 Caliban System
 Torgo System
 Loki System
 Alcor System
 Freya System
 Hyperion System
 Kilrah System
 Delius System
 Proxima System
 Sol System

Wing Commander

Gateway 1

Primary Objectives Complete a three point patrol
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Paladin
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You'll follow a simple three-point route, gentlemen. Just fly to the Nav Points, and make sure they're clear. We're picking up some debris around Nav Point 1. Probably just asteroids, but it could be a Kilrathi minefield so be especially careful in that area.
Asteroid Field
4 Salthi
2 Gratha


  • First up for this mission, once you clear the asteroids, is a wing of four Salthis. Since you are outnumbered here, fire off your heatseeker at the first target you lock on to and follow up with gun fire. If you can take out this first target quickly, it will make things a bit more manageable. Other than that, all you can do is be accurate with your lasers. You will still have two Dumbfires left, however it is a bad idea to use them against a target as quick as a Salthi. Save them for the Gratha at Nav 3 which aren't quite so fast. Try to get behind the Gratha and open fire. Taking a Gratha head on is a bad idea since they have two lasers and two mass drivers to tear you apart with.

Success / Failure go to Gateway 2.

Gateway 2

Primary Objectives Complete a three point patrol
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Paladin
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing We've got a Code Red alert, people. At least half a dozen Kilrathi fighters, coming in fast. With Blue Devil and Star Slayer squadrons out on patrol you Killer Bees will have to stop them yourselves. We've got two Hornets in space already and we'll scramble the remaining wings at double-time. You and Paladin will be first out the launch tube.
Wave 1
4 Dralthi
Wave 2
4 Dralthi


  • The Dralthi are in the area as soon as you launch, although they are a fair distance away. They are positioned so that there are two on each side of the Claw. They are all heading straight for the Claw and will ignore you so simply decide which group to go for, fly past the group, turn around, and hammer away at them from behind. They won't evade since they are focusing on the Claw. It should also be easier than normal to hit them with Dumbfires. Speed is important in this mission because if the Claw gets destroyed, you're in trouble.

Success go to Gateway 3. Failure you lose.

Gateway 3

Primary Objectives Escort tanker to the Claw
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Paladin
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You'll meet a Drayman-class transport here, at Nav 1. As soon as it arrives, the 'sport will head for the Tiger's Claw. It'll be moving at top speed, and won't deviate from its shortest course so you'll have to protect it from any attackers. Stay with her... don't let enemy fighters draw you away from the tanker.
2 Gratha
4 Salthi


  • Upon reaching Nav 1, you'll find 2 Grathas. You have but a minute or two before the Drayman you need to escort arrives so that's all the time you have to take out the Grathas without having to worry about the transport. You'll see a flash when it arrives. On the way home, you are ambushed by four Salthis, one of which is being piloted by Bhurak Starkiller. Target Bhurak first and try to take him out, although he'll probably run away. If he does, that leaves you with just the remaining three Salthis to deal with.

Success go to Brimstone 1. Failure go to Cheng-Du 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Sycrus
Mission : Gateway 3
Comments : This mission is fairly easier than McAuliffe 3, since, when Bhurak Starcoward inevitably chicken away, you can keep up with and finish him.

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