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Special Operations I

Pembroke A : Patrol
Pembroke B : Patrol
Pembroke C: Defend
Pembroke D: Patrol
Pembroke E: Defend

Pembroke A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Super Ferret
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: With the collapse of the enemy forces at K'tithrak Mang --- the Confederation now controls the Enigma Sector. However, we cannot stop our vigilance now, even with this victory. Pembroke System is the jump nexus between the Enigma and Vega sectors. The only chance for any Kilrathi success in this sector --- is if they can take Pembroke Station and block our troop movements. Therefore, we will begin a thorough rotation of patrols in this system. Maverick and Stingray will fly the lead patrol. Just touch your Nav points and return. If you encounter Kilrathi, use your best judgment, but do not be too cocky. We cannot afford any more casualties among our pilots.
Stingray: Don't worry, ma'am. I'll bring him back in one piece.
Angel: You will be flying the new P-64D Super Ferret fighters for this mission. They have new control systems, and have been refitted with heat-seeking missiles.
3 Sartha
2 Sartha
4 Strakha
1 Kamekh


  • This is nice way to start off SO1. You get to try and take out a bunch of fighters and a Corvette in an upgraded Patrol Fighter.
  • It's probably easier to take out the Kamekh first in Nav 3. Then you can take your time with the Strakha and not worry about wandering into range of the Kamekh.

Success / Failure go to Pembroke B.

Pembroke B : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Super Ferret
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: As you know, nearly all the patrols encountered enemy squadrons yesterday. It is obvious that there are more Kilrathi in this area than we had expected. Major Edmond detected communications from an enemy patrol --- that we believe was transmitting jump coordinates to a larger strike force. Because of this, we are sending you to patrol all jump points in this area... Maverick and Stingray, you will investigate your Nav points for enemy presence. If any enemy ships are approaching from the main Pembroke jump point --- your route via Nav 1 will bring you in on their flank. Any questions? Bonne chance, and fly well! Dismissed
Nav 1
2 Drakhri
Nav 2
6 Grikath
2 Fralthra


  • Grikath really aren't any problem for your mass drivers, just don't let them gang up on you. If you slow down, they'll swarm you, and then you can have problems.
  • You can't take out the Fralthra, Ferrets don't mount torpedoes.

Success / Failure go to Pembroke C.

Pembroke C: Defend

Primary Objectives Defend the Concordia, go to Pembroke Station and return.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingmen Stingray
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Listen closely, because we do not have much time. Maverick and Stingray encountered a large strike fleet en-route to Pembroke Station. The Concordia is now maneuvering into attack position. Your mission is to concentrate on the enemy fighters. The Concordia will handle those two Fralthra. After you clear the area around the Concordia, go immediately to Pembroke Station. Tactical is certain that the Kilrathi will send another squadron to attack the station. Proceed to the Flight Deck for immediate launch!
Concordia NAV
4 Gothri
2 Fralthra
3 Grikath


  • This is the first time you meet the Gothri. They're tough ships, so watch yourself.
  • You don't really need to 'defend' the Concordia. The Gothri can't hurt her, and she can deal with the Ralatha.
  • If you finish off the Gothri, move out of the Cruiser's gun range and watch the capships battle it out.
  • You must get quite close to Pembroke to make your Nav computer reset to Concordia Nav.

Success / Failure go to Pembroke D.

Pembroke D: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points, make jump to Rigel System.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: We have received some very disturbing reports from the Rigel System. We've lost communications with the Rigel Supply Depot --- and several Free Traders that were en-route to that Depot. The Concordia's new mission is to jump in, evaluate the situation, and take any necessary action. The first step of this is to safely jump into the system. Maverick, you'll fly the first jump point patrol, solo in a Broadsword. You'll jump out to Rigel, clear the immediate area--- fly to your Nav 1, and then return to the Concordia. At the same time, other Broadswords will launch to escort the Concordia to the jump point. Because of the losses taken during the last campaign --- we have a shortage of top gunnery officers for bomber missions. The gunnery stations will be manned by a pilot in addition to the gunnery teams. Maverick, I will be your Chief Gunnery Officer for this mission, along with Loubet and Miller.
3 Jalkehi
Nav 1
4 Ferrets


  • Wow... Confed ships... who would've thunk it?
  • Ferrets are fast and maneuverable, unfortunately their defenses aren't very good. If you can keep them in range, they aren't too much of a problem.
  • Defeat of the Ferrets is the victory condition for this mission.

Success go to Rigel A. Failure go to Pembroke E.

Pembroke E: Defend

Primary Objectives Defend the Concordia
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Concordia: All hands, battle stations! The Concordia is under attack! Repeat, battle stations! This is not a drill!
Concordia Nav
5 Gothri
2 Kamekh


  • This is a rather difficult mission. I'd suggest taking out the Kamekh first, but realistically it's almost impossible to do that with the Gothri constantly harassing you.

Success go to Rigel A. Failure results in loss of campaign.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Onigame
Mission : Pembroke D
Comments : Even though Angel is in your ship, if your ship blows up she is still alive to conduct your funeral.

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