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Wing Commander

Rostov 1

Primary Objectives Complete four point patrol
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Iceman
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You'll recon four potential jump points on this one. We suspect the Kilrathi are running supplies near Nav 2 or 3 so be especially alert in those areas. And keep your eyes open for asteroids there are several rather dense asteroid fields in the area.
Asteroid Field
Asteroid Field
2 Dralthi
Wave 1
2 Gratha
Wave 2
4 Gratha
Wave 3
1 Dorkir
Asteroid Field
Asteroid Field


  • Lots of rocks in this one, but fortunately there aren't too many enemies. Two Dralthis at Nav 2, one being piloted by Dakhath if he is still alive. They should be easy to destroy so just be careful about the asteroids. The next encounter is at Nav 3. Take out the first two Gratha with your guns, then when the next four arrive use the old strategy of getting behind an enemy, wearing down its shields, then launching a missile. Repeat for the remaining three, then the Dorkir will appear. Simply use your guns and your remaining missiles and it'll soon go down.

Success / Failure go to Rostov 2.

Rostov 2

Primary Objectives Destroy Ralari
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Iceman
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Your mission will be to engage the Ralari and destroy it. We don't have a tactical report of its escort ships, but rest assured they'll be there.
Asteroid Field
Wave 1
2 Salthi
Wave 2
3 Salthi
4 Jalthi
1 Ralari


  • Fortunately the Salthi attack is split in two which will make things a bit easier especially with rocks in the area. You may want to drop your speed a bit to give yourself a bit more time to respond to obstacles, but it isn't essential. Just hammer away with your Mass Drivers at the Salthi since you can fire them faster, and you need to be able to keep up with light fighters. Don't bother with missiles since they may just hit the rocks.
  • Once you reach Nav 1, order Iceman to attack one Jalthi and you take the one next to it then repeat for the other wing in the area. When the fighters are gone you can attack the Ralari together. If you don't order Iceman to attack a Jalthi, he usually just heads straight in for the Ralari leaving you to handle the fighters.

Success / Failure go to Rostov 3.

Rostov 3

Primary Objectives Destroy Fralthi
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Iceman
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing We have a fix that puts her here, near Nav 2. You can proceed through Nav 1, avoiding the asteroid field along the way or you can pick your way straight through the rocks. Tactical says neither route is significantly better, so it's your call.
4 Krant
1 Fralthi
Asteroid Field
4 Dralthi


  • Despite what the briefing said, when you arrive at Nav 2, the Fralthi hasn't jumped in yet. This gives you a bit of time to cut down the number of Krant in the area, although one of them is being piloted by Khajja. He is probably best left until last in order to cut down the enemy numbers before the Fralthi arrives. Whether you use missiles or not is up to your preference, but remember you have to face four Dralthi in the asteroid field on the way home.

Success go to Venice 1. Failure go to Hell's Kitchen 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Loki
Mission : Rostov (all)
Comments : Rostov sux the asteroid crap is going 2 far in both the original and super wc's damn astroids just appear right in front of u when u got an enemy locked on w/o any warning they appear and smash up your ship! Refrain from using afterburners here ever.

Submitted by : Wirsing
Mission : Rostov 1
Comments : If you want the Colonel to get really, really mad at you during the debriefing, leave the transport at Nav3 alone and just move on to Nav 4. :-)

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