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Wing Commander

Enyo 1

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Spirit
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You'll check three possible jump points, at about 20,000 klicks out. There are asteroids near Nav Points 2 and 3, so stay on course.
3 Dralthi
Asteroid Field
2 Salthi
Asteroid Field


  • Since this is your first mission, I'll run through things quickly. When your wingman tells you about enemy ships, you need to go through the communications menu to order Break & Attack. In patrol missions like this, you need to get within 1000 klicks of the nav point before you can continue to the next Nav point. Even if this means heading to the middle of an asteroid field. When you return to the Tiger's Claw, you need to communicate with it to request clearance to land. When this is done, you need to aim for the landing bay. You are already facing the landing bay when you return to the Claw on this first mission.

Success / Failure go to Enyo 2.

Enyo 2

Primary Objectives Escort Drayman to jump point.
Your Ship Hornet
Wingman Spirit
Other Friendly Ships Drayman
Briefing You'll rendezvous with the transport upon launch. Escort it to Nav Point 1 and on to Nav 2, where it will initiate jump sequence. Once it's jumped out, you'll return by the most direct route.
2 Salthi
3 Dralthi
Asteroid Field


  • In this mission, you not only need to look after yourself but look after a transport too. Once you hook up with the Drayman, head to Nav 1. Two Salthi will attack you just before you get there. You take one while Spirit takes the other. When you reach Nav 1, you'll have to wait for the Drayman to reach it before moving on.
  • Just before Nav 2, the three Dralthis will attack you. You need to take out the first one as quickly as possible otherwise while you handle one and Spirit handles another, the third will be blowing away the Drayman. When you reach Nav 2, wait for the Drayman to jump then head home.

Success go to McAuliffe 1. Failure go to Gateway 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : TopGun
Mission : Enyo 2
Comments : In Enyo 2, I always go back to the Tiger's Claw vai Nav 1 (I don't like Asteroids) and run into a couple more Salthi's which I promply destroy and get back to the Tiger's Claw and receive the Bronze Star

Submitted by : Wing Commander CIC
Mission :
Comments : Wing Commander CIC

Submitted by : Junta
Mission :
Comments : TopGun: You call yourself TopGun and you don't like asteroids? You can't handle asteroids? Then you're no TopGun. You suck. Fighting in asteroids is easier than fighting with no asteroids.

Submitted by : Gator
Mission : Enyo 2
Comments : Why, I thought everybody KNEW that in order to have no problems with asteroids you just have to stick with a speed of 250 kps. Then you just float through and dodge the few that come near.

Submitted by : LightNinja
Mission : all
Comments : I often try to get through asteroid fields at a speed of 350... It's a little bit more dangerous, but that's the thrill ;)

Submitted by : Retrogame
Mission : Asteroids
Comments : Fighting in asteroid fields works well if you cruise at 300, and DON'T use your burners.

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : Enyo 1
Comments : You can avoid the asteroids almost entirely in this mission because you are not required to hit the Nav points in order. Take this route: Nav 1, Nav 3, Nav 2, Nav 3, Nav 1, back to the Tiger's Claw.

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : Enyo 1
Comments : This is the perfect mission to gain the Golden Sun award for ejecting and surviving. Just launch, and immediately eject. There's no Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals at stake and failure here does not put you on the losing branch.

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : All
Comments : Any time an enemy fighter runs from you, just let him go. At the end of the mission, return to the Tiger's Claw but don't land, just go back to the Nav point where you encountered him. He'll be back.

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : All
Comments : Junta, just because someone doesn't LIKE asteroids, doesn't automatically mean they SUCK. There's no reason to be insulting people. If you can't be constructive, BE QUIET!!!

Submitted by : Rovlad
Mission : On topic of asteroids
Comments : Manual describes the best cruising speed through asteroid fields to be 200 I think. This way you can actually survive a collision if your shields are intact and your ship is not falling apart.

Submitted by : Rovlad
Mission : On topic of asteroids #2
Comments : Also, the game actually lowers the amount of asteroids if you're dogfighting in them. :) It was probably done to ease up on memory usage, which was quite an issue back then, and not to make your life easier.

Submitted by : szaleniec
Mission : On topic of asteroids #3
Comments : Does the tactic that one of your crewmates tells you about, of heading full speed at an asteroid with a Kilrathi on your six and turning away at the last minute forcing him to crash, actually work? I can see it if you're flying a Hornet or Rapier against a Gratha or Jalthi, but if you're flying a Hornet or Rapier and have a Gratha or Jalthi on your six you're probably dead.

Submitted by : TopperGun
Date : Sat Nov 26 17:02:52 2011
Mission :
Comments : I LOVE asteroids! I afterburn through the asteroid fields and ram into them all the time, but I can handle that. The only important thing is that I LOVE them. That makes me awesome.

Submitted by : Junta
Date : Sat May 5 14:58:09 2012
Mission :
Comments : szaleniec: It's of course bogus, it doesn't work. And why have an enemy ship at your six anyway? TopperGun: You are probably cheating. You cannot ram an asteroid at afterburner speed and not die.

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