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Wing Commander  Game Notes
 Enyo System
 McAuliffe System
 Gateway System
 Gimle System
 Brimstone System
 Cheng-Du System
 Dakota System
 Port Hedland
 Kurasawa System
 Rostov System
 Hubble's Star
 Hell's Kitchen
 Venice System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions  Game Notes
 Goddard System
 Border Zone
 Midgard System
 Valgard System
 Vigrid System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions 2  Game Notes
 Firekka System
 Corsair System I
 Near Firekka
 Corsair System II
 Charon System

Wing Commander II  Game Notes
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 Novaya Kiev
 Heaven's Gate
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 K'tithrak Mang
 Ghorah Khar (Alt)
 Novaya Kiev (Alt)
 Tesla (Alt)
 Gwynedd (Alt)

Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
 Ghorah Khar 1
 Ghorah Khar 2

Wing Commander II : Special Operations II  Game Notes
 Canewdon 1
 Canewdon 2
 Canewdon 3
 Ayers Rock

Wing Commander III  Game Notes
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 Tamayo System
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 Ariel System
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 Sol System

Wing Commander II

Heaven's Gate A : Patrol
Heaven's Gate B : Escort
Heaven's Gate C : Escort
Heaven's Gate D : Strike

Heaven's Gate A : Strike

Primary Objectives Patrol the Nav points.
Your Ship Epee
Wingman Spirit
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Spirit and Maverick are Zeta wing, and will patrol the jump points.
Stingray: I thought Spirit was on restricted duty!
Spirit: Not anymore.
Stingray: What the hell... You and Maverick deserve each other.
Hobbes: Whatever you are implying with that remark, you are mistaken. I have flown alongside Captain Blair. He is truly a brave warrior. On Hhallas, we had a way of dealing with false accusers... if you care to step outside?
Angel: I can give this assignment to Jazz if you prefer, Maverick.
Stingray: You bet furball! I've been waiting...
Angel: That's enough! Maverick and Spirit report to the Flight Deck. For this mission you are in Epees. Like the Ferret, the Epee is small and fast, but has greater firepower... Your mission profile is already entered in your Nav computers. Hobbes. Stingray. My office, right now!
Jump Point
4 Drakhri
1 Kamekh
Nav 2
4 Sartha


  • To win this series you must destroy the Kamekh in this mission.
  • This mission isn't too difficult. Just fight until you've taken them all out.

Success / Failure go to Heaven's Gate B.

Heaven's Gate B : Escort

Primary Objective Escort Palamino and Dhalma to the jump point. Then investigate point 'Unknown'.
Your Ship Epee
Wingman Spirit
Other Friendly Ships Palamino
Briefing Angel: Maverick, I need you and Spirit to escort a convoy to a jump point. You will meet them at the designated Nav Point, then head to the Jump Point. Afterwards, you are to investigate possible enemy movements... at the point marked Unknown on your Nav map. Any questions? Fly well, then, mes amis. Dismissed.
4 Drakhri
4 Jalkehi


  • It's nice, if slightly suspicious, that Jazz shows up right where the enemy is, off of his scheduled patrol. It makes things a little easier.

Success / Failure go to Heaven's Gate C.

Heaven's Gate C: Escort

Primary Objectives Escort Mama's Boy to the Concordia.
Your Ship Epee
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships Mama's Boy
TCS Agincourt
Briefing Angel: Please come in, Chris. I just spoke with Dr. Sayers... Spirit is not well... she won't be flying any missions today. I have a solo mission for you... an escort flight. You may have heard rumors that we are going to retake Heaven's Gate. Somehow, the Kilrathi learned of our plans, and called in heavy reinforcements. Now our only option is a quick strike to destroy the starbase, then a retreat. While Lady Blue and the rest of the Ferret wing fly patrols... you'll bring in a new supply of missiles for the Concordia fighters. We must have that ordnance before we begin the assault on the starbase. You will rendezvous with a freighter near the TCS Agincourt. Patrol through Nav 1 and Nav 2... And then escort that freighter directly back to the Concordia.
Nav 1
3 Strakha
Nav 2
5 Strakha


  • Remember to fly with your radar to take out the Strakha.
  • There's a missile shortage, so obviously you have no missiles.

Success / Failure go to Heaven's Gate D.

Heaven's Gate D: Strike

Primary Objectives Destroy Heaven's Gate
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Spirit
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: I have a difficult mission for both of you. Apparently the Mandarin has leaked information about our upcoming attack. However, this tactic has left Heaven's Gate undefended... so the Admiral has devised a new battle plan. Stingray, Jazz, and Doomsday will lead wings against the strike fleet. At the same time, you and Spirit will fly against the starbase. Your programmed course will take you to Nav 1 and Nav 2... then attack the enemy starbase. Save your missiles for the base. Guns are useless against those shields. You'll have Meron and Dekker for your gunners on this mission. They'll meet you on the flight deck in five minutes. Be careful mes amis... if you eject on this mission -- you'll be too close to the enemy base for S&R to retrieve you.
Nav 2
2 Sartha (ace: Rakti Blooddrinker)
Enemy Base
3 Jalkehi
5 Drakhri


  • You can't save Spirit.
  • Even with an ace, the Sartha are the easiest part of this mission. After you lose Spirit, taking out 8 fighters will be difficult.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : bVork
Date : Thu Apr 26 04:13:28 2012
Mission : Heaven's Gate B
Comments : If you cause the last Drakhri to flee, Jazz and the Jalkhei never show up, causing the post-mission conversation to make no sense.

Submitted by : SKS
Date : Sun Sep 16 14:59:40 2012
Mission : Heaven's Gate D
Comments : It really is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid having Spirit kamikaze that base. I have tried: 1) Aborting the mission and returning to base. But all the conversations are as if she kamikazed the base anyway. 2) Had her die during the mission before we reached the base. But her ship magically reassembled itself so that she could kamikaze the base when we arrived.

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