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Wing Commander II

K'tithrak Mang A : Strike
K'tithrak Mang B : Patrol
K'tithrak Mang C : Strike
K'tithrak Mang D : Strike

K'tithrak Mang A : Strike

Primary Objectives Destroy the Ralatha
Defend the Concordia.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Jazz
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Welcome to K'Tithrak Mang, pilots. We are deep within Kilrathi territory, on a final approach -- to the headquarters of the Empire's Enigma Sector fleet. We are alone in this mission. No reinforcements. We cannot risk any mistakes... one failure will cost our mission. The Tiger's Claw attempted to destroy K'tithrak Mang ten years ago... as all of you know, that attempt ended in disaster. This time, we shall succeed. We must win here, and wrest back control of this sector. If not, the enemy will be within strike distance of our homeworlds. Today, you will make sure we can proceed toward K'tithrak Mang undetected. Doomsday, with Banzai as his wingman, will patrol the left flank. Kilroy, Recon, and Lady Blue will patrol the right flank. Maverick, I have a very difficult mission for you. A Kilrathi destroyer has moved into this area. They may be aware of our presence. You and Jazz will fly to intercept. Be careful -- The destroyer probably has a heavy fighter escort. When you have destroyed it, proceed to the rendezvous point. You'll be flying a Sabre on this mission, Blair. It's our best fighter, with excellent guns and armor. Good luck, mes amis. Fly well.
Jazz: Don't worry, Colonel. I'll keep him out of trouble.
Angel: Pilots, you are dismissed.
4 Jalkehi
1 Ralatha
3 Grikath


  • Save a few missiles to defend the Concordia or you'll probably be sorry.

Success / Failure go to K'tithrak Mang B.

K'tithrak Mang B : Patrol

Primary Objective Patrol 4 Nav Points.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Jazz
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Pilots, we are preparing for the final assault on K'tithrak Mang. If we destroy it, we will rout the Kilrathi from the Enigma Sector! Maverick, you and Jazz will clear the asteroid field for our approach.
Jazz: You're joking, right? Don't you remember what happened... the last time this guy patrolled an asteroid field in this system?
Angel: Jazz, you may fly the mission... or you may scrub the Flight Deck. Your decision, monsieur?
Jazz: I'll fly the mission.
Angel: You will patrol the four Nav points.
5 Strakha
5 Strakha


  • Hurrah, you finally have proof that the stealth fighters exist!
  • Of course, taking out 10 of them in a single mission will take a little bit of time...

Success / Failure go to K'tithrak Mang C.

K'tithrak Mang C: Strike

Primary Objectives Capture Jazz
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Maverick: Concordia, this is Maverick, ready for patrol.
Major Edmond: Maverick, Jazz is the traitor! He's trying to rendezvous with the Kilrathi... you have to catch him!
Maverick: Major, what happened?
Major Edmond: He attacked Colonel Devereaux in her office.
Maverick: WHAT!
Major Edmond: She's all right, but you have to keep Jazz from escaping! I'm transmitting the tracking data to your Nav computer... Get him, Maverick
Jump Point
1 Sabre (ace: Jazz)


  • No matter how hard you try, they just don't let you kill him... yet.

Success/Failure: K'tithrak Mang D

K'tithrak Mang D: Strike

Primary Objectives Destroy K'tithrak Mang
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: We are launching the assault against the starbase, pilots. The fate of Enigma Sector as well as our homeworlds rests here. I will personally lead the main strike force. But before the strike force departs, we'll launch a forward patrol. The Kilrathi may try a preventative strike against the Concordia. Maverick, you and Nightshade will fly the first patrol.
Maverick: Colonel Devereaux, I request permission to fly with the strike force.
Angel: Permission denied. The Admiral requested that you fly this patrol... Maverick and Nightshade, you're dismissed. Prepare for launch.
Five minutes later...
Sparks: Captain Blair! Your Sabre's ready...
Maverick: Refit that ship with torpedoes, Janet.
Sparks: That's not in the mission outline...
Maverick: The outline has been changed. I'll also need Colonel Devereaux's flight disk -- with the navigation data for the K'tithrak Mang strike force. And don't mention this to Nightshade, okay?
Sparks: You sure about this, Maverick?
Maverick: Janet, Tolwyn's wanted me off his ship since Caernarvon... Now I'm going to give him a reason.
NAV Point
3 Strakha
K'tithrak Mang
1 K'tithrak Mang
4 Sartha
1 Bloodfang (ace: Thrakhath)


  • Take your time with the Strakha. They aren't worth actually hurting yourself fighting with.
  • Take out the prince and the Sartha as far away from the station as you can, avoiding the flak whenever you can.
  • Hey, you just won!

Success results in Victory. Failure results in Loss


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Foo
Mission : K'tithrak Mang A
Comments : Don't expect Jazz to actually do anything here. I've yet to see him fire his guns on this mission, or do anything but fly around letting the enemy shoot him and calling for help. About the only thing he's good for is catching bullets.

Submitted by : Warstratigier
Mission : K'tithrak Mang A
Comments : This is a tough one to be sure if not extremely careful. Recommendations: if it is noted that missiles need to be preserved then practice using both foward guns and rear turrents. As useless of a wingman Jazz can be, he can still be used as a decoy.

Submitted by : Schoop
Date : Wed Aug 15 02:16:18 2012
Mission : Ktithrik Mang 1
Comments : Sure, Jazz does something. He crashes into you repeatedly...

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