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Wing Commander III

Locanda 1


Character Location Choices Effects
Flash (if you beat him) Flight Deck None None
Cobra Berths She knows something
Ah, she's full of it
Increase Cobra's morale
Decrease Cobra's morale
Flint Gunnery Control Give her a shot
I can't risk it with her
Increase Flint's morale
Decrease Flint's morale

Objectives Clear out Kilrathi forces at designated Nav points
Ship Choices Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt
Wingmen Choices (if alive/obtained) Hobbes, Vaquero, Vagabond, Maniac, Cobra, Flash, Flint
Other Friendly Ships None
Wave 1
2 Vaktoth
Wave 2
4 Dralthi
Wave 1
3 Darket
Wave 2
4 Strakha
4 Dralthi
1 Light Destroyer
6 Darket


  • Choose your fighter carefully for this one. If you like using missiles, you'll need a Thunderbolt to go against all of the fighters in this one. If you can make do without, go for the Arrow so that you can strafe the Destroyer in this mission.
  • You face Strakhas for the first time in this mission. Their ability to cloak can get very frustrating so they need to be taken out quickly. Don't bother using missiles on them since they'll just cloak and the missile will lose its lock.
  • The Destroyer has quite a few turrets, but the rear is relatively poorly guarded and so is the best place to attack. Take out the fighters first, then you and your wingman can both focus on the Destroyer.
  • Fireclaw, a Kilrathi ace is also flying a Darket at the final Nav point. Target him and take him out first.

Success go to Locanda 2. Failure you lose.

Locanda 2


Character Location Choices Effects
Vagabond Rec Room He might be right
Ah, there's nothing to worry about
Increase Vagabond's morale
Decrease Vagabond's morale
Hobbes Gunnery Control None None

Objectives Intercept and destroy warheads heading for Locanda IV
Ship Choices Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt
Wingmen Choices (if alive/obtained) Hobbes, Vaquero, Vagabond, Maniac, Flash
Other Friendly Ships None
Wave 1
2 Strakha
1 Light Destroyer
Wave 2
2 Strakha


  • You get assigned your next mission while you are still in your cockpit, and although it is entirely optional, if you do intend to fly it I advise you take a Thunderbolt since it can take a lot of beating, and you won't have a chance to reload and repair between missions. Or even save, so if you die you'll need to refly this mission too.
  • As soon as you reach the Kilrathi force, target the Destroyer and tell your wingman to attack your target. Then target the first warhead, afterburn after it and destroy it. Keep on taking out the warheads until your wingman destroys the Destroyer. Ignore the Strakhas.
  • Don't waste missiles on the Strakha since you'll be needing them if you choose to fly the next mission.
  • Success / Failure and go after Flint go to Locanda 3.
  • Success / Failure and don't go after Flint go to Blackmane 1.

Locanda 3


Character Location Choices Effects
Eisen In flight Going after Flint
Not going after Flint
Increase ship morale
Decrease ship morale

Objectives Find Flint and bring her home
Ship Choices Same ship as last mission
Wingmen Choices (if alive/obtained) None
Other Friendly Ships None
Wave 1
4 Darket
Wave 2
3 Dralthi
Wave 1
4 Darket
1 Cruiser
Wave 2
4 Darket
Wave 3
2 Vaktoth


  • Luckily there aren't too many forces, however they are all after you at NAV 1. But that is what you've been saving your missiles for, so let rip.
  • Flint is at NAV 4 taking on fighters and a cruiser. Just take out the fighters then get out of there. You aren't well enough equipped to take on a cruiser, and its turrets will rip you to shreds if you get too close.

Success / Failure go to Blackmane 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Nep
Mission : WC3 Plot - Locanda
Comments : If you're following the "official" plot of WC3, you shouldn't shoot down all of the torpedoes carrying the bioweapon, but you should go after Flint.

Submitted by : Col. Dobruck
Mission : Loconda 3
Comments : I disagree, In order to be the victor you must destroy the warheads,Going after flint is your choice, either way she comes back.

Submitted by : Wedge009
Mission : Locanda 2
Comments : There are five waves of two Strakha each, provided the destroyer is still active. It is possible to kill all 10 Strakha and still save Locanda, even with the Thunderbolt.

Submitted by : Wedge009
Mission : Locanda 3
Comments : The enemies and their order of appearance are randomised in this mission. They include: 3 Dralthi, 1 Corvette, 4 Darket and 4 Dralthi. 2 Vaktoth and a scout. Two waves of 4 Darket, a cruiser, Flint (and sometimes 2 Vaktoth). 4 Darket, 3 Dralthi.

Submitted by : Mjr. Whoopass
Mission : Going After Flint
Comments : You CAN take out the cruiser by sitting in it's blind spot directly behind it after you clear out the fighters- but Flint could blow up while you do. Also, I don't think she's always at Nav 3, I think that's randomized.

Submitted by : Mjr. Whoopass
Mission : Locanda 3
Comments : If you want to replay Locanda 3 (if Flint's ship blows up, you blow up, or you want to take out the cruiser) you can start at going after Flint without saving, this incorrectly states that you have to replay the bioweapons portion. (at least on Mac)

Submitted by : Mjr.Whoopass
Mission : Laconda1-Nav4-Fireclaw+5Wingmen
Comments : If you chose the Arrow and it's very damaged by the time you reach Nav. 4, turn away from the darkets, hit afterburners, then Shelton Slide at full speed. You can then run the Darket's out of missiles and afterburners. Then engage with your wingman

Submitted by : Mancubus
Mission : Locanda 2
Comments : quikest way to win: -take Thunderbolt. -as soon as you reach Nav 1 target the destroyer and fire a torpedo as soon as it locks -after firing the torpedo target the biomissiles and afterburn. dont wait for destroyer to explode.

Submitted by : M
Mission : Locanda 1
Comments : Failing Locanda 1 will take you to Locanda 2, at least when using eject (Ctr+E)

Submitted by : Mancubus
Mission : Locanda 2 outcome
Comments : If you loose, you will fly the blackmane loosing pth witch, for some reason isn't included in this guide. Same system, but completely different set of missions + you never meet Bloodmist

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