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 Ayers Rock

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Special Operations 2

Ayer's Rock A: Strike
Ayer's Rock B: Strike
Ayer's Rock C: Strike
Ayer's Rock D: Strike
Ayer's Rock E: Patrol

Ayer's Rock A : Strike

Primary Objectives Destroy all enemy craft.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Maverick: We'll go out and deal with the first wing --- then chase down the second wing before they can report in. Then we'd probably get out of here before they scramble any more fighters.
5 Gothri
Nav 1
5 Sartha


  • Try using the Mace to take out or damage one of the enemy wings.

Success / Failure go to Ayer's Rock B.

Ayer's Rock B : Strike

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points and destroy all enemies.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Paladin: I'm setting course for the nearest Jump Point --- you and Maniac had better make sure we're not intercepted.
Maverick: Do the Mandarins have a fix on our location?
Paladin: I'm sure of it. Those Mandarin bastards are jamming our communications now. And I'm detecting ships approaching from two directions. Ye'd better move fast, lads, or this is going to be a very short mission. Paladin out.
Nav 1
4 Sartha
Nav 2
4 Sabres
2 Fralthra


  • Use the Mace to take out one of the Fralthra.

Success / Failure go to Ayer's Rock C.

Ayer's Rock C: Strike

Primary Objectives Destroy Ayer's Rock
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingmen Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Maverick: The way I see it, we have but one choice. To destroy the Mandarin movement once and for all!
Paladin: Destroying Ayer's Rock won't be easy, Chris... I can't order you to fly that mission.
Maniac: I'll volunteer.
Maverick: If you want a reason why I want to go, I'll give you one... "Jazz" Colson.
Gamal Gan → Nav 1
2 Kamekh
Nav 1
6 Sabres
Ayer's Rock


  • Make sure you save a torpedo for Ayer's Rock or you will not be able to complete the mission

Success go to Ayer's Rock D. Failure results in loss.

Ayer's Rock D: Strike

Primary Objectives Kill Jazz and return to the Concordia.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Minx: Maverick, this is Minx.
Maverick: Minx, can you hear me?
Minx: Your signal is weak. I'm in an escape pod. We took too much radiation damage from the explosion --- all systems failing --- Jazz has the Morningstar, Maverick. He's escaped. That bastard left me here to die. Kill him for me, Maverick! Kill him ---
Talon: We've lost transmission.
Maverick: So... "Jazz" Colson is still alive. Ready to fly another mission, Maniac?
Maniac: Against "Jazz" Colson? Any time, Maverick...
Maverick: Paladin, this is Maverick. Have you tracked Jazz's ship yet?
Paladin: No sign of him yet, Maverick. But I know how much he wants to kill you --- I'd wager he won't escape until he's made sure you're dead. So he's probably somewhere between us and the Jump Point. I'm transmitting a Nav course to you now. If you don't encounter Jazz, jump back to the Concordia. They've signaled us that they've taken care of their trouble and have repaired the flight deck. I'll follow you there.
Maniac: Providing our jump drive works.
Nav 1
3 Sabres
Jump Entry


  • Use your Mace on the Sabres, it really doesn't do much good in a one on one dogfight. You have a greater chance of blowing yourself up than blowing Jazz up.

Success results in victory. Failure go to Ayer's Rock E.

Ayer's Rock E: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: I am glad you are safe, mon amour.
Maverick: I feel I let you down, Angel. By now, Jazz has taken the Morningstar across the Kilrathi border.
Angel: Apart from that, Maverick, your mission was a success. Now that the Mandarins have lost their secret base --- their threat to us has been greatly reduced. And we've received our new orders from Confed High Command. The Concordia has been ordered to retreat from the Deneb Sector.
Maverick: What! That can't be true, Angel!
Angel: I'm afraid it is, mon cher. I'm sending out patrols to clear our way to the Jump Point --- and then we will return to Confed HQ with all possible speed. You've flown very difficult missions these last few days, Chris... I'll assign another pilot to fly the patrol.
Maverick: No. I want to fly the last patrol. I want to take one last look before we abandon this place to the Kilrathi.
Nav 1
2 Jalkehi
Nav 2
4 Drakhri
Nav 3
3 Broadswords


  • You can't really win if you get to this mission. No matter what happens, you retreat.

Success results in loss. Failure results in loss.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Nep
Mission : Ayer's Rock
Comments : You have to Mace Ayer's Rock. Get as close as you can...then fire the Mace. Pull up and kick in the afterburners...and hope your rear shield are sufficient.

Submitted by : Wedge009
Mission : D
Comments : Nonsense! The Mace does not register as a torpedo, so the base will not shoot it down. For fun, I like to launch the Mace outside sensor range, once the fighters have been cleared.

Submitted by : Jade Icewind
Mission : Ayer's Rock
Comments : Uhhh.. yes it does. I've had the base detonate the mace shortly after I launch it, and the radiation splash effect tear my ship apart.

Submitted by : Pwn you all
Mission : this one
Comments : Shut the fuck up both of you

Submitted by : Dragon Dreams
Mission : Ayers Rock D:Strike
Comments : I remember I would just loose the mace and pull up like hell. There was no other way to really get close to that base, It was psychotic. The base never shot down my mace, or even if it did it was too close.

Submitted by : SoulSkorpion
Mission : Ayer's Rock
Comments : I didn't have any difficulty Mace'ing Ayer's Rock. If you treat it exactly like a torpedo run (ie, you get your target to fire at you, release the weapon and then veer off) the target continues to fire at you rather than the missile. Easy.

Submitted by : Bonkus Maximus
Mission : Ayers Rock C: Strike
Comments : I have an easier solution: Stay out of gun range to use the Mace. Also, since I start the attack with torps, I did not always need the Mace (Similar to attacking K'tithrak Mang...if you play it right, you use 2 of your 6 torps)

Submitted by : Douglas Stokes
Mission : Ayers Rock D
Comments : You didn't leave mention of the fact that you can usually kill most of Jazz in the Head to head that you start in, if you go in full guns blaring, and if you have any missiles left, box him if they are DF

Submitted by : GBOOM
Date : Sat Mar 3 07:37:05 2012
Mission : Ayer's Rock B
Comments : Hit that Fralthra with your Mace right away. When I did it, it also seriously damaged the other Fralthra (so I could sink it in one torpedo run instead of two), and took out one of the Sabres.

Submitted by : Steven Robert Gill
Date : Sat Mar 3 14:09:52 2012
Mission : Ayers Rock E
Comments : Not sure why they didn't incorporate these cutscenes into the winning endgame, since whatever happens, the Concordia retreats. As it is, the retreat feels a bit 'slapped on' if you take out Jazz.

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