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Secret Missions 1

BiFrost 1

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav points
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Paladin
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Make sure you scout each of these Nav points. Just follow your mission flight plans; engage the enemy if you find him. But back down from overwhelming opposition. We need the information more than we need a few dead heroes. We also have unconfirmed reports of a large ship of an unknown Kilrathi design type. This ship will register as a blue target, until we can update your targeting computers. But it's definitely one of theirs. Get camera information on it, if you can.
3 Jalthi
4 Krant
1 Ralari
6 Jalthi
1 Unknown


  • Throughout this mission, aim to save your missiles for Nav 3 which is the most difficult part. Nav 1 is simple enough, as is Nav 2 where you just need to take out the Krant escorts before taking on the Ralari. At Nav 3, don't worry about the unknown since you can't do much about it, so just focus on the Jalthis first wearing down their rear shields then finishing off with a missile, but be careful since all it takes is two Jalthis to get on your tail and you'll have 12 lasers raining on you.

Success / Failure go to BiFrost 2.

BiFrost 2

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav points
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Paladin
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Go to Nav 1 and Nav 2. Eliminate any inbound Kilrathi warships then head for the depot at Nav 3. Destroy it, and return to Tiger's Claw. But be careful. You can bet your lives that the depot will be guarded.
3 Salthi
4 Krant
1 Lumbari
Wave 1
4 Jalthi
1 Fuel Depot
Wave 2
5 Gratha


  • One of the most important missions in the game... and they send you out in a Scimitar. Like before, save your missiles for Nav 3 which is where the real battle is, but other than that it's all down to you. Remember: take out escorts first, then go in to kill the big guy.

Success / Failure go to BiFrost 3.

BiFrost 3

Primary Objectives Destroy all enemies
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Paladin
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You're running a Comet-Style Patrol mission. Remember those? Launch, then move out to 1500 klicks and circle the Tiger's Claw a few times. If you see any cats, attack and destroy. When you're sure the area is clear, run out to Nav One. This area is one of the closest jump points and we can expect some incoming Kilrathi to pop up here. Shoot over to Nav 2 next, clear it of bogeys, and head for Nav 3. Once you've eliminated any enemy forces there, return to the Claw.
3 Krant
2 Lumbari
3 Gratha
1 Ralari
4 Jalthi
1 Fralthi
3 Krant


  • You can probably take out the Krants easily enough, but when you autopilot away from the area, be on guard. When you come out of autopilot, the Lumbaris could be right in front of you so you need to be ready to get out of the way. At Nav 3 you may have to wait for the Fralthi to arrive but other than that this mission contains no surprises.

Success go to Valgard 1. Failure Claw retreats.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Wedge009
Mission : Bifrost 3
Comments : Bifrost 3 is actually the first mission in the Valgard series with Iceman, not Paladin, as Maverick's wingman.

Submitted by : Jason
Mission : Bifrost 2
Comments : You can "cheat" outrageously on this mission and still win. Go straight to Nav 3. Kill three Jalthi, sic Paladin on the last. He'll keep it off you while you destroy the Starpost. Head for Nav 2. Kill the Tanker. Afterburn home. You

Submitted by : LightNinja
Mission : Bifrost 2
Comments : This mission is quite difficult. Paladin will either be killed or flee before the Gratha wing (Nav 3) arrives. Do not use any missiles before the Grathas arrive at the Star Post, only use Mass Cannons. Try to keep Paladin out of battle.

Submitted by : LightNinja
Mission : BiFrost 2
Comments : To keep Paladin out of battle, try to kill the enemies as quickly as possible, but only with Mass Drivers (you need your missiles later). Attack the fighter which your wingman is struggling with. Don't follow the Salthis if they flee from battle.

Submitted by : LightNinja
Mission : Bifrost 2
Comments : At Nav1 destroy the freighter with you guns as well, its very weak. When the Grathas arrive at the depot, switch to the Heat Seek Missiles and use them, 1 per enemy, at first possibility, because you are outnumbered (2vs5) and outgunned.

Submitted by : LightNinja
Mission : Bifrost 2
Comments : Although you can use the Dart DF missiles at the Jalthis very well, I would save them for the Starpost, because it's cannons are very dangerous. If you are too damaged afterwards, do not fly through the mine field but return via Nav2 and Nav1.

Submitted by : Aron Figaro
Mission : BiFrost 3
Comments : Tip: If the last Jalthi flees, the Gratha shouldn't show up...makes life easier. :)

Submitted by : Junta
Mission :
Comments : Wedge009: Maverick?? There is no Maverick in this game. This is not WC3, WC4, nor WCP

Submitted by : LTL
Mission :
Comments : What do you mean there is no Maverick? Does the main character not resemble someone to you Junta? The blue hair?? Yes its Blair AKA Maverick. Also in the KS ver. the callsign by default is Maverick.

Submitted by : Zamiatam
Mission : bifrost2
Comments : Go to Nav 3 and take out the starpost avoiding the dogfight. As you have arrived presss backspace and then hit the afterburns as soon as Jalthi come closer. Target all your missiles at the starpost and tell Paladin to attack it. Hit other navs.

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : All
Comments : Junta: See what I mean when I say the best way to avoid putting your foot in your mouth is to keep your mouth shut in the first place? It's been acknowledged by Chris Roberts... you are playing Maverick. Would you like salt with your foot?

Submitted by : OSH
Date : Fri Jan 18 14:18:46 2013
Mission : BiFrost 2
Comments : Don't care about Salthis and Krants. You must simply destroy it. After this, go into Nav 3 and pray. Order Paladin to attack one Jalthi, and try to attack the rest on a flank. Destroy at least 2 ASAP. Leave one Jalthi with dogfight with Paladin. Then go into depot. Attack it with missiles and guns. PRAY. If you blow it, fly at full speed and go to TC. Better is complete mission than be a dead hero

Submitted by : Radek
Date : Sat Dec 28 19:23:31 2013
Mission : Bifrost 2
Comments : There is bug in this mission. If you go straight to NAV 3 and destroy Depot (25 out of 30 mission points :/ ) then return to Tiger's Claw without visiting other Nav points then you will report that you couldn't destroy it. Happened to me twice. :(

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