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Wing Commander II

Novaya Kiev A : Strike
Novaya Kiev B : Rendezvous
Novaya Kiev C : Strike
Novaya Kiev D : Rendezvous

Novaya Kiev A : Strike

Primary Objectives Destroy K-Depot
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships TCS Valdez
Briefing Angel: Suited up and ready for launch, Maverick?
Maverick: Soon as you tell me what's up, Angel
Angel: The Kilrathi have fallen back from Ghorah Khar, and we've followed them here to Novaya Kiev. They've retreated from this system as well, allowing us to retake it. Even so, we've detected a few enemy vessels and stations left behind. You'll be going after a supply depot on the far side of Novaya Kiev. We think the Kilrathi plan to use it as a refueling station on their next advance. You'll fly a Broadsword. Doomsday will be on your wing.
Maverick: Wonderful.
Angel: I can give this assignment to Jazz if you prefer, TC.
Maverick: I'll fly it, Angel
Angel: First you'll proceed to the jump point on your Nav map and jump across the system. There, you'll rendezvous with one of our tankers and refuel. From there, continue to the supply depot. It should be undefended, an easy target. Your Nav computer will have complete data. Doomsday and your gunnery crew are waiting on the Flight Deck. Bonne chance, mon ami!
Maverick: Got it, Angel.
Valdez → Supply Depot
4 Drakhri
2 Dorkathi
Supply Depot
1 K Supply Depot
1 Dorkathi
3 Jalkehi


  • This mission takes advantage of an in-system jump to quickly strike a Kilrathi base.
  • Keep out of the Dorkathi's field of fire when taking out the Drakhri at the first confrontation. Do the same at the Supply Depot.
  • When attacking two different capships approach the first so that they're lined up (try and cover the one behind with the one close). This way you're only in one ship's field of fire, because you're as far away from the more distant ship as possible while attacking the closer ship.

Success / Failure go to Novaya Kiev B.

Novaya Kiev B : Rendezvous

Primary Objective Retrieve Stingray's pod.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Maverick: Maverick to Concordia. All systems go for autopilot to Nav 1.
Concordia: Belay that, Maverick. We've got a Search and Rescue for you. Stingray ran into heavy resistance and bailed.
Maverick: Doomsday and I will get him. You got coordinates, Concordia?
Concordia: Sending to your Nav computer now. There's still enemy in his area, so watch out.
Maverick: Roger that, Concordia. Maverick out.
Concordia → Ejected Pilot
4 Jalkehi
Ejected Pilot
5 Drakhri
2 Kamekh


  • When you get to Stingray, the Nav is swarming with Kilrathi. Take out the Drakhri and then try picking up Stingray without getting rid of the Kamekh.
  • To tractor Stingray in, switch to one of the turrets (Press F1, F2 or F3) then hit 'g' to switch to the tractor beam. Get him in your cross-hairs and fire at him. If this doesn't work, try moving closer.

Success / Failure go to Novaya Kiev C.

Novaya Kiev C: Escort

Primary Objectives Destroy a Fralthra cruiser.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships TCS Hector
Briefing Angel: The next mission will be difficult... a strike against an enemy destroyer. Maverick and Doomsday, you will jump out to assist the TCS Hector... in the attack against the Fralthra cruiser. Once you defeat the Fralthra, escort the Hector to the Concordia.
Fralthra NAV
4 Jalkehi
1 Fralthra
Nav Point
4 Grikath



Success / Failure go to Novaya Kiev D.

Novaya Kiev D: Rendezvous

Primary Objectives Rendezvous with a Courier ship.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Concordia: Captain Blair, report to the Flight Deck for immediate launch! Maverick, this is Concordia. We've got a change in your orders. Doomsday will fly your scheduled patrol by himself... while you jump to Talbot system for an emergency mission. We've lost contact with a courier at Talbot, and she may be under attack. Locate that ship and escort her back to the Concordia. She's carrying vital communications data, don't come back without her.
Maverick: Roger Concordia. You got a course for me?
Concordia: We're broadcasting your course directly to your Nav computer on a secured channel.
Jump Point
2 Drakhri
Jump Exit
1 Ralatha
3 Sartha


  • You can't save the courier ship.
  • This mission is rather difficult, since you don't have a wingman to cover you. Just be careful and watch yourself. Tractor in the pod like you did earlier with Stingray's escape pod.

Success/Failure go to Heaven's Gate A.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Mark
Mission : Novaya Kiev D: Rendezvous
Comments : This is my favorite mission of the whole series. That Destroyer visciously pursues you and the only time I have had to dodge anti-matter gun attacks. I still jump everytime I hear the particle cannon sound of the anti-matter guns.

Submitted by : Corsair
Date : Sun Apr 17 18:11:31 2011
Mission : Novaya Kiev D: Rendezvous
Comments : This is one of my favorites as well. I had hoped to get Tolwyns approval once I destroyed the Ralatha, but no luck. The text was very anti-climactic: "You also destroyed a Ralatha at Nav 1."

Submitted by : T-Bone
Date : Sun Nov 18 07:03:44 2012
Mission : Novaya Kiev D: Rendezvous
Comments : I've probably attempted this one 30 or 40 times and never beat it :( I can get to just me versus the destroyer pretty easily, and my typical M.O. is to fly 12K+ away from it and have fully charged shields coming in. I can pretty reliably get one torpedo in on it and a little additional damage, but it always seems to do me in before I can wipe it. Have to eject to advance. :(

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