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Wing Commander II
NOVAYA KIEV (Alternate)

Novaya Kiev (Alternate) A : Escort
Novaya Kiev (Alternate) B : Patrol
Novaya Kiev (Alternate) C : Patrol
Novaya Kiev (Alternate) D : Rendezvous

Novaya Kiev (Alternate) A : Escort

Primary Objectives Escort two Broadswords to attack a Fralthra
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships Dart
Briefing Angel: I have an urgent mission for you, mon ami. I need you to launch immediately. You will fly a Broadsword, and assist... an attack force in an assault against a Fralthra cruiser. The top brass have ordered our retreat to Novaya Kiev... but sometimes the best defense is a good offense. You must be careful. We are getting energy readings... along the cruiser's flank... Almost certainly, there are Kilrathi fighters lurking in this system. Your Broadsword's Nav computer will have complete data on this.
Maverick: Will I have a wingman?
Angel: Mais oui, Maverick. Doomsday and the assault wing will meet you on the Flight Deck.
5 Drakhri
4 Jalkehi
1 Fralthra


  • This isn't that bad. It isn't even really an escort mission. If the two other broadswords fail, just take out the Fralthra yourself.

Success / Failure go to Novaya Kiev (Alternate) B.

Novaya Kiev (Alternate) B : Patrol

Primary Objective Patrol 3 NAV Points
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Sparks: By the way, I put your mission flight disk in your Navigation computer. Looks like you and Doomsday are going to spend the day searching for stray cats.
Maverick: That should be fairly boring.
Sparks: I hope so, pilot. Good luck.
4 Drakhri
4 Jalkehi


  • Can somebody please explain why anyone would assign a standard patrol to a Broadsword?

Success / Failure go to Novaya Kiev (Alternate) C.

Novaya Kiev (Alternate) C: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol 3 NAV Points.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman Doomsday
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Since the retreat from Ghorah Khar... the Kilrathi have hit bases in the Fiddler's Green, Niffleheim, and Piper Systems. We have no idea of damages, or casualties. The next mission is an interception. We have detected energy curves at Nav 1 characteristic of Sartha fighters... Maverick and Doomsday will engage the Sartha at Nav 1 -- then proceed in a diamond patrol of the rest of the system. You will fly Broadswords for this mission. After you reach Nav 3, return to the Concordia. Dismissed.
2 Sartha
4 Jalkehi
5 Grikath


  • The Sartha are simple. Don't waste any missiles there. Instead, use them to clear out a few ships initially from each of the two waves from NAV 3. That will make the odds slightly better.

Success / Failure go to Novaya Kiev (Alternate) D.

Novaya Kiev D (Alternate): Rendezvous

Primary Objectives Rendezvous with a Courier ship.
Collect data pod
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Concordia: Your orders are to jump to the Talbot system. A courier ship dropped from communications there, and it may be under attack. Intercept and escort that ship back to the Concordia. That ship has vital communications data onboard. Whatever you do, don't come back empty-handed. Be very careful. We've lost contact with half the bases in this sector. The Kilrathi are all over the place. Your course is programmed into your Nav computer... just follow that route and watch your six, Maverick.
Jump Point
4 Drakhri
Jump Exit
1 Ralatha
2 Sartha


  • You can't save the courier ship.
  • This mission is rather difficult, since you don't have a wingman to cover you. Just be careful and watch yourself. Tractor in the pod like you did earlier with Stingray's escape pod.
  • If you don't get the pod, you lose the series.

Success go to Heaven's Gate A. Failure results in loss.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Vader
Mission :
Comments : My favorite mission in the whole game. I still jump whenever I hear the Ralatha fire its anti-matter guns.

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