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Wing Commander II

Ghorah Khar A : Patrol
Ghorah Khar B : Escort
Ghorah Khar C : Escort
Ghorah Khar D : Defend

Ghorah Khar A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Hobbes
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Maverick, have you met Bobbes?
Maverick: I've been introduced to the Colonel, Angel.
Angel: Good. You'll be his wingman today. You'll fly a simple patrol, gentlemen. Touch all Nav points, and then return.
Hobbes: Colonel, I respectfully request a real mission, not busy-work.
Angel: Colonel Ralgha, this IS a real mission! The Kilrathi may be launching a major offensive against Ghorah Khar... Reconnaissance data is critical now!
Maverick: I'll lead the patrol myself, Angel. Just give me another wingman... preferably someone... human.
Angel: Mon Dieu, you both are insubordinate! Maverick... I am appalled! Hobbes is a hero of the Confederation! You should be honored to fly with him! You will both fly the mission, as assigned, and I will hear no more on it! I have assigned you both to Rapiers. The ship is fast and maneuverable, with light armor but excellent shields. Be careful gentlemen. That is all.
3 Jalkehi
4 Grikath (ace: Kur)


  • Kur's the most difficult part of this mission. There are two ways you could deal with him. Either target him first and get him out of the way so you can concentrate on the others, or take out the easier targets so he doesn't take you out while you're concentrating on a different target.

Success / Failure go to Ghorah Khar B.

Ghorah Khar B : Escort Free Trader

Primary Objective Escort the Bonnie Heather to Concordia Nav
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Hobbes
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Ralgha and Blair, your assignment for today...
Hobbes: If I may interrupt, Colonel, I request that we be assigned a mission of some consequence.
Angel: Ralgha, you know the Admiral's opinion. You're too valuable to risk...
Hobbes: He agreed to let me fly again. He knows I will not risk myself unnecessarily.
Angel: Good. You and Maverick will rendezvous with a Free Trader, and escort it to the Concordia.
Maverick: Babysitting a freighter? That's an important mission?
Angel: 'The Bonnie Heather' is not an ordinary freighter. The safe passage to that freighter is vital to our operations here. Bring the freighter back via Nav Two to avoid patrols. After this mission, we'll see about more 'consequential' assignments, mes amis. Dismissed, pilots.
Nav 1
3 Drakhri
Bonnie Heather
6 Jalkehi


  • Theoretically the Jalkehi can destroy the Bonnie Heather... luckily it's marked as invincible in this mission... just worry about yourself.
  • 6 Jalkehi, even with a pair of Rapiers, is tricky. Stay on your toes.

Success / Failure go to Ghorah Khar C.

Ghorah Khar C: Escort

Primary Objectives Escort two Broadswords to the taskforce and destroy the Kamekh.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingmen Hobbes
Other Friendly Ships Alexia
Briefing Tolwyn: As you've requested, Colonel Ralgha, I have a 'consequential' assignment for you.
Hobbes: Thank you, Admiral.
Tolwyn: Your knowledge of Ghorah Khar has proved useful, Ralgha... but despite the rebellion, the Kilrathi are trying to take back the system.
Blair: Rebellion
Hobbes: I was on Ghorah Khar when the local Kilrathi rebelled against the Empire and joined the Confederation. I had some small part in the action.
Tolwyn: The Olympus space station near Ghorah Khar is currently under attack. You and your wingman are to escort two Broadswords on an intercept mission. You will be flying Rapiers.
Hobbes: The strength of the attacking force?
Tolwyn: An indeterminate number of corvettes and enemy fighters. We lost communications shortly after we received a distress signal. Once the enemy is destroyed, report to Olympus Station for debriefing. You will rendezvous with the Broadsword wing at the Nav Point. They're currently guarding a Clydesdale minesweeper. Assist them if the minesweeper is under attack. And finally, Ralgha, if you won't accept my recommendation that you select another wingman... then I urge you to watch your back. Blair certainly won't.
Hobbes: Admiral, I must disagree! To question Maverick's courage...
Tolwyn: Is standard procedure these days, Ralgha. As you were.
Hobbes: Yes, sir.
Tolwyn: What? The Concordia's under attack! Launch immediately, pilots!
Concordia NAV
4 Sartha
Task Force
3 Grikath
1 Kamekh


  • The destruction of the Kamekh is required to successfully complete the mission.
  • The Kamekh does not have phase shields. If the fighters you escort can't take it out, do it with guns or conventional missiles.

Success / Failure go to Ghorah Khar D.

Ghorah Khar D: Defend

Primary Objectives Defend Olympus Station then return to the Concordia
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Hobbes
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Olympus: Captain Blair, report to the flight deck for immediate launch!
Hobbes: Prepare to engage autopilot for Concordia, Maverick. And remember, Maverick, if we wind up in combat, I want you to take command.
Maverick: Roger, Hobbes. I'll engage autopilot on your mark.
Olympus: Hobbes, Maverick, do you copy? Olympus is under attack by Drakhri!
Maverick: Hobbes and I will take 'em, Olympus!
Olympus: Thank you, Maverick!
Maverick: Don't thank us until we get the job done, Olympus!
Olympus Station
4 Drakhri
4 Jalkehi


  • None of these ships can hurt Olympus, so really... it doesn't matter what you do on this mission.
  • The victory/failure of this series is based on the destruction of the Kamekh in the last mission.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Warstratigier
Mission : Ghorah Khar A
Comments : You'll find yourself hating the jalkethis and grikaths on this one and here on soon enough. They both can take a beating, cannot be flanked due to turrent gunners, and can easily blast most confed fighters to pieces if not careful enough.

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