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Wing Commander  Game Notes
 Enyo System
 McAuliffe System
 Gateway System
 Gimle System
 Brimstone System
 Cheng-Du System
 Dakota System
 Port Hedland
 Kurasawa System
 Rostov System
 Hubble's Star
 Hell's Kitchen
 Venice System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions  Game Notes
 Goddard System
 Border Zone
 Midgard System
 Valgard System
 Vigrid System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions 2  Game Notes
 Firekka System
 Corsair System I
 Near Firekka
 Corsair System II
 Charon System

Wing Commander II  Game Notes
 Gwynedd System
 Niven System
 Ghorah Khar
 Novaya Kiev
 Heaven's Gate
 Tesla System
 Enigma System
 K'tithrak Mang
 Ghorah Khar (Alt)
 Novaya Kiev (Alt)
 Tesla (Alt)
 Gwynedd (Alt)

Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
 Ghorah Khar 1
 Ghorah Khar 2

Wing Commander II : Special Operations II  Game Notes
 Canewdon 1
 Canewdon 2
 Canewdon 3
 Ayers Rock

Wing Commander III  Game Notes
 Orsini System
 Tamayo System
 Locanda System
 Ariel System
 Caliban System
 Torgo System
 Loki System
 Alcor System
 Freya System
 Hyperion System
 Kilrah System
 Delius System
 Proxima System
 Sol System

Wing Commander

Brimstone 1

Primary Objectives Complete a three point patrol
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing It's a simple three-point route, with a few asteroids near Nav 2. Keep alert. We really don't know what to expect out there but we know we're in hairball territory. Just fly your route and get back with a report and if Maniac gives you any static you have my permission to shoot him to pieces.
Wave 1
1 Salthi
Wave 2
3 Gratha
2 Krant


  • You should know all about three point patrols by now. This time you have Maniac as your wingman, and while he is often complained about, he is quite capable of taking on the enemy. Just don't expect him to be any help if you get in trouble and you'll need to try to ignore his comments. At Nav 1, the first Salthi should be easy enough. When the second wave arrives, use your missiles to take out the first Gratha to even the odds, then go one on one with another Gratha while Maniac takes on the other. The Krants which attack just before reaching the asteroid field at Nav 2 also make a fair fight so again go one on one.

Success / Failure go to Brimstone 2.

Brimstone 2

Primary Objectives Rendezvous with Exeter and escort it back to the Claw
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships Exeter at Nav 1
Briefing You'll meet an Exeter-class destroyer at Nav 1, right here. You'll fly straight to Nav 1, to make the rendezvous on schedule but you'll bring the destroyer back via Nav 2. This will keep the Exeter clear of the asteroids between here and Nav 1.
4 Salthi
4 Dralthi


  • Your first target is a wing of four Salthis in the asteroid field. The problem is that while you should normally keep your speed low to navigate through the rocks, Maniac goes charging straight in and is highly likely to get blown up unless you get in there quickly and help. Try to use guns only because your missiles will be needed at Nav 1. Four Dralthi will be attacking the Exeter when you arrive. One group is near you as you come out of autopilot, and one group is very close to the Exeter. Afterburn past the near group and fly towards the Exeter and take out its immediate attackers. Try to get on the tail of a Dralthi and use a missile or two. Maniac will take on the nearest group of Dralthi so he may need some help when you're done.

Success / Failure go to Brimstone 3.

Brimstone 3

Primary Objectives Destroy Kilrathi convoy
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing We've got a large bogey near Nav 1. Tactical is pretty sure this is one of those inbound Dorkir. We've detected at least four smaller bogeys nearby so watch out for fairly strong fighter escort.
2 Jalthi
Wave 1
1 Dorkir
4 Krant
Wave 2
2 Krant


  • This mission may take a few attempts since Maniac is so useless. The ambush by two Jalthis shouldn't be much of a problem so save your missiles and try not to take damage. The real battle at Nav 1 is a different matter. Maniac will just go off and do his own thing and since there's not much you can do about that, leave him to it. You are attacked by four Krants lead by Khajja the Fang and since Khajja is a better pilot than the others, take out the other Krants first since you'll be able to take them out more quickly. Don't hesitate to use your missiles to help. The second wave of Krant is a more even fight so providing you aren't heavily damaged they shouldn't be a problem. Once they have been destroyed, simply gun down the Dorkir.

Success go to Dakota 1. Failure go to Port Hedland 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : Brimstone 1 and 2
Comments : In both these missions, you can avoid most obstacles by using alternate Nav points. In Brimstone 1, try Nav 1, Nav 3, Nav 2, Nav 3, then back to the Claw. In Brimstone 2, try Nav 2, Nav 1, Nav 2, and back to the Claw.

Submitted by : LightNinja
Mission : Brimstone 3
Comments : Try to minimize the use of your afterburner, because if you run out of fuel at Nav 1, you're done for, the Krant(s) will nail you.

Submitted by : Drizzt Do Urden
Mission : Brimstone 3
Comments : If you take to much damage fighting the krants like I did. Just down the Dorkir and eject (I had to). And I still won the set of missions.

Submitted by : Wirsing
Date : Fri Nov 18 14:16:04 2011
Mission : Brimstone 1-3
Comments : It seems that "attack my target" is the only command that Maniac will actually follow. Use it to get him out of your way and reduce the probability of being hit by friendly fire.

Submitted by : Red
Date : Tue Dec 24 13:49:46 2013
Mission : Escort missions Blackmane 1+2 (Loosing path)
Comments : In these missions you have to escort 3 transports to their jump point. After all enemies are destroyed and the jump point is reached.... nothing happens. The transports are just not jumping and you can not enter autopilot to fly home or anything. Anybody knows a solution to this issue?

Submitted by : Radek
Date : Fri Jan 3 09:46:49 2014
Mission : Brimstone 3
Comments : You can win this mission "Maniac style". Just use your afterburners and go directly after 'sport, use your dumb missiles and mass driver to destroy it. If you cannot destroy all the fighters then afterburn to Tiger's claw or eject.

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