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Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
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 Ghorah Khar 2

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 Ayers Rock

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Wing Commander

Hubble's Star 1

Primary Objectives Complete three point patrol
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Bossman
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Your patrol should be uneventful. We're expecting some fuel tankers soon so we need to be sure the nearby jump points are clear of hostiles. Do a thorough sweep of the area and return to the 'Claw with a report.
4 Krant
1 Ralari
4 Dralthi
2 Dorkir
Mine Field


  • This mission can be frustrating since it throws two quite large waves of fighters at you as well as a Ralari and two Dorkirs. The only way to handle it is to take out the fighters first, then handle the big guys. It is a good idea to use your missiles on the Krants since they are less able to evade, however keep back a Heatseeker just in case a Dralthi gives you trouble later on. This is quite likely since Dakhath is piloting one of them. Be careful on the way home too... it'd be annoying to die from a mine after all that.

Success / Failure go to Hubble's Star 2.

Hubble's Star 2

Primary Objectives Escort tankers back to the Claw
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Bossman
Other Friendly Ships 2 Drayman at Nav 1
Briefing You'll rendezvous with the two Drayman tankers here, at Nav 1 then escort them back to the Tiger's Claw at top speed. You must protect them from any attackers. The 'Claw has to have that fuel.
Mine Field
4 Dralthi
4 Gratha


  • Although there is a minefield nearby, taking out the Dralthi hiding there is the easy part of this battle. Just use guns to take them out. Nav 1 is a whole different challenge. As soon as you come out of autopilot at Nav 1, hit your afterburners and head straight for the nearest Gratha. Lock on your Heatseekers and fire them off as quickly as possible. Other than doing that, the only thing that will save the Draymans is pure skill unless you can taunt the enemy into attacking you instead.

Success / Failure go to Hubble's Star 3.

Hubble's Star 3

Primary Objectives Destroy any enemies encountered
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Bossman
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing The bogeys were spotted at Nav 1, start looking for them there. Go see what they are, and evaluate any threat they pose to our position here. If the situation looks good, you can engage. Once you've handled them, return to the 'Claw for reassignment.
Asteroid Field
4 Krant
Wave 1
4 Gratha
Wave 2
2 Jalthi


  • So far, this system hasn't been an easy ride and that isn't about to change. You have to face four Krants in the asteroid field at Nav 1, so you not only need to watch out for rocks, but you should also save your missiles for the big fight. Also try not to take damage at this point. When you're done there, head home for the real battle.
  • As soon as you arrive, afterburn straight towards the enemies attacking the Claw and let rip with everything you have. They will all be focused on attacking the Claw which will make it easy for you to get behind an enemy and let rip with a Heatseeker. Take out each fighter in turn and then you will face the second wave which is a pair of Jalthis lead by Bakhtosh. Again, they will head straight for the Claw so get behind each one and let rip with all you have.

Success go to Rostov 1. Failure go to Hell's Kitchen 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Retrogame
Mission : Hubble's Star series
Comments : I thought that these were a great place in the story for the "epic turnaround"... the crew in the bar are mad at themselves (especially Iceman) for falling back so far. With some virtuoso performances, you can bite the cats back hard here

Submitted by : Dralthi
Mission : #2
Comments : This mission is a twin of Kurasawa-2, however saving both Draymans from 4 Grathas seems to be even more challenging. Use all you missiles and try to ram enemies as fast as possible. Bronze.

Submitted by : Wirsing
Date : Sun Apr 1 13:47:38 2012
Mission : Hubble's Star 2
Comments : Even if you lose both tankers you can still win the series, but you have to play the other two missions perfectly (that includes killing any Kilrathi ace). Anyway, I found it easier to save at least 1 tanker if I went after the 2nd, far wing of Grathas first to delay the destruction of tanker#1. If I went after the 1st wing instead the 2nd one would blow it up behind my back in no time.

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