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Wing Commander  Game Notes
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Wing Commander : Secret Missions  Game Notes
 Goddard System
 Border Zone
 Midgard System
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 Vigrid System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions 2  Game Notes
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Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
 Ghorah Khar 1
 Ghorah Khar 2

Wing Commander II : Special Operations II  Game Notes
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 Canewdon 2
 Canewdon 3
 Ayers Rock

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 Sol System

Wing Commander Privateer : Righteous Fire

Murphy Mission 1

Lynn Murphy wastes no time in offering a job. The first of the missions that she offers you is a patrol. Simple enough.

Objectives Patrol 44-P-1M then return to Edom.
Number of jumps to destination 1 (44-P-1M)
Payment 10,000
Cargo None
Scripted Encounters None


  • Nothing special here. Just random encounters if anything at all. Don't worry, the game does get harder later on.

Murphy Mission 2

Just like the good old Murphy missions... flying against blockades. Your mission isn't to destroy it this time, merely to get past it and deliver your cargo.

Objectives Transport supplies to Liverpool Refinery in Newcastle system.
Number of jumps to destination 1 (Newcastle)
Payment 20,000
Cargo Construction and ore supplies (10)
Scripted Encounters Bounty hunters at Liverpool


  • Your mission is simply to land and deliver the supplies, which means you don't need to take on the blockade forces. Simply afterburn towards the refinery.

Murphy Mission 3

The Retros are blockading New Detroit and the planet is now running low on supplies. That is where you come in. It is your mission to fly in generic and luxury foods and it pays extraordinarily well. There must be a catch, right?

Objectives Transport supplies to New Detroit in the New Detroit System.
Number of jumps to destination 1 (New Detroit)
Payment 30,000
Cargo Generic and luxury food supplies (30)
Scripted Encounters Retros at New Detroit


  • Nope, no catch in this mission, it's easy money. Again, you don't have to take on the blockade. Just fly past them. Of course you don't have to if you fancy a bit of fun and you aren't in a hurry.

Murphy Mission 4

50,000 credits for a patrol! Hey, that's the kind of money you need to make if you want to buy the new upgrades in Righteous Fire.

Objectives Patrol Metsor system and destroy all hostiles. Return to Edom when this is complete.
Number of jumps to destination 2 (Newcastle, Metsor)
Payment 50,000
Cargo None
Scripted Encounters "Unknowns" at jump to Metsor
Retros at Nav 2
Pirates at Nav 1


  • This mission is quite a contrast to previous missions. 3 of those unknown fighters before you even jump in to Metsor, when you do you are faced with 9 Retros at Nav 2, 9 Pirates at Nav 1, plus a possible 3 Retros between Nav 1 and 2. The Retros are also fond of ramming you, so I hope you are prepared to take a bit of battering.
  • Upon return to Edom, Murphy pays you, but she has no more work for you. She does offer to pay a bounty if you manage to take out Governer Menesch, but that comes later. For now we'll move on to your next employer... head to Perry Naval Base in Perry system and have a chat with Sandra Goodin.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Guardian
Mission : Lynn Murphy 4
Comments : I got 2 Unknown on the jump from Newcastle to Metsor, then 9 Retro at Nav 1, 3 Pirate between Navs, 6 Pirate at Nav 2, and 2 more Unknown once I jumped to XXN-1927.

Submitted by : Junta
Date : Sat May 5 14:43:54 2012
Mission : 4
Comments : Guardian: You are right. The information above is incorrect. No way there are 9 pirates at any nav point in Metsor. It's 9 retros and 6 pirates.

Wing Commander IV Game Notes 
Hellespont System 
Tyr System 
Masa System 
Silenos System 
Orestes System 
Pasqual System 
Peleus System 
Circe System 
Speradon System 
Telamon System 
Axius System 
Ella System 
Talos System 
Sol System 

Wing Commander Prophecy Game Notes 
H'rekkah System 
G'wriss System 
H'hrass System 
T'lan Meth System 
Hellespont System 
Alcor System 
G'mar System 
Hrissith System 
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Ella System 
Talos System 
Cygnus System 
Luyten System 
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Wing Commander Privateer Game Notes 
Roman Lynch 
Lynn Murphy 
Dr. Monkhouse 
Taryn Cross 
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Wing Commander Privateer : Righteous Fire Game Notes 
Lynn Murphy 
Sandra Goodin 
Admiral Terrell 

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Hal Taffin 
Angus Santana 
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Jan Mitorr 
David Hassan 
Hugo Carmichael 
Dimitri Avignoni 
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