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Wing Commander II

Tesla A : Patrol
Tesla B : Strike
Tesla C : Escort
Tesla D : Escort

Tesla A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol Nav points. Escort the Bonnie Heather to the Concordia.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships Bonnie Heather
Briefing Angel: Pilots, let us get down to business... We've detected a small Kilrathi listening post in the asteroid belt. A wing of Epees will raid that outpost... and destroy the enemy's ability to intercept our transmissions. The Epee's single torpedo should be enough to take out the base. Maverick, you and Hollywood will... wait, forgive me, mes amis, I was mistaken. Buckaroo, you and Hollywood will fly this mission. Maverick, I have another mission for you. You'll fly the morning patrol with Stingray. Here's your patrol pattern. You will be in Rapiers for this mission.
Nav 1 (Asteroids)
3 Jalkehi
Nav 2
3 Grikath
Bonnie Heather


  • This is actually a rather easy mission. The Grikath are easy to take out, use your missiles on the Jalkehi in the asteroid field.

Success / Failure go to Tesla B.

Tesla B : Strike

Primary Objective Destroy two Dorkathi
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Concordia: Captain Blair, this is the Concordia. Do you copy?
Maverick: Roger, Concordia, loud and clear.
Concordia: Your flight path has been programmed into your Nav computer.
Maverick:Affirmative, Concordia.
Concordia: We've detected a pair of Dorkathi troop transports in the system. We don't know why they have strayed from their destroyer escort... but you and Stingray will intercept them and stop them from rejoining their Convoy.
Stingray: Roger that, and lemme at 'em, Concordia!
Concordia: Glad to hear your enthusiasm, Stingray. Just keep it under control... We've beamed you an updated patrol pattern, putting you on an intercept with the transports.
Maverick: Roger, Concordia. Each of those transports can carry over a thousand enemy troops.
Concordia: Correct, Maverick. Each transport you take out is a thousand troops our Marines don't have to worry about. We expect that they'll have a fighter escort, so be careful. The transports are your main targets, so don't let them escape. They don't have phase shields, so you can use guns on them instead of missiles. The Concordia will continue on her current course... and you will rendezvous with us after your mission. Good luck, gentlemen. Concordia out.
Concordia → Transports
4 Sartha
4 Jalkehi
2 Dorkathi


  • Just a standard bombing mission. Take out the fighters before going for the transports and you shouldn't have much trouble.

Success / Failure go to Tesla C.

Tesla C: Escort

Primary Objectives Escort the Bonnie Heather to the jump point and investigate some bogeys on the way home.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships Bonnie Heather
Briefing Angel: Finally, Maverick and Stingray... I have a special run for you. Paladin needs an escort out-system... Would you two like to volunteer?
Maverick: Of course. I wouldn't want him to face enemy ships alone in that old junker!
Paladin: The 'Bonnie Heather' is a fine ship, lad! You just have no appreciation for a classic design
Maverick: 'Classic.' Right, James.
Angel: Your mission, gentlemen... Flying via Nav point 1 should allow you to avoid any enemy patrols... Continue on to the jump point. After the freighter jumps out-system, return via the area marked Bogeys. Major Edmond has detected a possible jump trail in that area. Any questions?.
Maverick: No, Colonel. James... I hope we'll meet again someday.
Paladin: I'd bet on it, laddie!
Angel: Dismissed, pilots.
Nav Point
4 Drakhri
4 Jalkehi (ace: Khasra)
2 Fralthra


  • Stay out of range of the Fralthra while engaging the Jalkehi.
  • Watch out for Khasra, an ace in a heavy fighter's never fun.

Success / Failure go to Tesla D.

Tesla D: Escort

Primary Objectives Escort the TCS William Tell on a strike against a Ralatha.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships TCS William Tell
Briefing Angel: Pilots, a large strike fleet is heading for this position at top speed. The Concordia must retreat, and quickly. Ignore your previous assignments... Maverick, you and Stingray will fly point in Rapiers, defending the Concordia. You'll intercept any advance fighters from that strike fleet. Then you'll escort the TCS William Tell as she goes after the flagship of the strike fleet, a Ralatha. After destroying the Ralatha, return immediately to this position for the out-system jump. Pilots, I do not need to tell you that we are in great danger. All other wings stay close to ward off any attack. Fly well, and be prepared for the out-system jump. Now, let's get out there!
3 Grikath
4 Jalkehi
1 Ralatha


  • One of the few missions in the entire series where you escort a capital ship to engage another capital ship.
  • For once, the fighters attacking the Concordia can actually destroy her. Watch out.

Success/Failure Enigma A


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Stargeezer
Mission : Tesla A : Patrol
Comments : It's best to lure the Jalkethi out of the asteroid field before engaging them in combat...

Submitted by : Wedge009
Mission : Tesla B
Comments : Sometimes, when the second Dorkathi jumps in, it seems to have a massive laser salvo already aimed at your fighter. If you're not careful, it can slice right through your Rapier.

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