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Secret Missions 2

Charon 1

Primary Objectives Get information from Kilrathi ships
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You'll fly to each of your Nav points and destroy any Kilrathi capital ships that you encounter.
Mine Field
2 Jalthi
4 Gratha
2 Ralari
5 Krant
1 Snakeir


  • You might as well be flying alone for all the use Maniac will be as your wingman. Don't be surprised if he gets himself killed too since he won't obey any return to base orders. Nav 1 is simple enough, as is Nav 2 as long as you take out the escorts first. Nav 3 is the tricky one since the Snakeir will jump out after a while. The only solution is to take out two or three Krants then move on the Snakeir and hope the remaining fighters don't get the better of you.

Success / Failure go to Corsair 2.

Charon 2

Primary Objectives Defend the Claw
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing We'll launch waves of fighters one after another... clear the area of enemy fighters, then land immediately.
Wave 1
3 Dralthi
Wave 2
3 Dralthi
Wave 3
5 Salthi
Wave 4
3 Hhriss


  • The final mission and the Claw is under heavy attack. All you can do is stick close to the Claw and try to take out anything that comes close. There's nothing more to this mission than that.

Success you win! Failure you lose.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Freelancer
Mission :
Comments : I want to know why for the last mission the others wings don't save the Claws!

Submitted by : ptk
Mission : Charon 2
Comments : Because you're supposed to ice them yourself....which is annoying. BTW: If you lose maniac, don't worry, he's worthless for all purposes anyways

Submitted by : THE_WUQKED
Mission : Charon 2
Comments : I noticed, if you don't ice all enemy fighters but let one run away, sometimes the next wave does not come (e.g. I once had no Hhriss, cause one Salthi got away)

Submitted by : Maverick
Mission : Name ??? Protect Marinetrans in SM2 (to Firekka)
Comments : Have to protect jumps of two Draymans, first one is no prob, second doesn't follow autopilot to jumppoint. When fly manually it follows but explodes close to success, not shotdown, all fighters dead before, Miss failed, why? WCKS version

Submitted by : LTL
Mission : Charon
Comments : WOW. It seems as if Origin thought that the only way to make the SM2 finale missions difficult would be to add the useless Maniac as your wingman. TRY TO KEEP HIM ALIVE. I DARE YOU. Tougher challenge than killing any amount of Kilrathi fighters.

Submitted by : LTL
Mission : Charon 1
Comments : BTW, if you keep Maniac alive and take out the 3 Kilrathi Cap ships plus the fighters, you get a Medal of Valor when you get back :D.

Submitted by : Rovlad
Mission : All
Comments : Put this in SM2 Game Notes please: If the enemy strike wing has Drakhai on it, their destruction often sends the rest of the cats into withdrawal, even those attacking Tiger's Claw or your escorted ship. Capships escorts don't retreat though.

Submitted by : Blast Vortex
Mission : Charon 1
Comments : In addition to what LTL mentioned, if Maniac survives and you hit everything else but the Snakeir (since it's a bloody chicken), you should still get the medal. Note that Maniac WILL shoot you to get the cats, which almost (but not quite) makes this an easier mission without him.

Submitted by : bart
Mission : charon 1
Comments : Funny thing, luck perhaps, but i got medal of valor on the first take (which means preserving maniac), never got hit by friendly fire, and actually maniac took out three (!) enemy gratha fighters!

Submitted by : Guderheinz
Date : Thu Jun 3 21:19:19 2010
Mission : Charon 1
Comments : That's interesting, I got the Medal of Valor even though Maniac got killed AND I didn't destroy the enemy Carrier.

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