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Special Operations 2

Canewdon 3-A: Patrol
Canewdon 3-B: Patrol
Canewdon 3-C: Rendezvous
Canewdon 3-D: Strike
Canewdon 3-E: Patrol

Canewdon 3-A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Escort the Iguana.
Your Ship Broadsword
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships Cootmain
Briefing Angel: The Mandarins have offered us a deal, Maverick... They want to trade the crews of the hijacked Terran freighters for three Mandarins currently in prison. We can only have a single fighter at the exchange point or the deal is off. The Admiral wants you to fly that fighter, Maverick...
Maverick: The Confederation can't be serious about accepting these conditions! Has High Command really approved the release of those three Mandarins?
Angel: Maverick, we have all the information we need from them. They are of no further use to us.
Maverick: Is there any particular reason you want me to fly this mission, Angel?
Angel: Intelligence reports indicate a high probability that "Jazz" Colson will be at the exchange site.
Maverick: So I'm the bait to attract him.
Angel: The Admiral believes you are the only pilot on the Concordia --- with a good chance of defeating Jazz in single combat. They're preparing a Broadsword for you on the Flight Deck, Colonel. Dismissed.
Nav 2
5 Drakhri
1 Ralatha


  • It's sure lucky they sent you out in a Broadsword. Otherwise you couldn't have handled that capship.

Success / Failure go to Canewdon 3-B.

Canewdon 3-B : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Tolwyn: Ten minutes ago, the Morningstar prototype was stolen from the Flight Deck. We have confirmation from Chief McCullough that the pilot was Captain Grimaldi. Grimaldi apparently set an explosive to cover her escape... Crossbones was killed, and Sparks and Talon are in Sickbay. It'll be at least another fifteen minutes until the Flight Deck is operational again. As soon as we can launch fighters, you'll go in pursuit of Captain Grimaldi. The Morningstar doesn't have enough range to reach the nearest habitable system --- and since the ship is still subject to random jump failure --- Grimaldi must be headed for a rendezvous with a nearby Kilrathi ship. Your mission is to recapture or destroy Grimaldi and the Morningstar. Whatever happens, it must not fall into the hands of the enemy. Good hunting, gentlemen.
Maniac: Hey, Maverick, remember when I told you that this baby had capabilities I couldn't talk about? Well, this ship is equipped with a new type of missile called the Mace. It's a tactical nuke!
Maverick: There's a nuclear missile in my ship?!
Maniac: Yeah! Great, isn't it? Listen, the best way to use it --- is to fire it at the enemy squadron when you first see 'em. I also use my particle cannons to set it off, once it's out of range. Just don't aim it at anything near you!
Maverick: I wish I thought you were kidding about this, Todd!
Nav 2
4 Sartha
Nav 3
2 Jalkehi
Nav 4
3 Gothri
Nav 5
1 Kamekh
2 Dorkathi


  • Be very careful when using the Mace. It's quite easy to destroy your own ship.
  • There's no way to find Minx in this mission.

Success / Failure go to Canewdon 3-C.

Canewdon 3-C: Rendezvous

Primary Objectives Rendezvous with the Gamal Gan/Grimalkin
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingmen Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Maniac, Maverick, your orders have arrived from Confed High Command. You will rendezvous with Paladin at the coordinates programmed into your Nav computers. You will receive further orders from Paladin. Good luck, Chris. And to you, Todd.
Nav 2
2 Gothri
3 Dorkathi
Nav 3
5 Drakhri


  • Take the time to destroy those Dorkathi. They're easy kills, and if you destroy them, you won't have to do mission E.
  • Now aren't you glad you didn't destroy the Gamal Gan?

Success/Failure go to Canewdon 3-D.

Canewdon 3-D: Strike

Primary Objectives Escort the Grimalkin to the jump point.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Paladin: Maverick and Maniac, you'll fly escort for the Grimalkin to the Jump Point.
Maniac: Paladin, I don't think it'd be a good idea to jump out separately.
Paladin: The Morningstar is still having problems with that random jump failure. You'll redock with the Grimalkin at the Jump Point, Todd. That way, we can make sure we'll all get to Ayer's Rock.
Nav 1
2 Strakha
Nav 2
4 Jalkehi
Nav 3
2 Gothri


  • This mission is actually rather easy. Just make sure you keep an eye on Paladin.
  • Success (with success on Canewdon 3-C) go to Ayer's Rock A.
  • Success (with failure on Canewdon 3-C) go to Canewdon 3-E.
  • Failure results in loss.

Canewdon 3-E: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points.
Your Ship Morningstar
Wingman Maniac
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Paladin: I have Ayer's Rock on my sensors. It has just activated all defense systems. And I'm picking up chatter from at least six other craft on an intercept course with us. If they spot us, our whole mission is blown. I can jump the Grimalkin further out-system to throw them off our trail. But we can't trust the jump drives of those Morningstars...
Maverick: Maniac and I will run their gauntlet and rejoin you after you jump.
Paladin: You'd better hurry!
Maverick: James, this is Maverick, do you read?
Paladin: We'll meet at Nav 3, laddie!
Nav 1
5 Sabres
Nav 2
2 Broadswords


  • You must destroy all the ships or they will escape and tell of your location. This results in a loss.

Success go to Ayer's Rock A. Failure results in loss.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : SoulSkorpion
Mission : Canewdon 3-A
Comments : I think you mean "Ralatha", not "Ralathra".

Submitted by : Peterson
Mission : Canewdon 3-B
Comments : When I played, Maniac ended this mission by shouting, "Time to ride the crazy chair!" and afterburning into the side of the Concordia.

Submitted by : BlackMageJ
Date : Wed Aug 24 23:06:27 2011
Mission : Canewdon 3-D
Comments : You must destroy at least one Gothri at Nav 3 to trigger the end of the mission. If they both run away, return to Nav 2 then go back to 3 to make them respawn. They'll be fully repaired every time, infuriatingly. Took me several attempts to actually nail one of the cowards.

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