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Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
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Wing Commander

Dakota 1

Primary Objectives Escort outbound hospital ship to jumppoint. Escort inbound cargo ship to the Claw.
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Knight
Other Friendly Ships Drayman at Claw
Drayman at Nav 2
Briefing You will proceed first to Nav 1, escorting an outbound hospital ship. Your objective is to protect her from the Kilrathi until she makes her jump out. Once she's gone, go to Nav 2, where you'll rendezvous with another 'sport. Bring this Drayman back to the Tiger's Claw in one piece... she's the one carrying the vaccine for Fargo.
5 Salthi
3 Krant
3 Jalthi


  • Defending that first Drayman is the most difficult task you'll face in this mission. The 5 Salthis which intercept you are more than capable to destroying the Drayman. As soon as you arrive, order Knight to Break & Attack, increase your speed, lock on to a Salthi and try to lower its shields as you fly past, then turn around and fire off an Image Recognition missile at it. Lock on to another Salthi and fire another ImRec. From there, target a third Salthi and attack it with your guns. From here you need to take out each target quickly. The two missiles you fired will only distract those fighters for a limited time, but at least their fire will be away from the Drayman. This mission may take a few tries.
  • Nav point 2 is a little easier. When you hit the Nav point, you'll face the three Jalthi. You have a minute or two before the Drayman jumps in, so use that time to take out at least one Jalthi. Fire off your remaining missiles and try be careful of the Jalthi's guns. As soon as the Drayman arrives, the remaining enemies will break off and head for the transport. Finish them before they destroy the Drayman.

Success / Failure go to Dakota 2.

Dakota 2

Primary Objectives Locate enemy forces and report back to the Claw.
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Knight
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing As you can see, there's not much to go on. There's some debris near Nav 1. Could be rocks, could be mines... stay alert. The jumppoint at Nav 2 seems to be clear as does Nav 3. Make the rounds and return with your report.
Asteroid Field
2 Gratha
5 Krant
1 Ralari
Asteroid Field


  • Asteroids and a capship. Fortunately not at the same time. You face two Gratha in the asteroid field at Nav 1. Keep your speed low and be careful. Let them run into the asteroids, and if they run away, don't run after otherwise you could hit a 'roid. Nav 2 is a different matter. Take out the Krants quickly and carefully, and be careful of the rest of the litter. If you run into a tight spot, a couple of well placed missiles will distract the enemy but it'll leave fewer to hit the Ralari with.
  • You should have attacked capships before. Keep focusing on one spot, and use up the rest of your missiles. Also be careful not to turn away too late or you'll end up ramming it.

Success / Failure go to Dakota 3.

Dakota 3

Primary Objectives Destroy Kilrathi convoy
Your Ship Raptor
Wingman Knight
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing You'll first intercept a Dorkir-class tanker at the jumppoint near Nav 1. Blow her to bits and proceed to Nav 2. At that point, you should sight at least one Kilrathi troop transport. Those transports are your main objective... and probably the best defended. You are to engage and destroy all Kilrathi transports. No survivors.
5 Krant
1 Dorkir
Wave 1
2 Jalthi
1 Dorkir
Wave 2
2 Jalthi
1 Dorkir


  • This is one of the only missions where the Raptor's full guns option is a good thing since you face much slower ships. Use your guns and missiles on the Krants at Nav 1. You need to even the numbers quickly to survive. Once all Krants are down, you can take out the Dorkir without having to worry about anything. Just use guns to destroy the Dorkir.
  • Nav 2 should be handled in a similar way, however Bakhtosh Redclaw is in the first wave so take him out first. Knight tends to go after Dorkirs after a while so keep an eye on him. If he runs off, order him to attack a Jalthi.

Success go to Kurasawa 1. Failure go to Rostov 1.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : Asterion
Mission : Dakota 1
Comments : Taking out 8 Kilrathi got me a Silver Star. Don't know what happens if you get the other two.

Submitted by : Vorsuc
Mission : Dakota 3
Comments : Gold star up for grabs if you and your wing nail all 12 Kilrathi.

Submitted by : Vapor
Mission : Dakota 2
Comments : Another mission, this time with not one but TWO asteroid belts. You still can't totally avoid them, but you can minimize the time you'll spend flying through them by going to Nav 2, Nav 1, Nav 2, Nav 3, Nav 2, then back to the Claw.

Submitted by : Wirsing
Mission : Dakota 1
Comments : Tested with the Kilrathi Saga version: If you have difficulties to protect Drayman#1 on its way to Nav1 and don't care about getting a medal, set course to Nav2 and take it there instead. The Jalthi won't harm it much. There's also a funny bug that causes the Claw to be destroyed by its own escorts if you don't autopilot away from it at mission start.

Submitted by : szaleniec
Date : Sat May 15 15:50:31 2010
Mission : Dakota 2
Comments : Silver Star if you take out the Ralari.

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