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 Brimstone System
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 Dakota System
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 Kurasawa System
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 Venice System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions  Game Notes
 Goddard System
 Border Zone
 Midgard System
 Valgard System
 Vigrid System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions 2  Game Notes
 Firekka System
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Wing Commander II  Game Notes
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Wing Commander II : Special Operations  Game Notes
 Ghorah Khar 1
 Ghorah Khar 2

Wing Commander II : Special Operations II  Game Notes
 Canewdon 1
 Canewdon 2
 Canewdon 3
 Ayers Rock

Wing Commander III  Game Notes
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Wing Commander Privateer : Righteous Fire

Informant Mission 1

Your conversation with the informant is brief. Just take the documents and head back to Monte.

Objectives Take documents to New Detroit and meet Monte in the bar.
Number of jumps to destination 4 (Nexus, Tingerhoff, Perry, New Detroit)
Payment 0
Cargo Documents (1)
Scripted Encounters "Unknowns" at jump to Nexus


  • Four unknowns this time. That should make up for only having two a couple of missions ago. Again you have to fly through 4 jump points so expect to meet a good few random hostiles on the way. When you reach New Detroit, talk to Monte. He will give you your third mission.

Informant Mission 2

You have met the Informant before while working for Monte. Now the Informant wants you to take out Jones. The Informant tells you of Jones' plans, why he wants Jones dead, and the location of a secret Retro base. You are to fly to this base and find out where Jones is.

Objectives Fly to Valhalla system and find the secret jump point to Eden system. Jump to Eden and land on Gaea base.
Find out where Jones is, then find and destroy him. When complete, return to Drake base in Capello.
Number of jumps to destination 6 (Crab-12, New Caledonia, 17-AR, Telar, Valhalla, Eden)
Payment 0
Cargo None
Scripted Encounters Retros at both Nav points in Eden


  • It is a long flight to the base, and to make matters worse you must be sure not to take any damage or use any missiles because you still have the main battle left, not forgetting the trip back to Drake. Where possible, avoid encounters and just afterburn away as fast as you can. Once you reach the Retro base Gaea, beg for forgiveness at the temple. There you will learn how to find Jones.
  • Jones is heading towards the moon. Take off, turn towards the moon (changing to the Chase Camera may help you find it) and fly in that direction. Afterburn if you want to make the journey quicker. When you are around 40,000m away from Gaea, Jones will appear.
  • Jones will stay away, so take out his his guards first. You'll face 13 of them, all in the Salthis bought from the Kilrathi. After that, on to Jones. He is flying a Centurion which is quite strongly shielded and armored. To make matters worse, he is quite fond of ramming you so make sure to save a few missiles for him. Once you are finished with him, land at Gaea, save, then head back to Drake.
  • The Informant thanks you for taking out Jones. At this point, continue on to Perry to report to Admiral Terrell. He'll give you the 20,000 for the mission you flew for him before you got sidetracked. He'll thank you for taking out Jones and say goodbye. Talk to him again for the little Credits chat. Congratulations... you win!


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : John Nelson
Mission : Jones Mission
Comments : A hidden jump point is near the asteroids when you fly towards the moon to fight Jones. It makes getting home to Perry a lot easiar. Land on Gaea first, have a gut laugh at the crumbled shrine, then fly back to the moon and hit the jump.

Submitted by : Justice
Mission :
Comments : The jump point goes to Rikel. Also, if you went back for the 20,000 before going to Gaea, Terrel offers you a large sum for killing Jones, like 80,000.

Submitted by : Junta
Mission :
Comments : Hidden jump point? It's not hidden, you're supposed to see it. It is not possible not to discover the jump point, when you are fighting Jones and his army. And nobody in the world could resist using the jump point, so everybody knows it leads to Rikel.

Submitted by : jt
Date : Sun Jan 20 01:35:41 2013
Mission : Jones--Hidden Jump Points
Comments : I know of only one other 'hidden' jump point besides the one that takes you to and from Rikel. Are there any others? Thanks.

Submitted by : Junta
Date : Sat Aug 10 18:59:05 2013
Mission :
Comments : jt: Which one are you talking about? Valhalla?

Wing Commander IV Game Notes 
Hellespont System 
Tyr System 
Masa System 
Silenos System 
Orestes System 
Pasqual System 
Peleus System 
Circe System 
Speradon System 
Telamon System 
Axius System 
Ella System 
Talos System 
Sol System 

Wing Commander Prophecy Game Notes 
H'rekkah System 
G'wriss System 
H'hrass System 
T'lan Meth System 
Hellespont System 
Alcor System 
G'mar System 
Hrissith System 
Kilrah System 

Wing Commander Secret Ops Game Notes 
Courage System 
Ella System 
Talos System 
Cygnus System 
Luyten System 
Sirius System 
Krieger System 
Proxima System 

Wing Commander Privateer Game Notes 
Roman Lynch 
Lynn Murphy 
Dr. Monkhouse 
Taryn Cross 
Sandra Goodin 
Admiral Terrell 

Wing Commander Privateer : Righteous Fire Game Notes 
Lynn Murphy 
Sandra Goodin 
Admiral Terrell 

Wing Commander Privateer II Game Notes 
Dr. Loomis 
Hal Taffin 
Angus Santana 
Shernikov Medical 
Jan Mitorr 
David Hassan 
Hugo Carmichael 
Dimitri Avignoni 
Sheila Nabakov