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Wing Commander III

Hyperion 1


Character Location Choices Effects
Flint Rec Room Oh, kiss her
I think it'd be a big mistake
Increase Flint's morale, lose Rachel
Increase Rachel's morale
Rachel Rec Room Oh boy, kiss her
It would never work with her
Increase Rachel's morale, lose Flint
Increase Flint's morale
Flint (if you kissed Rachel) Elevator None None
Rachel (if you chose Flint) Flight Control None None

Objectives Test the Temblor bomb
Ship Choices Excalibur
Wingmen Choices (if alive/obtained) None
Other Friendly Ships None
4 Dralthi
2 Ekapshi
2 Ekapshi
2 Ekapshi
4 Dralthi


  • Okay, really simple mission here, but it is vital that you learn how to launch the Temblor Bomb properly. You don't want to have to refly the last mission because you screwed up at the end.
  • When you reach Nav 3, you'll be able to target the fault line. At this point, you need to select the T-Bomb as your current missile. Fly directly above the fault line and make sure it is in direct line of sight. Wait until you gain missile lock and then fire. Then sit and wait for the bomb to hit its target.
  • After watching the planet blow up, autopilot, face the Dralthi at Nav 5, then carry on home.

Hyperion 2


Character Location Choices Effects
Flash Berths Have to admit, he's a damn good pilot
Boy, is this guy full of himself
Increase Flash's morale
Decrease Flash's morale
Vagabond Gunnery Control He really deserves a home
He's getting soft
Increase Vagabond's morale
Decrease Vagabond's morale

Objectives Destroy all Kilrathi presence
Ship Choices Arrow, Hellcat, Excalibur
Wingmen Choices (if alive/obtained) Vagabond, Vaquero, Maniac, Flash, Flint
Other Friendly Ships TCS Sheffield at Nav 1
TCS Coventry at Nav 2
TCS Ajax at Nav 3
Wave 1
2 Darket
1 Light Destroyer
Wave 2
2 Darket
Wave 3
2 Dralthi
Wave 4
2 Dralthi
Wave 1
2 Dralthi
1 Carrier
Wave 2
2 Dralthi
Wave 3
2 Paktahn
Wave 4
2 Vaktoth
1 Cruiser
2 Paktahn


  • With the heavy duty firepower in this mission, a Longbow would be nice, however that isn't an option. Fortunately you have the backup of Victory's escort ships.
  • If you stick near the escort ships, you won't have to worry about the fighters, but be careful not to fly into any capship weaponry. Sometimes the escort ship at each Nav point won't come in to range of the enemy capital ship so you'll need to take it out yourself.
  • Intercept the Paktahns at each Nav point before they reach each escort ship. You know what happens if you don't.


Comment on a mission

Submitted by : StarLight
Mission : Hyperion 1
Comments : If you kiss Rachel and talk to Flint afterwards, you no longer have her as a wingman. Kiss Flint and you have to do a manual loadout. Kiss either and don't talk to the other, everything is fine, except Flint is grumpy when she flies with you.

Submitted by : MHunter XZero
Mission : Hyperion 1
Comments : If I had to choose, I'd go with Flint. She's a good wingman and it's not like it's that hard to do a manual loadout. If you lose Flint you're stuck with 2 good wingmen and 1 bad wingman (Maniac or Flash) for the Kilrah missions.

Submitted by : Captain "Ace" Clark
Mission : N/A
Comments : There's always the option of ignoring the conversations or turning them both down. No bad effects from doing those options.

Submitted by : Jedi2187
Mission : Hyperion
Comments : I'd choose Flint over Rachel anytime. Loadout is not as important as to who is covering your hindquarters out there. IMHO, I hate blondes.

Submitted by : Dundradal
Mission : Hyperion 2
Comments : This is one of my favorite missions in all the games. You get to see all three of the victory's battlegroup light up enemy capships. Nothing like watching a karrier go up in flames from direct fire. Take out the fighters and watch the fireworks.

Submitted by : Mancubus
Mission :
Comments : if u lost Vaqero, couldn't get Vagabond out of the brig, and chose Rachel, you will have REALY nice wingaman choice:-). but hay, first time i did all kilrath missons alone. so, just choose a girl you like more:-)

Submitted by : Mancubus
Mission :
Comments : oh, i forgot. and u didn't challange Flash back in Tamayo

Submitted by : Peterson
Mission : Hyperion 1
Comments : In gaming terms, Flint is the obvious choice since you need her a helluva lot more than you need Rachael - I mean, I always change her crappy loadout suggestions anyway.

Submitted by : Peterson
Mission : Hyperion 1
Comments : However, realistically, Rachael would be the better choice, as Blair's argument about being involved with your wingman makes a lot of sense. Plus, dating a former porn star has its merits...

Submitted by : Peterson
Mission : Hyperion 2
Comments : There's also a conversation with Vaquero on the Bridge, about the possibility of the T-Bomb ending the war, with no dialogue choices.

Submitted by : Python
Mission :
Comments : If you kiss Racheal and don't talk to Flint she will still fly with you, however though her morale will be super low. However if you fly with Flint to Kilrah her morale goes back to normal levels.

Submitted by : rittmeister
Mission : choose your girl
Comments : pick Rachel! she's way hotter, more fun, and you get a nice bj in the ferry home.

Submitted by : Ay
Date : Sun Feb 13 22:36:08 2011
Mission : Hyperion 2
Comments : A good way to take out the cruiser if Friendly ships aren't moving at Nav 1 is to fly near its rear and keep shooting.

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