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We've got a new poll up now, and this time we're asking about the worst places to need to eject. The options in this survey are bit deeper lore than we usually include, so here's a fuller rundown of the choices available:
  • Planet Pisces is the place where Krulan nar Ragitagha is stalked by the infamous Arthrosquids
  • Angel is forced to eject after taking out the skipper missile bearing down on the Claw
  • Minx is in an escape pod poisoned by radiation after the destruction of Ayer's Rock
  • Vagabond loses a fight against a wing of Darket in the Kilrah System on the Temblor Run
  • This is the pilot that Seether executes if you stay aboard the Lexington
  • Hawk reveals to Casey that Iceman saved him in B'shriss, but he was found and captured by the Kilrathi - the remains in the pod retrieved by Blair weren't pretty
  • I can only imagine what new challenges Arena's Nephilim fluid-space presented to ejected pilots
  • The pilot of the crashed fighter we see on the Steltek Derelict technically made it back to base, but I sure wouldn't want to be lost that far off the spacelanes!

And wow! For the first time in a number of years, "Great" won out in our annual new year's poll! I assume that given how awful 2020 was, it's hard to not be optimistic in general about how 2021 will fare. It also doesn't hurt that Wing Commander fans continue to make excellent progress on a wide range of fan projects. Obviously the new year hasn't been without its challenges either, but we'll get through this together!

Animated Kilrathi Fleet Arrives Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The Confederation Fleet has been well outfitted in DefianceIndustries' animated WC universe, and now the Kilrathi have arrived in force too. You can find an impressive force of Kilrathi capships depicted here, including the all new Ralari model. They're escorted by numerous wings of Dralthi and Grikath to round out the ensemble. It's not a fleet you want to mess around with!
Hi Kat lovers! It didn't seem right to have a nifty Tiger's Claw render and not give our Kilrathi brethren some love. It's a 4K wallpaper, so feel free to adorn your monitors should you feel so inclined. You might also notice a new ship in here, just sayin'.
You can also get a quick peek of the fleet in action here:

And the Winner Is... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Last year had plenty of low points, but Wing Commander fans persevered throughout the dark times and still managed to do some amazing things. We were able to pick out ten of them for special recognition, and Wingnuts have spent the last several weeks voting on which should take the top honors. It's always slightly painful to deem one or two the winners, since all of the nominees and more do such great things for the community, but it's usually clear that a few bubble up to the top.

This time around, our winner for Fan Project of the Year is AI/Neural Net Enhanced Wing Commander Videos! ODVS managed to successfully create what was one thought impossible, an extremely faithful upscaling of the original games' low res footage into HD quality. By mastering a handful of advanced AI/neural net tools, the process creates detail where none was present to boost the footage. He's completed full passes on WC3, WC4 and WCP, and the latter two can be integrated into the games themselves. Someday WC3 may be possible as well. Continued work looks to push things even further into the 4K/60Hz realm with even better tools and processing. Grab them for yourself here!

Our first runner up this year is the WC4 Fan Remake! The team has been releasing a steady stream of articles at their new website, WCRespace, that explain the complex process they're going through to retouch and improve all aspects of the original game. It also doesn't hurt that the movie sequences will natively integrate ODVS' enhanced videos either. Experts in coding, art and even music have all come together to help make this project the best it can be. They're shooting for a playable demo as soon as this year, so stay tuned for more awesomeness on the horizon!

Another honorable mention and second runner up this year is wcdx. Stinger has been hard at work on this comprehensive compatibility patch for more than six years, and the latest releases touch WC1, WC2 and all four of their expansions. Over time the project has grown to do more than just get Kilrathi Saga running on modern computers. It's going back and adding back features from the DOS originals that didn't import smoothly to Windows in the first place, such as missing background space art and awkward audio glitches. You can grab it here!

Check Out a Creative Cat Collage Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Artist rcgdoremi has put together an interesting piece to celebrate the Kilrathi from Wing Commander 3. It's an unusual style, but there's something compelling about it. Each individual Kilrathi comes across as familiar and unique, even though there's a few repeats. The artist has a number of similar works for other sci-fi like Dune or the The Mandalorian which are also pretty neat!
Wing Commander - The Kilrathi Saga: “Cat O’ Nine Tails” (Fan Collage - Digital Art)

New Sights and Sounds Dot WC4 Fan Remake Update Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The WC4 Fan Remake team has another significant update to share. This time around, Pedro speaks to a handful of different improvements that will be featured in the playable demo. DefianceIndustries' fantastic Thunderbolt and Arrow models have been incorporated, and the ships have been scaled to an appropriate degree. The first screenshot lower down is also an example of a refreshed flight deck. This one's from Bluepoint Station, but you'll be seeing the Intrepid's bay later on this year. ODVS has made a manufacturing placard as well to round out the graphical improvements, which is a nice touch. New coding has been implemented for the demo, and the team has added a new member, FilmCompos3r, who will be helping improve the music. A sample for that is below too! Check out the new article at WCRespace for a look at the updated ships and the full rundown on this week's updates.
As we hurtle towards the demo release we have a shortage of large features to report on, but we’ve done a bunch of smaller tasks that I’m going to outline here.

The Good Ending Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

"Either you're an earthworm or an eagle."

Launch Deck, BWS Intrepid.

Paladin: So here you are, an instructor. Not a general, or a senator. And you could have had everything.
Maverick: “Everything” means I keep flying. So if you ask me, I’ve got everything.
Paladin: I envy you, laddie. At times I wish I’d made the same choice myself. So, how’s that farm?
Maverick: <laughs> I’m not a farmer.
Maniac: I’m talking about rolling a bomber, not a fighter.
Newbie: You’re kidding!
Maverick: You know, of all people…
Maniac: I’m not enrolled in training!
Maverick: …Maniac taught me one thing.
Maniac: Wha– hey, pal. Uh, Senator. I– What? What?
Maverick: Well you said, “either you’re an earthworm or an eagle”.
Maniac: I said that?
Panther: Hey, Colonel! We’ve got a fresh batch of newbies to shake down.
Maverick: They can wait a bit. I think I’ll log some flyin’ time.
Maniac: Er, Senator, about…
Paladin: Maniac… shut up.

Moongate Ebook Complete, Physical Rewards Prepping to Ship Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Everything is coming together for Through the Moongate, from Wing Commander and Ultima VII to Portalarium. This historical reference on the history of Origin was successfully Kickstarted in October 2019, and author Andrea Contato is in the final stages of prepping materials now. The actual text of the book was completed in December and released electronically a couple weeks ago. Contributors can log into their Kickstarter accounts for download links. If you missed the original campaign but still want a copy of the book, a store has been set up for that here. Physical printings should be ready to go within a matter of weeks, and some of the bonus extras are now ready as well. These include a fantastic Wing Commander bookmark by Origin artist Denis Loubet as well as a cloth art collage by Manda that features a Kilrathi and Dralthi in the corner. I'm looking forward to getting mine!
Manda's artwork on cloth prototype is ready and the detail is very good. :) A lot of wing Commander and Ultima references in a single artwork.

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