Advertisements & Promotional Material for Wing Commander Prophecy

Prophecy Sales Pitch

In the news: Wing Commander Prophecy Sales Pitch (2011/09/10)
View: Pictures
Project: WCP
Date: Unknown
Source: Origin
Scanned by: Chris Launius

An extremely cool 40-page Wing Commander Prophecy promotional booklet. This was done early in the project and hasn't been seen by fans!

Prophecy 'Theatrical' Poster

In the news:
   -  Even More Auctions! (Alternatively: Poster?! I Just Met Her!) (2004/02/17)
   -  Wing Commander Auctions (2004/03/16)
Project: WCP
Date: 1997
Source: Sean Murphy

These posters were given out as promotional materials at industry expos in 1997 and were otherwise only available to Origin employees! If anything, this is even rarer than the WCIV theatrical poster...

Prophecy Advance Web Ad

In the news: New Prophecy Advertising Pops Up (2003/07/22)
Project: WCP GBA
Date: July 2003
Source: EB website

This small button advertised the game in the handheld section of the Electronics Boutique website.

K-Mart Printed Ad

In the news: Shop Ksmart, Shop K-Mart (2003/06/03)
Project: WCP GBA
Date: May - June 2003
Source: K-Mart circular
Scanned by: Sean Marsala

An ad for Prophecy Advance on sale appeared in the K-Mart circular in South Dakota.

Promotional Ship Images

In the news: Selling Prophecy: Ship Images (2007/08/11)
View: Pictures
Project: WCP
Date: Unknown
Source: Origin

Origin created these high quality ship renderings for print magazines interested in doing detailed articles on Wing Commander Prophecy. Many of these images never appeared in public.

Textless Advertisements

In the news:
   -  Bugs, Lance Casey, Zillions of 'Em! (2011/08/11)
   -  Making the Games: Nephilim Fighter Artwork (2008/11/08)
   -  Print Your Own Portraits (2005/05/23)
View: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3
Project: WCP
Date: Unknown
Source: Origin
Scanned by: Mark Vearrier

Over the years we've noticed some people trying to make a shady profit off various Wing Commander things, like the sale of Wing Commander art prints. Genuine Wing Commander art does exist, but some online auctions appear to be selling color copies of freely available Wing Commander pictures. A common scene is the high quality art was used in the promotional campaign for Prophecy. With these images, you can print out your own high quality art and frame it for $20 less than some people are charging you elsewhere.

Prophecy Intro Teaser

In the news:
   -  Original Prophecy Back from the Past (2003/09/03)
   -  Selling Prophecy: Teaser Intro (2007/08/11)
View: Article
Project: WCP
Date: Unknown
Source: Press Kit

Among other things, the Prophecy presskit included a teaser for the Prophecy introduction. It's quite different from the game version so we've posted it for your enjoyment along with an early version of the Prophecy logo.

Fan Q&A With Ginger Lynn

In the news: Surprise Visit from Ginger Lynn (2012/08/11)
View: Article
Project: WC3, WCP
Date: 2012

Wing Commander actress Ginger Lynn Allen was kind enough to stop by the forums and answer fan questions! Here's a recap of we've learned so far.

Interview With Designer Rob Irving

In the news: Origin Game Designer Rob Irving Interviewed (2016/03/09)
View: YouTube
Project: WC3, WCP
Date: 2016
Source: Matt Chat

Matt Chat has been conducting a series of interviews with Rob Irving of Descendent Studios. In part 3 they discuss Wing Commander 3, simulation games, full motion video and 3DO game development. Rob Irving has a long history in videogame development, having served as game designer, developer, writer and producer on numerous titles for Origin and Sierra. His credits include Strike Commander, Pacific Strike, AH-64D Longbow, Wing Commander 3 and Prophecy, as well as design work on (cancelled) Privateer and Wing Commander Online projects. Before joining Descendent Studios he was attached to Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

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