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Privateer 3: Retribution Script

In the news: The Way Life Should Have Been (2005/12/17)
View: PDF (25.6 MB)
Project: P3
Date: December 11, 1997
Donated by: Mark Vittek
Scanned by: LOAF
Pages: 239

The script follows yet another main character as the Privateer but also features a lot of Wing Commander continuity -- Black Lances, Doctor Severin, Nephilim Stingrays and the like. It was written in late 1997 for a post-Prophecy project that was developed and then cancelled in 1998. Interestingly, the script includes a full budget for a film shoot and 3D renderings of various 'base' locations which would appear in the game.

Privateer: The Series (Bible)

In the news: Privateer Day: As Seen on TV? (2011/06/03)
View: PDF (2 MB)
Project: PrivTV
Date: April 13, 1995
Scanned by: LOAF
Pages: 8

In 1995, Origin developed plans for a TV show spun off of Privateer! The idea was that there would be two further Privateer games and a weekly TV series which would all tell a combined story over the course of a year. It was written by Claw Marks' Aaron Allston, who went on to fame and fortune writing in the Star Wars universe. We caught up with him at a convention some years later where he explained that the pitch actually made it to Hollywood--but that he was glad the project had died, as it was a shadow of its former self by that time (he specifically mentioned an episode about visiting a planet of half-naked Amazon space women).

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