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Kilrathi Saga Box Design Evolution

In the news: Making the KS Box (2011/08/11)
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Project: Kilrathi Saga

Here's a swath of Kilrathi Saga box art production examples--you can follow the rough idea (which includes a Bearcat and a Vindicator!) all the way through the individual ship renders to the finished box. Pay special attention to the version of the box that actually lists the addons as contents--that was published in PC Gamer in 1997 and confused a lot of people.

Kilrathi Hand

In the news: You're Going to Need It (2011/08/11)
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Project: WC3, Kilrathi Saga

When it came time to design the Kilrathi Saga box's claw logo, Origin's artists didn't just render what they thought a Kilrath hand might look like... they dressed up in a real one to see how it would look! This set of test photos was taken to determine what the 3D rendering should look like--you can trace the development from the original picture of the emperor all the way to the render itself! Most impressive, the photo session seems to have lasted six hours and required multiple hand models.

Kilrathi Saga Calendar Sketches

In the news: Pretty, Sketchy (2011/08/11)
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Project: WC1, WC2, WC3

This set of awesome sketches--created throughout the development of the first three Wing Commander games--originally appeared in the 1997 Kilrathi Saga calendar. Now you can see them all at their original resolution!

Kilrathi Saga Alternate Box Art

In the news: Tender KSes (2011/08/11)
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Project: Kilrathi Saga

We have seen some interesting 'road not taken' artwork before--but these early designs for Kilrathi Saga really takes the cake! It's very interesting to see the different attempts and how they clearly lead to the focus on the 'Kilrathi hand' graphic...

End Run High Resolution Cover Art

In the news: Lost Files Brought Back (2004/11/17)
Project: End Run

A high resolution version of the End Run novel cover art, minus the Wing Commander logo header.

End Run Cover Art Painting

Project: End Run
Date: circa 1996

This painting was listed on wow-art for $2,500.

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