Artwork for Wing Commander 4

WC4 Ships Source Images

In the news: Everything Looks Worse in Black and White (2011/08/11)
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Project: WC4

These full color Wing Commander IV ships--source images created for Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV--make a compelling argument! This set includes the long lost Dralthi rendering!

WC4 Ship Renders

In the news: Wing Commander IV Ship Renders (2012/04/03)
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Project: WC4

These amazing 'action' poses were used in various Wing Commander IV publications--the web site, the official guide and so on. Well, half of them were; the capital ships and some of the alternate paint schemes for the fighters were never published!

More WC4 Ship Renders

In the news: Wing Commander IV HEAD ON (2012/04/03)
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Project: WC4

Here are great Origin renders of Wing Commander IV's signature ships--including several never-before-seen 'head on' images!

Intrepid Hangar Render

In the news: Hangar: On (2011/08/11)
Project: WC4

A magnificent render of the BWS Intrepid's flight deck--possibly an alternative to the 'top down' version used in the finished game.

Unused Vesuvius Bridge Render

In the news: Aboard the Supercarriers (2011/08/11)
Project: WC4

This image was discovered among Origin's publications material and is not seen in the game itself. It seems to be a shot of the TCS Vesuvius' bridge, possibly intended for use as a menu of some sort...

High Resolution Cinematic Render

In the news: Clash of the Titans (2012/04/03)
Project: WC4

Another Wing Commander IV screenshot? No! This is a high resolution render of one of the game's climactic moments. Makes a great Windows background...

High Resolution Teaser Art

In the news: Wing Commander IV Teaser (2012/04/03)
Project: WC4
Date: 1995

The first image fans saw of Wing Commander IV was this teaser, showing Tolwyn and Blair on opposing sides with a shadowy figure between them. It's a compelling image on the surface, but it's also problematic -- since there's no actual reveal in the game itself. The shadow figure is just Seether, an entirely new character who is actually Tolwyn's henchman. The biggest problem, though, was that the first run of ads had a date promising the game on December 8, 1995. That would come back to haunt Origin when the title was delayed until February, 1996...

High Resolution Movie Poster / Box Art

In the news: Wing Commander IV Box Art (2012/04/03)
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Project: WC4
Date: 1995

Wing Commander IV's simple red box art was a startling departure--so much so that a slipcover using the European "movie poster" art was ultimately added to the US release, covering the original Black Lance logo concept.

Wing Commander IV Sketches

In the news: Wing Commander IV Sketches (2012/04/03)
Project: WC4

In the scheme of things, Wing Commander IV didn't add that many new ship designs--so it's surprising we've found as many detailed sketches as you can see here!

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