Outlines & Scripts for Wing Commander 3

Corrected Master Script

In the news: Wing Commander III Screenplay (2011/09/13)
View: PDF (46.2 MB)
Project: WC3
Date: August 22, 1994
Source: WC3 Behind The Screens CD-ROM
Donated by: Jorg Neumann
Scanned by: LOAF
Pages: 324

An unprecedented interactive film shoot required an impressive script! This is a PDF scan of Wing Commander III's shooting script, the most complete script currently available. A MS Word version of the script was included on the Behind the Screens promotional CD-ROM (see below), but that version lacks a number of interesting scenes.

Wing Commander Universe Bible (Series Guideline)

In the news: Wing Commander III Screenplay (2011/09/13)
View: PDF (42.9 MB)
Project: WC3
Date: February 5, 1995
Donated by: John Guentzel
Scanned by: LOAF
Pages: 264

Behind The Screens Script

In the news: Wing Commander 3 Script Extracted (1999/09/21)
View: MS Word (120 kB)
Project: WC3
Date: ?
Source: WC3 Behind The Screens CD-ROM
Scanned by: LeHah
Pages: 153

Extracted from the Behind the Screens CD included with various promotional and official products. Missing some interesting parts, such as background speaker lines onboard the Victory.

Wingmen Dialog Variations/Deviations

In the news: Wing Commander III Doesn't Give A F... (2012/06/25)
View: PDF (20 kB)
Project: WC3
Date: Unknown
Donated by: Barry Leitch
Scanned by: LOAF
Pages: 3

Origin composer Barry Leitch was given the tedious task of going through all the recorded wingmen dialogue to see where it differed, even slightly, from the printed script. This was done to give the French and German versions, being developed at the same time, an even more accurate translation. Note especially the lack of a particular curse in several instances: apparently the decision to use less strong language was made late in the process but before the actual recording session. Storyboards for the game also show Blair saying 'fuck you' instead of 'screw you' to Thrakhath in the game's excellent interactive losing endgame!

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