Advertisements & Promotional Material for Wing Commander Privateer

Captain of Your Own Destiny

In the news: The First Centurion (2011/08/11)
View: PDF (12 MB)
Project: Privateer
Date: Early 1992
Source: Origin advertisement booklet
Scanned by: Sheppard

This early 1992 Origin advertisement booklet shows off the Wing Commander series... and features an extremely obscure piece of temp artwork for the Privateer box! This black-and-white drawing of a Centurion fighting a Stiletto is something we hadn't seen before.

GOG Digital Download Ad

In the news: A Trip to the WC Universe is Right (2012/05/04)
Project: Privateer
Date: May 2012
Source: PlaySF

This ad appeared in PlaySF digital magazine, following an article about Wing Commander and Christopher Blair.

Korean Print Ad

In the news: Privateer's Got Seoul (2006/07/13)
Project: Privateer
Date: Circa 1992
Source: Unknown
Scanned by: Origin Museum

A full page ad for Privateer, in Korean.

Where Deals Are Made With a Handshake

In the news: Classic Advertisements Highlight Wing Commander Spinoffs (2006/07/02)
Project: Privateer
Date: 1994 or 1995
Source: Computer Gaming World
Scanned by: Alkarion

This full page ad focuses on the box art with a set of mostly final screenshots. The ship dealer screen seems to be selling a Plasma Gun for a mere 15,000 credits however! It has pretty exciting taglines and text which sets the tone for the game very well.

Make a Fat Living

In the news: Fat Privateer Ad Sees Gemini Still At War (2018/05/31)
Project: Privateer
Date: 1992 or 1993?
Source: Unknown
Scanned by: Vintage PC Ads

This full page advertisement is similar to other contemporary ads for Privateer, but the text has some striking differences. Comparison in the news update.

Privateer Dev Team Shirt

In the news: Privateer Day: Shirt off their Backs (2011/06/03)
View: Gallery
Project: Privateer

Per tradition, design teams at Origin would create a team shirt for each product being developed. Working on Privateer's team would have earned you an especially cool t-shirt! Check out this awesome Centurion!

Privateer Preview Article

In the news: Privateer Day: Early Light (2011/06/03)
View: Gallery
Project: Privateer
Donated by: WingCenter
Pages: 3

A great Privateer preview from PowerPlay magazine. The most interesting thing, though, is that it's using early mockup images--check out the fully 3D ships in the cockpit image... and a cinematic scene with Demons!

Light Years Ahead

In the news: Privateer Day: Nice Spread (2011/06/03)
Project: Privateer
Date: 1993
Source: Unknown

A two-page advertising spread which ran in many magazines in 1993! Note the wrong date -- 2670 instead of 2669.

Light Years Ahead (French Version)

In the news: In France, No One Can Hear You Scream (2017/09/15)
Project: Privateer
Date: November 1993
Source: Generation 4

This two-page Privateer advertisement appeared in a November, 1993 issue of Generation 4 magazine in France. A similar ad appeared in UK publications, with a somewhat different variant in the United States. Both European versions have the same small error: claiming the game is set in 2670 instead of 2669.

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