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This was a birthday surprise even to us: Wing Commander actress Ginger Lynn Allen was kind enough to stop by the forums and answer fan questions! Here's what we've learned so far. If you'd like to ask her a question you can post here - hopefully she'll be back soon!

I've just found this site and thought I join and have the chance to talk to all the Wing Commander fans out there. This was one of my favorite acting jobs I ever had. Heck, I even brought my grandma on the set a few times! So much fun.

I've met SO many Wing Commander fans over the years, and each and everyone of you was just so nice. I know that talking to you here will be so much fun. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer them if I can!

It's pleasure to be here. I've never interacted with fans of WC in this format before. I'm not a computer guru, gamer or techie so please accept my apologies and take me along on your ride.

Thanks for having me.

WC III Heart of the Tiger was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Chris Roberts was hands on in every aspect and it was a pure pleasure. WC V was an entirely different experience. Though it was amazing, the absence of Chris as a producer, director, writer and game creator was very much missed. Not to say the experience wasn't wonderful, or the game wasn't terrific, but Chris was definitely missed. Still loved everyone involved from beginning to end.

Although I've not been approached to be a part of any future WC creations/productions, I would dive in head first at the opportunity. I've not heard the rumor that Chris is working on something new, but tell him to call me, my number hasn't changed!

Q: Which cast member do you think was your favorite to work with? Mark Hamill or Tom Wilson seem like obvious choices, but how about Jason Bernard or Malcolm McDowell?

Tom Wilson had me laughing my ass of from 6am till midnight every night we shot. John Reis Davis is one of the most brilliant actors I've ever worked with. Malcolm McDowell...glad I wore my chastity belt, and Mark Hamil shame on you.

Q: I guess the only question I can think of is the most obvious one: what were your fondest memories of shooting the games? Any in-jokes you can remember between cast and crew? Did you keep anything from the shoot?

Awesome to be here. You guys are great.

My fondest memory of the project is one that no one with the exception of me and my grandmother will ever appreciate the way I do.

Most of the sets were shot on a green screen. My grandmother, bless her sole, had a great fondness for lime green and dayglow purple. I invited her to the set nearly everyday we shot. And one day during dress rehearsal "Gram" walked across the green screen while the cameras were hot. The image everyone saw on the monitor was my grandma with her purple shirt and her grey hair floating across the monitor with nothing below the waist showing!

There was one cast member that was the butt of many, if not all of our jokes, but most likely for this person, they were too dunk to remember most of it. That's all I'll say about that.

If you knew me, you wouldn't ask if I kept anything from the shoot. I keep everything. I have every jumpsuit, uniform, toolbelt, nametag, t-shirt, sweatshirt, pair of shoes and everything underneath (yes I mean my socks) from the shoot. I have everything. That's how special these things are to me, and that's just the kind of girl I am.

Q: But yeah, what Nomad Terror asked... you worked with a lot of great personalities on the Wing Commanders... who were the most fun to work with, and what was the awesomest/most memorable thing that happened on the set?

In WCIII there was a scene where the player has to choose who the ships commander kisses. Flatulence was involved. Won't say who...

Q: How did you come to hear about the casting call for Wing Commander? What were you thinking when you tried out for the role?

It was a long time ago, but if memory serves correct, it was the same person who recommended me for the role of "Ginger" in "Casino" (a role I came in second to to Sharon Stone. I still have the original sides that I auditioned with and the original characters name was not named Ginger. However, if you've seen the movie, they renamed the character Ginger and that's how it appears in the film. With Sharon Stone.

Chris must have preferred me over Sharon Stone in this role...

Q: If the Wing Commander series was ever resurrected with a new game would you be on board to doing another game if they offered?

I'm so on board, I've chosen my weapons already. Have you?

Q: Anyway I recently got my DVD of the animated Wing Commander Academy TV series in the mail - which is finally available for purchase after all these years. They got Mark, Tom, and Malcolm to reprise their roles from the games. Did they ever aproach you about lending your voice?

Sad to say, I was never approached. Would loved to have been part of it.

Q: Neato, thanks for stopping by! Did you ever get a chance to play the Wing Commander games much? Wing Commander 3 was recently rereleased online so that it runs well on modern computers, and we'd be happy to send you a virtual copy if you'd like to try it (again?).

Neato, Guido, Speedo.

I have played the game a few times, and I could never get the ship out of the dock. I sucked at it. I probably shouldn't say that, but it's the truth.

Q: What were your thoughts on acting out Rachel's character? Did you do anything to get into character before filming? Who would win in a fist fight, Rachel or Flint, and why?

WC was one of the most challenging projects I've ever taken on. The script was 3-4 times the length of the "normal" Hollywood script. Each scene had 3-4 endings and it was so mcuh fun to shoot because it was just so different and exciting. Every imaginable ending I was able to live out and that was just exhilarating.

Well, Flint is taller, but I have 22 years of martial arts experience and several black belts. What do you think? But, in the end, I'm a lover not a fighter.

Q: Out of curiosity, would you have liked to have a role in Wing Commander 4?

I had such an amazing time in WC III and V that it would have been an honor to be a part of that and any WC games. Lock and Load.

Q: Have you ever read the novelizations of WC3 and 4? If yes, what do you think about both of them, especially about the backstory of Rachel leaving Blair, and in comparison with the games? And what do you think about the fan-made WC-Games and mods, if you've ever gotten a chance to play them (WC: Saga (+Mods based on it), Unknown Enemy, Standoff, Invasion, Privateer Gemini Gold, etc)?

I've never read the books. Sorry. But I do have autographed copies!

Don't know anything about the fan-made WC games and mods. Tell me more!

Q: What are Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell like; was it fun working with them?

Mark Hamill was....neverendingly....uh....entertaining.

Malcolm was also there..

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