Wing Commander Jazz Album Marches On Update ID

Following up on his recent release of the jazz and bar music digital recordings, veteran video game composer George Oldziey has sent out three more updates to his backers. George has exported the sheet music for several tracks from volume 2 of the orchestral project to video format. You can follow the score as the music notation is played back through the Sibelious sound fonts. The second update shows a preview of the artwork for the physical copy of the jazz album. It was made by community member SabreAce, who you may remember from his work on those awesome squadron patches a few years ago. And finally there was a response to a frequently asked question regarding the recommended listening order. If you backed this project, be sure to keep an eye on your e-mail or the Kickstarter page for the latest updates. Kickstarter e-mail updates always end up in my spam folder for some reason. The Victory bar music track has been released as a teaser, so check it out below if you didn't back the project!

Greetings! I was asked by several backers what my preferred, or recommended order would be for listening to the recent WC bar music files. I never really gave it much thought, until just now.

You all can obviously play them in whatever order you'd like, but MY preferred sequence would be..

  1. WC Victory Bar Music
  2. WC Bar Funk Music
  3. WC Bar Samba
  4. WC Bar Ballad
  5. Kilrathi Cha Cha (which I'm sure you already figured out was an adaptation of the theme from WC 3; Heart of the Tiger).

I've had lots of positive comments about the music, and I REALLY appreciate them!

All the best,


Origin Veteran's Postmortems Book Now Available on Paperback Update ID

Former Origin veteran Raph Koster recently published a new book titled Postmortems: Selected Essays Volume One. Available first in digital formats, you can now also get the hefty, 702 page paperback edition. Mr. Koster was lead designer for Ultima Online and went on to develop the ill-fated Privateer Online before moving on to Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest and many others. The postmortems book contains critical analyses and after-action reports on many of the games that he worked on throughout his long career. We've previously highlighted a few snippets on the proposed commerce system in Privateer Online meant to tease the various sections of the book. It promises to provide some fascinating insight behind the scenes of game development. The B&N Nook digital download is priced considerably cheaper than the Kindle version, while Amazon seems to have better pricing on the paperback version.

Few game designers have shared as many lessons learned as Raph Koster. In a quarter-century of writings and talks, he has offered up game design lessons, online community theories, and candid self-evaluation.

This first volume of a three-book set of selected essays collects previously written postmortems and many brand new pieces. They are accompanied by historical material such as posts written for players, chat logs, speeches, design sketches, and more. The result is an inspiring historical look back at the development of virtual worlds.

Decipher SciFi Discusses Wing Commander Update ID

Back in 2016, the Decipher SciFi podcast devoted an entire episode to the Wing Commander movie. The show starts off with an overview of the Wing Commander computer game series with a focus on Wing Commander 3 as a revolutionary interactive movie and the ever increasing production values and development budget up to Wing Commander 4. The show runners are all familiar with the franchise, having played the originals back in the 1990s on DOS PC or Amiga, and they even went to see the film when it was playing in theaters. The movie segment of the show touches on a wide range of topics, including unlikely fraternization, the traitor subplot getting axed, production challenges as a first time director with a limited budget, and Pilgrim pick-up lines. Check out the episode here.
As children of the 90s, we have to wax nostalgic over the Wing Commander video games. They were really, really important at the time. Ground-breaking, even. PC games pre-windows. FMV.

PC Zone Reviews Wing Commander: Armada Update ID

While flipping through the October 1994 issue of British gaming magazine PC Zone, noted retro gamer Pix spotted a vintage Armada review. The reviewer praises the graphics (a low resolution preview of the still upcoming Wing Commander 3) and was especially impressed with the hybrid turn-based/split-screen multiplayer feature, in which two players can go head-to-head on a single computer. The user friendliness of the menu system for setting up modem or netBIOS sessions also received a nod of approval. The five page spread contains ample screenshots of Armada's different game modes, although some space is reserved for a large inset preview of Wing Commander 3. Shortly after the game's release, the free Proving Grounds expansion would add support for IPX networking and six player sessions. A decade later, a fan patch by HCl enabled internet play. Scans below courtesy of Pix's Origin Adventures!

Japanese Wing Commander 3 Boxes Compared Update ID

Noted DOS aficionado Christian Klein has posted some interesting comparison shots of the Japanese editions of Wing Commander III. We've covered these a couple of times in the past, but it's worth pointing out again that the game received a full audio dub (check out the intro here), and that Japan is the only market where a Windows 95 port of WC3 was released as a standalone product! The front box art for DOS/V machines (a version of IBM DOS with better support for the Japanese language) was pretty much identical to the Western release with some Japanese text thrown in, while the Windows 95 edition featured a more unique design (though certainly not as "out there" as some other Japanese box art). The same design is featured on the cover of the Japanese guide to WC3 for PlayStation. Christian also provides us with a look at the reverse side box art and the CD-ROM disc labels, which are more bland than the etchings on the Western PC and 3DO discs.

Lexington Stands Down From Silent Running Update ID

Forums member pahandav noticed a minor glitch with the DVD port of Wing Commander IV. The game provides transition scenes of Blair navigating the ship's passageways en route to hotspots like the lounge or flight control. Seasoned players usually skip these scenes to save time, so you may not have noticed that, on the DVD version, a few of these clips are lacking audio:

I was getting ready to do a stream of Wing Commander 4 and noticed that the walking videos on the Lexington had no sound. So, I extracted the audio from those videos from the CD version, and reencoded them to AC3.

To use these, you'll need to load SC_5150A.VOB through SC_5150G.VOB in AviDemux, go to Select Track under the audio menu, click on the box that says Track 0 from audio, and then click add audio track. Select the .ac3 file for the VOB file. Then make sure that the output format on the main window is set to MPEG-PS Muxer, and that the video and audio are set to copy. Do that for all seven of the files. Then, rename them to .VOB files and copy them to where you have your VOB files stored.

AD had already fixed up our Holovids entries with a similar method some time ago. Until we get a chance to patch the DVD Upgrade package itself you can follow the instructions above to restore the audio track on your copy of the game.

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