TCS Wolfhound Gets Tag Teamed

Deathsnake has a new video showing a Confed vs Kilrathi engagement in his Last Line of Defense project. It was announced last year that the endeavor was transitioning from a playable game to a more cinematic adventure using the mod's assets, and this video shows how that has progressed. It's certainly a pretty awesome battle captured here, and we're eager to see more!
A little test with cinema bars and camera movement. Not using the Saga Release Version anymore and instead the Knossus Download Portal. So I can put in many more ships and use all the features of the later Freespace Open Builds.

TCS Wolfhound take out a frigate and heavy cruiser.

Video Tutorial Shows Birth Of A WC Fan Project

Longtime Wing Commander fan centaurianmudpig has posted something a little different. Lots of talented Wingnuts upload videos of the works in progress, but CMP recently livestreamed the entire creative process. He goes through bit-by-bit looking up tutorials, sampling graphics and writing Unity code. And in the end, he has a tiny mobile Hornet! He's got some work to do to reach his goal of developing a rudimentary top-down WC clone, but it's a very interesting look at how the sausage is made.
Making a (very basic) 2D (top down) demake of Wing Commander PC game from the 1990's. Made in Unity 3D, we import a sprite for our spaceship and add some basic controls and get our ship to move and turn.

Fly a Hornet (Rotate, Translate/Move)
Shoot Lasers
Fire Dumbfire Missiles
Blow something up (An Asteroid!?)

Homeworld Mod Testing Fighter Visibility Updates

L.I.F. has posted a teaser for the next upgrade to the Wing Commander Homeworld Remastered Mod. Can you spot the change? It might look like a wing of Confed Arrows circling HQ, but there are some unique changes that fans of the project should notice. As a hint, the upgrade involves making fighter combat a bit engaging for fleet commanders out there. You can find all the details at the CIC Forums.
Try to guess what I am currently working on at the moment. Something in the following picture is different.

Vega Super Star Back In Action

DefianceIndustries is back from a well deserved holiday break with a slick new wallpaper image. It features a cool new Rapier model first teased last October. This is the variant featured in Super Wing Commander and Arena, so it's a bit more flat and round than DOS or GOG players might be familiar with. It's great to see some of the lesser known ships pop up now and then! Could the Straith or Danrik be next?!

Rapier Research Leads To New Sighting

Lilja saw our post a while back about one of the Lightning fighters that became a Wing Commander Movie Rapier at Pinewood Studios and decided to do some digging of his own. Finding where they've all ended up over the years has been an interesting endeavor, and through some clever investigation, he managed to track down some new information on the afterlife of these exotics birds. Immediately after the film's debut in 1999, fans spotted one Rapier at a Planet Hollywood in Ohio, and then a couple showed up for auction/rental/sale in the early 2000s. More recently, one appeared at a paintball facility in the UK, and now there appears to have been another (or possibly the same one?) at a nearby outdoor laser tag venue. Lilja also did some research into the crafts' original registry numbers, and this suggests that the paintball place's Rapier may have moved to the Bruntingthorpe Aircraft Museum. Any fans nearby want to check it out and let us know?
Apparently there were five lightning cockpits that were rescued by Pinewood studios from Marine Salvage in Portsmouth.

The registrations ZF577, ZF585, ZF586, ZF589 and ZF590 have been mentioned, firstly here in the comments section and then tweeted here. Here are some links to the aircrafts, Wing Command pops up several times as does Pinewood: ZF577, ZF586 & ZF590

A website called demobbed lists all of the aircraft and some history. It is difficult to link to this information, however if you move your curser over the i on the right hand side you get an information box. But long story short all these five registrations state the Wing Commander movie. Looks like ZF590 was at the paintball place, and is now at Bruntingthorpe, with ZF585 in a museum in Hermeskeil, Germany. The others are unknown.

Annual Awards Voting In Full Swing

Our annual community voting is now in progress, and Wingnuts like you are helping choose the Wing Commander Fan Project of the Year for 2017! Here are the nominees one more time. It's hard to choose because there's so many great projects going on, but vote below and help pick the winner!
  • Dark Sentinel had a fantastic year with some of his most exquisite and creepy Nephilim designs ever. He added a variety of capships and fighters to his fleet, including some of the less common and more exotic variants. He capped the year off with one of the most detailed WC wallpaper images ever made.
  • Flat Universe had their long-awaited public multiplayer alpha launch this year. This was on top of a variety of other improvements to their base game, which is coming along very nicely.
  • The Homeworld Remastered Mod had another huge year. This year they added new gameplay mechanics, ships from WC1/2, a player guide and plenty of ships. All of this was incorporated into the playable game in frequent updates all year long.
  • Klavs' Fleet of Ships continued to see widespread usage with new inclusion in the Homeworld Mod as well as Crazycanuck's WC Saga spinoff. His famous Concordia is looking better than ever and he's got a new Waterloo in the works.
  • Ninja's Sketches are looking better than ever. This year he perfected layer mask techniques & gradient coloring and did new experimentation with painting 2D representations of 3D ship models.
  • Pix's Origin Adventures continued his streak of extremely cool WC projects. This year he delved into the Japanese FM Towns, the Japanese Mega CD and even got a Creative DXR Kit going for old school WC4 DVD.
  • The Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack had a tremendous year with more gorgeous models and playable releases. Kilrathi ships got more love in 2017, but their Confed and Nephilim counterparts weren't far behind. And it's not just about graphical upgrades, engine enhancements have reduced texture delay and capships have even gotten new features.
  • The Sins of a Solar Empire mod is a really cool fleet battle game that's recently gotten a new playable test. The Confed and Kilrathi have been fleshed out quite a bit this year, and both the Border Worlds and Nephilim are in work and planned for 2018 updates.
  • The Star Trek Armada 2 mod is a fun one to see back from hiatus. Work has picked right back up from where it left off a couple years ago and a playable Confed demo is already available.
  • WC Saga Plus / Deutsch Conversion got its first service pack to help simplify the installation of all the various patches and enhancements to the original game. There are new GUI enhancements, better tools for modders and help pages included now.
  • The WC Toolbox editor added preliminary support for WC2 and Academy this year. And it's just one piece of a suite of tools that includes things like the WC1 Live Viewer and French WC2 Conversion Patch. It's great to see all the tweaking still going on for the earliest games in the series!

Star Wars Excitement Spills Over Into Wing Commander

Mark Hamill's return to the Star Wars series and starring role in The Last Jedi has also sparked a wave of interest in his work between epic film projects. The gaming press has largely already done this thanks to Mr. Hamill's role in Star Citizen, but now it's spreading to a more mainstream audience. A recent article at Pajiba highlights this. The hook is that the author has fond memories from playing WC4 in the '90s, but isn't the type of person to figure out that the game is easily playable on modern computers (with higher resolution DVD movies) at places like Instead, he's found someone who's uploaded all of the movies to YouTube and caught up that way. Despite playing to the stereotypes of early video game FMV, it's hard for the author not to also be swayed by some of the nostalgia that comes rushing back after all these years. Clearly he's not alone, and there's likely more than a few former pilots out there looking to relive some of the fun. If you know people in this boat, let them know that all the WC games are available at GOG! And you can find the full article referenced today here.
I’m not sure I can fully convey just how entertained I was watching this, but what struck me the most was that these cutscenes somehow simultaneously represent the pinnacle of what could be accomplished twenty years ago, while also providing a clear example of just how far we’ve come (both in terms of technological advancement, as well as developing narrative in video games) since then.

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