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The Next Wing Commander Game

In the news: The Joy of SecOps (1998/08/19)
Project: WCSO
Date: August 17, 1998
Source: Origin

A number of people received the following e-mail:

Subject: The Next Wing Commander Game
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 15:48:31 -0500 (CDT)

ORIGIN does it again with the Internet release of Wing Commander: Secret Ops., a brand new, exciting game that continues the epic struggle for the domination of the Universe from "Wing Commander: Prophecy". The adventure begins Monday, August 24, with the release of the first episode. A new episode will be posted each week for seven weeks--- and it is absolutely FREE! Click on and check out this unprecedented Internet event.

Animated Web Banners

In the news: That's, like, SO Banners (1998/08/15)
Project: WCSO
Date: August 1998
Source: Web campaign

These animated (GIF) banners appeared on a number of websites. They linked to

Print Article in Austin American Statesman

In the news: Newspaper Provides Insight to Golden Age of Wing Commander (2015/02/19)
Project: WCSO
Date: August 29, 1998
Source: Austin American Statesman

A print article from an August 1998 edition of the Austin American Statesman. It's a story on the revolutionary episodic release of Wing Commander Secret Ops. They explain how new parts of the game can be downloaded each week and that they'll be supplemented with additional storyline on the web. The infamous CIH virus infection also comes up. Some of the article's charm also has to do with how they treat the internet as such a novelty. is specifically described as a "gaming news Web site." Of course, the biggest issue at first had to do with how long the starter pack was. They talk about the wait associated with a 63 megabyte download, but all the serious Wingnuts waited all night for the full 114 meg starter to finish. There's also a mention about Chris Roberts' upcoming Wing Commander Movie. These were exciting times!

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