Background Data for Wing Commander SecretOps

Secret Ops Development CD

In the news: Look Behind the Screens (2008/08/11)
View: ISO (254 MB)
Project: WCSO, WCP
Date: 1998?
Source: Origin
Donated by: John Guentzel

ISOs of Wing Commander Prophecy and Wing Commander Secret Ops development CDs! They're full of useful information and tools - everything from ship specifications to a copy of the MED internal mission editor. Can you get it to work?

Shadow Force Source Code

In the news: Making the Games: Source Code? (2008/12/06)
View: Directory Tree
Project: WCSO, WCP, Shadow Force
Date: 1995-1998
Source: Origin
Donated by: John Guentzel

Fragments of Wing Commander Shadow Force 'source code', which is likely taken from various elements of Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret Ops. There are several hundred tiny files .h and .cpp, most of which are completely incomprehensible to non-technical sorts -- but we imagine that many in the community will be interested in seeing exactly how the bits and pieces of the games fit together.

Pilot List

In the news: Making the Game: Pilot List (2009/11/02)
View: Microsoft Word (32.5 MB)
Project: WCSO
Date: May 12, 1998
Source: Origin
Donated by: John Guentzel
Pages: 2

This colorful list seems to have been put together to show the team which pilot comms would be carried over from Wing Commander Prophecy to Wing Commander Secret Ops -- note that massive numbers of the Midway's redshirts are grayed out. There seem to be two more Pelicans than appeared in the final game: the TCS Babylonia and the TCS Santa Ana.

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