Background Data for Wing Commander 3

Book of Props

In the news: Prop Book (2011/09/13)
View: PDF (95.9 mb)
Project: WC3
Date: Unknown
Pages: 143

This is a PDF download of one of our favorite 'behind the screens' documents -- Wing Commander III's prop book. It contains sketches, correspondence and notes about the prop selection for the game. Everything from the contract with the helmet manufacturer to the discussion about what chairs to use on the Victory bridge!

Official Guide Interviews

In the news: Official Guide Interviews (2011/09/13)
View: PDF (12 mb)
Project: WC3
Scanned by: Pix
Pages: 76

Again thanks to Pix, we are able to offer a PDF of Origin's Official Guide's 'making of' section for Wing Commander III. It's not as comprehensive as the Wing Commander I book, but there's still a lot of cool material here. Plus, the occasional blast of 1990s nostalgia--Micro Machines! Babylon 5! Etc.!

Wing Commander 3 Source Code Fragment

In the news: Wing Commander III - The Source Code (2011/09/13)
Project: WC3

we would like to mention for anyone that we have the game's source code in our offline archive. We know it's frustrating for fans, who could do amazing things with this, to read these updates... but it's also in everyone's best interests to remind EA that we have the raw material from which they could port Wing Commander III to a modern computer or console. Just let us know!

Meet the Developers

In the news: Meet the Developers (2011/09/13)
View: Gallery
Project: WC3

Here are some nice portraits of the Wing Commander III team. In order: Adam Foshko, Chris Douglas, Chris Roberts, Craig Miller, Dan Orzulak, Frank De Palma, Frank Roan, Galen Svanas, George Olziey, Kirsten Maryott, Mark Chandler, Martin Galway, Nenad Vugrinec, Prem Krishnan, Tim Ray, Tony Morone, Tuesday Frase and the QA team!

Behind the Screens Tape

In the news: Behind the Screens Tape (2011/09/13)
View: Watch
Project: WC3
Scanned by: Trixter

One of Wing Commander III's most famous "extras" was a 'Behind the Screens' VHS tape, a full length program that interviewed both actors and developers to talk about how the game was made.

Wing Commander 3 On Set Candids

In the news: Wing Commander III - On the Set (2011/09/13)
View: Gallery
Project: WC3

A big set of candids taken on the set of Wing Commander III -- you can really get a feel for what the atmosphere of the first serious full motion video shoot was like.

Official On Set Photos

In the news: On the Set - The Official Version (2011/09/13)
View: Gallery
Project: WC3

You've seen the candids--now here are the fancy, black and white posed photos from the Wing Commander III set. Things look more spacious and less chaotic!

Building the Kilrathi

In the news: Gallery - Building the Kilrathi (2011/09/13)
View: Gallery
Project: WC3

101 photographs that show how the animatronic Kilrathi in Wing Commander III were constructed!

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