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    Fan Project of the Year Nominees
  • The Community Replay of the Wing Commander series has been a popular new activity in 2008. Even those who haven't been playing have been joining in on the fun by reading new mission reports each week. The replay has also been a great opportunity to grab new videos and screenshots of missions throughout the series.
  • Das Erwachen released Book 2 Stille in 2008 and made progress on the third adventure in this fan novel series. They even held a free book giveaway contest and have started on a backstory reference guide.
  • Flight Commander has just recently been upgraded to version 1.6. The latest update contains beautiful new starscapes and powerful new editing tools for aspiring modders. The game is also more realistic than ever with an advanced damage model that affects ship systems as they are shot up and then slowly repaired.
  • Privateer Ascii Sector went multiplatform in 2008 and increased its scope quite a bit. The game now sports impressive sound effects, a custom mission builder and planetside character combat!
  • Privateer Gemini Gold works hard to recreate the original Privateer experience as authentically as possible. The team has been working this year to upgrade the cutscenes and character models for an even more graphically impressive look that's still true to the original.
  • Standoff has made significant progress towards its final chapter this year. Major items such as fiction files, cutscene graphics and voiceovers are now complete, and Episode 5 should be on the way soon.
  • WC4 Homeworld 2 Mod's graphics began getting a thorough overhaul in 2008. A number of capships have been completely retextured and TonViper is working to add impressive new lighting and shaders to the engine.
  • Wing Commander Collateral Damage is a new Secret Ops mod that debuted in 2008. The goal of WCCD is to bridge some of the events between Secret Ops and Wing Commander Arena, and the result so far has been some awesome Arena models appearing in the classic Vision Engine.
  • Wing Commander Pioneer's primary capships got an incredible makeover early in the year. More recently, some concept art ships that appeared in archived Origin material have been modeled for possible use in the future.
  • Wing Commander Saga's gameplay portions are now functionally complete. The team is working on a major retexturing effort as it preps components like the fiction viewer for release.
  • Wing Commander TacOps players had a ton of fun playing out various tactical scenarios at their forum. Expanded rules and new tweaks continue to be rolled out as the game becomes more and more refined.
    Web Site of the Year Nominees
  • gulikoza's page is the home of the dxmci patch for the Wing Commander 4 DVD version. A 'final' version of the patch was released on New Years Day 2008, but gulikoza has continued to update his DOSBox build and a handful of other tweaks this year.
  • HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site is the home to some of the most exotic and amazing patches, tweaks and tools for Wing Commander games. In 2008 HCl worked to make some of his programs more compatible with Windows Vista and other environments.
  • Jetlag's WC CCG Site gives many fans a look at part of the series they might have missed. Even those lucky enough to pick up a few boxes of cards on eBay have a ways to go before they can complete their set. Jetlag's easy-to-navigate site lets everyone look up the stats or artwork that they need, and it even provides high resolution scans of each card.
  • Paper Commander is the new Wing Commander site that spun off from Pericles' Paper Inside in 2008. It's the home to the most exciting paper models on the web! In addition to some awesome releases, Pericles has sought fan feedback this year to help determine which Wing Commander models will be built next.
  • Standoff's website kicked things into high gear in the second half of 2008 to support the upcoming release of Episode 5. There have been a variety of new teaser images, status updates and a steadily filling progress meter.
  • Wedge's Wing Commander is a huge reference site organized by Wing Commander game. It has a ton of original content and also links to other resources on the web. The site made some authentic updates this year with access to newly released original Origin material.
  • Wing Commander Saga's website is frequently updated with news, sound samples, polls and concept art relating to the WC Saga game. It's also the main download portal for the Saga Prologue and test missions that have been released, and it does it all with a slick presentation and layout.

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