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On this day in 2015

New Flat Universe Previews Tease Next Installment
   The Maslas Brothers have released a whole bunch of tantalizing new screenshots for the next iteration of Wing Commander Flat Universe. All images are either gameplay screenshots or otherwise rendered...

On this day in 2014

Pilgrim Legacy Full of Untapped Potential
   Wojo has dabbled in various WC fan mods over the years, but he's had one pet project going for quite a while. The game would take place in the WC Saga engine and borrow elements from the Wing Command...

Congrats Again Lord British!
   Congratulations to Origin founder, second generation astronaut and Wing Commander fan Richard Garriott and wife Laetitia de Cayeux, who welcomed their second child into the world yesterday. Ronin Phi...

On this day in 2013

Classic Review: A Tiger Still Has Claws
   Forums member Falcon988 came across an old review of Wing Commander I in the December 1990 issue of Computer Gaming World. The magazine also contained a time-limited special offer if you purchased Win...

Classic Ads: A Two-Fisted Adventure
   Bonus material! In addition to a glowing review of the original Wing Commander game, the December '90 issue of Computer Gaming World also contains beautiful full page ads for Chris Roberts' role playi...

On this day in 2012

Manufacturing Mishaps Mostly Mitigated
   Klavs has been battling some bugs with his scale models, but he's recently gained the upper hand. He's ordered some new prototypes to verify everything looks great, and then they will go back up on h...

On this day in 2011

Saga Targets Content Milestone
   Tolwyn reports that the WC Saga team can now envision the point where they will stop adding new content to the Freespace mod. A new beta will be released this weekend, and the focus will turn to bala...

On this day in 2010

Movie Airing in Finland
   MTV3-SciFi in Finland will be airing the Wing Commander Movie this week. Air times are July 31 at 3:15 AM and August 1 at 10 PM. Check out their page dedicated to the film here. The Google Translat...

Boeing CST-100 Renderings Released
   Boeing has recently announced the CST-100, a small spacecraft designed to transport a crew of 7 to the International Space Station or commercial ventures in orbit. The vessel has some similarities in...

On this day in 2009

Flashy Renders Posted For Posterity
   Venom was cleaning up some files and found some cool renders from an old fan project that was not completed. The different squadron color schemes are pretty bold, but the models and poses are pretty ...

Making the Game: Comms Kilrathi
   You likely know the drill by now: this spreadsheet organizes all of Wing Commander Prophecy's Kilrathi taunts. It's interesting the sheer number of different Kilrathip pilots included (nine), given th...

On this day in 2008

Flight Commander Mission Contest Voting Begins
   Iceblade's Flight Commander mission contest submission period has come to a close, and it's time to pick the winner. FC players now have the opportunity to pick between the top two entries - "Basic T...

Making the Game - Part 85
   Part 15 of the Wing Commander Prophecy bible starts with numbers taken straight from Wing Commander IV and evolves them into an incredibly interesting document about weapons philosophies and plans for...

On this day in 2007

Explore Exotic Towns
   Kurt, who recently discovered a rare Wing Commander 2 FM Towns, was kind enough to snap us a new set of pictures showing what was inside the box! The FM Towns was a type of Japanese computer used in t...

Behind the Arrow
   GameTrailers has posted yet another video of Wing Commander Arena's single player space station melee mode. The 1:36 minute video shows off combat from the game's FreeLancer-style 'behind the ship' an...

On this day in 2006

Push For Wing Commander Album
   When people started discussing Wing Commander composer George Sanger, they didn't expect the man to show up in person. Alkarion reports that The Fatman said a few words about the long anticipated reor...

Crusader Fan Site Reopens
   After a period of being closed for redesigning, Cyberion and ZFGokuSSJ1's Crusader fansite is back open sporting a new paint job. Echo Sector is probably the closest you'll find to the Crusader equiva...

On this day in 2005

Wing Commander 2 Cracks IGN Top 50
   Jesus noticed that IGN's Classic Games feature credits a Wing Commander title for influencing gaming history. Wing Commander 2 placed in the Top 50 during the 2005 edition of this ranking. Wing Comma...

Once A Test Pilot...
   Stealth begins showing in select theaters today. Josh Lucas, who played Flash in Wing Commander 3, plays a test pilot in the near future. Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel and he must save the world from a s...

On this day in 2004

Cyberion Shares Drayman With All
   Cyberion has been working hard to prepare a 3D Drayman Transport for people to play with and include in various mods. He has created high detail and low polygon models to fit with different people's ...

Sangy, Expendable & Slawter Want RPG Discussion
   Several Crius members have started a discussion about the separate Wing Commander role playing games that have sprouted up this year. RPGs can be hard to implement and maintain, and Sangy, Expendable...

EA Continues To Assimilate And Expand
   Hot on the heels of their latest quarterly profit announcement, Electronic Arts has announced two strategic partnerings this week. First up, EA is fully acquiring Criterion Software, which is current...

On this day in 2003

What Kind of Character Are You?
   Matthew Arcilla has put together a personality test pertaining to the characters of Wing Commander 4. It only takes a few seconds to fill out, so everyone should go and see who they are. You can fin...

Wing Commander Ranks Again
   Catweasel found yet another magazine with an all-time ranking survey that places Wing Commander near the top. The a recent issue of the German PC Action puts the Wing Commander series as the third be...

Bob Hope 1903-2003
   Bob Hope passed away this week at 100. Our scholars are still examining the implications of this on the timeline, but either way, Hope continues to inspire people in real life and the Wing Commander ...

On this day in 2001

Trivia Reminder
   Please remember to submit your trivia responses to Chris by midnight tonight... Week 40 begins Monday morning!...

WCA Mirror, Episode 10
   Grab Episode 10 of Wing Commander Academy over here -- thanks to Tye. The episode is "On Both Your Houses"....

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
   A CIS military transport hauling a shipment of experimental bio-enhancers has been hijacked and captured by Jincilla pirates. We are sure they are planning to take the shipment back to a hidden base t...

On this day in 1999

First Glimpses of the Tiger's Claw Cut-away Poster
   SX Glory from Realm of the Privateer sent us some neat new pictures of the highly anticipated upcoming poster by SciPubTech. They can be found in the magazine Previews, Volume IX, number 8, page 414, ...

Alan Pavlish Discusses Origin's Future
   Last month we reported that Interplay's Alan Pavlish ended his fourteen year career at Tantrum Studios to take a job at Origin. GA-Source followed that up with an interview. The interviewer makes a ...

EA Receives New Online Certification
   In other online-related news, EA recently announced that they've received certification under a new online privacy program that will safeguard company and consumer interests while pioneering new onlin...

Check Your Scores Please
   Although we strive to be as accurate as possible in the Trivia scoring, occasionally things crop up. This past week something was overwritten and the result was that about twenty people didn't receiv...

Boweled Over by Sheer Incontinence
   Report by genitourinary authority Cally Pige. A desperate plea was made yesterday on behalf of the Lou Stall Hospice for the Chronically Incontinent, sited in Cruis. Large quantities of Iridium, a hig...

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