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On this day in 2015

Spirit Sketch Captures '90s Charm
   Denis Loubet's new sketch of Mariko Tanaka is now complete! It's an ink drawing that emulates the style of the printed art that accompanied the original game. It's very neat to see the one of the or...

On this day in 2014

Wing Commander Luminaries Light Up Both Coasts
   Teams from Roberts Space Industries have traveled to conventions in both the northwest and southeast United States this weekend to promote Star Citizen. Up first in Seattle, Mark Abent, Chad Zamzow a...

On this day in 2013

One For The Confederation's Archives
   GOG usually does a really good job of taking their own screenshots for new games added to their site. In order to preserve the nice ones they've grabbed for Wing Commander Academy, we've saved their ...

What Do The People Want?
   Now that Academy has made its debut, what's next in store for classic Wing Commander rereleases? We asked that question earlier this year, and the results are below. Privateer 2 seems to have the mo...

On this day in 2012

WCPedia IRC Conference - September 8
    On Saturday, September 8th, at 7 pm EST we'll be holding a WCPedia IRC conference in #wingnut. We've got a number of issues to discuss as we start off another year with the project. We're going to r...

On this day in 2011

GOG's Screenshots
   Below are the set of screenshots which GOG posted along with the Wing Commander 1 & 2 pack release. It's a small thing, but I wanted to point out that they're entirely new--proof that their team actua...

We Have No Comment

On this day in 2010

Bestowing Bob's Badass Bengal
   Remember that swanky Tiger's Claw in Bob's recent propaganda poster? It was singled out for being a nifty artistic take on the ship, and now it's yours to download! Grab the 3DS Max 7 model here (160...

CIC Forums Go Mobile
   The CIC Forums look better on the latest generation of smartphones than ever before, but they're still a bit cumbersome to use. KrisV fixed that today with an upgrade to support Forum Runner. The new ...

On this day in 2009

Win Outlander on Blu-Ray
    Chris Roberts' Outlander movie is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK next week. Momentum Pictures is giving UK residents a chance to win a free Blu-ray copy of the sci-fi Viking epic. AD has mo...

Making the Game: HUD Wasp
   The final HUD of this series is the speedy Wasp interceptor. This has me thinking -- what, exactly, is the point of the timer in Wing Commander Prophecy, anyway? These updates are thanks to John "C...

On this day in 2008

Early Excalibur
   In addition to his work re-colorizing Homeworld's lighting, TonViper is also building a more efficient Excalibur 3D model -- it's simple and untextured at the moment, but it reminds me of years ago wh...

Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 17
   This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the fifth pilots page: CONCEPT: See the previous post! REFERENCES- "Dakhath" - Kilrathi word meaning 'Deathstroke', from ace pilots Dakhath nar Sihkag (WC1...

On this day in 2007

Now You Can Cube Your WCP
   Kevin Caccamo has an unusual update for us: step-by-step instructions for using the new OpenGL patch for playing Wing Commander Prophecy in odd resolutions. So if you have an especially strange monito...

Peter Telep Goes to War
   There's more modern military fiction from Wing Commander novelist Peter Telep - Amazon is listing "Direct Action: Special Forces Afghanistan" as being set for a January, 2008 release. Telep's official...

On this day in 2006

A Set of Sketches
   Here's something I wish we'd see more often. Major Striker sent us these Wing Commander sketches. Let him know what you think. Dijkman, Fongsaunder and Kenshi have all sent us drawings in...

Lost Ship of the Day: Concordia 42
   Now our lost ships feature moves on to Wing Commander IV. The model below may look like the TCS Lexington or the TCS Princeton... but look closely at the hull number: it's actually CV-42! The Lexingto...

On this day in 2005

RPG Expanding Against All Odds
   The fan role playing game WC Against All Odds has been enjoying considerable success this year. They've increased the number of simultaneous games in operation and added fighter combat to their mix. ...

Milary Wants To Rotate Ships
   Milary is build a Wing Commander ships database for Prophecy. The stats are readily available in-game, but he'd like help creating movie files or animated gifs of the rotating fighters from the Ship ...

On this day in 2004

WC Battle Stations Still In Progress
   Daniel Brito from the WC Battle Stations team let us know that work has been renewed and the fan project is still in progress. We look forward to some new screenshots soon, but in the mean time, he h...

Memories from Dragoncon, 5 Days To Go
   In just a few days, 5/6ths of the CIC staff will be flying to Atlanta to attend DragonCon, leaving the CIC in the hands of a merciless Belgian dictator. This year's pocket program guide is now online,...

On this day in 2003

Almost Live Photos from DC2003, Day Zero
   We'll have a lot more cool shots with better descriptions and commentary once the Convention is over, but for now we've selected a few shots highlighting our arrival in Atlanta. In the first shot Had...

A Few Pearls For Japan
   As we sit in Atlanta and play multiplayer Prophecy Advance, Japan is anticipating two more GBA SP colors. I noticed at a French site that both Pearl Blue and Pearl Pink will make their debut on Septe...

Two Million NedStat Hits!
   In the last twenty-four hours our Nedstat tracker logged our two millionth hit to the front page. Tracking traffic is quite an imprecise science, but that approximately how many unique daily visits w...

On this day in 2002

Would a Convention Be In Order?
   Filler came across this 1997 Strategy Plus article. It talks about the WC Convention survey Chris and LOAF had up on the Wing Commander Home Sector, the CIC's predecessor. Some fans of the Wing Com...

Movie Prop For Sale
   Someone had a Marine gun from the Wing Commander movie up for auction. Apparently the $1,000 US minimum was overly ambitious: it didn't receive any bids. The item has since been relisted and ca...

On this day in 2001

And We're Off...
   To DragonCon! Hades, Joe, Paula and I have hit the road, and we'll be (hopefully) updating from there as soon as possible -- but we've left some entertaining things here for you all to play with. See ...

SWC Video #1
   Hades and I have recorded and DivX'd some scenes from Super Wing Commander, the rare 3DO/Mac only version of Wing Commander 1! Firstup is the intro: grab it here (2 megs)....

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
   The CIS command seeks expert combat pilots to aid in the defence of military transports. Proceed to Nav Point 149 and defend all military vessels from the pirate forces present so that they can enter ...

On this day in 2000

Gamespot Redeems Themselves
   You may remember that a few weeks ago, Gamespot asked "What is the Best Game Series or Franchise?" and dared to only include WC in the poll. This week's question is "What game would you make massively...

And We're Out of the Woods
   You probably noticed we experienced some server glitches over the past 36 hours. Fortunately the site remained up most of the time, but one of the glitches caused our Chat Zone and Poll to malfunction...

Trivia Week 87 Extended
   Due to our equivalent of a Snow Day yesterday and a bit of a lower turnout, I'm going to wait another week on Week 88 Trivia. So that means you have this week to finish up Privateer and Righteous Fir...

On this day in 1999

Origin Founder Talks about Wing Commander
   PC Zone was able to arrange an interview with top Origin guy Richard Garriott recently. It's a good thing that Origin people are beginning to mention Wing Commander in the press. Garriott talks abou...

Book Signing a Success
   There's a whole bunch of pictures from yesterday's Peter Telep book signing available to check out now. You can find four pages of images linked from here. Another book signing session for for Telep ...

Belgium Finally Gets the Movie
   A very excited Kris Vanhecke reports that the Kinepolis Group (the largest cinema group in Belgium) now lists a September 15 release date for Wing Commander. Deep Blue Sea, also starring Saffron Burr...

Another B5 Comparison
   Dundradal found another WC mention at the FirstOnes site.Fighter Damage DetailsAs of the E3 build, each fighter had their own individual damage characteristics. The Centauri Sentri had the lowest numb...

Our Daily Crid
   I talked to LOAF again and he's sounding better. He's back home in Maryland right now. It may yet be at least several weeks before he can get back online, so still feel free to email something for h...

On this day in 1998

Editing the New Classics
   Wing Commander fanatic Locke has already begun to work his magic on Secret Ops! He's created several ingenious patches and updates for the games! First up is SOMusic, which allows Prophecy owners to ...

Eggs Ya Glad You Knew This?
   A number of people have noticed an odd egg in Secret Ops; apparently when you click on the Cerberus' map table (the cool 3D globe picture) the game says something that sounds like 'Prophecy' in bugspe...

SO on CD
   PC Gamer has announced that the Secret Ops starter kit will be available on the included demo CD in their upcoming November issue. Something to look forward to, for those of you unable or unwilling to...

   As you have no doubt realized by now, two of the original Prophecy 'cheat' codes work in Secret Ops. Dynomite? Not on your life, its been disabled. Goodtarget (Yay! Goodtarget ROCKS) and moretunes sti...

Short and Sweet
   ZDnet has finished their short review for Episode One of Secret Ops. It incorrectly says the game requires a 3D card, but otherwise it's a nice little article. You can read it here. Thanks to Shiva....

Our Apologies
   A bit of a server problem during the morning forced us to reset the chat zones and poll. Everything should be working again, please revote in the poll above....

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