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On this day in 2013

New Privateer 2 Patch Adds Deinterlace Feature & Numerous Fixes
   The release of Privateer 2 on GOG recently provided us with the perfect opportunity to release a project that's been in various stages of development for a while. We've been working on a Privateer 2 ...

On this day in 2012

GameSpot Interviews Chris Roberts
   Gamespot has conducted a new interview with Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. In it, they discuss Roberts' motivations for reentering the game industry and his visions for what's to come. Some o...

GameSpot Also to Cover Roberts' Reveal
   GameSpot also recently announced via Twitter that they will be covering Chris Roberts' announcement live on October 10. Sounds like it'll be a very interesting day! Wing Commander fans t...

On this day in 2011

Kilrathi Fleet Buildup Continues
   AAN has completed some more gorgeous Wing Commander miniatures. The latest batch features the Rapier, Salthi, Dralthi and an original Kilrathi cruiser design. All of the detail and fine airbrushing ...

On this day in 2010

Taliban There, Done That
   The gaming blog-o-sphere is on fire following word that Electronic Arts has bowed to pressure to remove the Taliban as a playable faction in their upcoming Medal of Honor relaunch. From their press re...

Special XBox Live Promotion Running in October
   Microsoft is running a nifty rebate promotion on XBox Live Marketplace Points. Players that spend 2400 points (approx $30 dollars) during the month of October will get an 800 point credit (about $10 ...

On this day in 2009

PSP Go Home
   Today marks the launch of the latest iteration of Sony's handheld Playstation, the PSP Go. The device is a fancy update of the PSP hardware designed to compete--somehow--with the iPhone. However, the ...

Making the Game: Web Fiction - Lead In
   Today we begin our run through the Secret Ops fiction in earnest, with the document containing the game's "lead in" fiction -- the material that was posted (as static images, of all things) to the sit...

On this day in 2008

Red Alert Free, Tiberium-Free
   As part of a promotion for the upcoming Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, EA has made the original Red Alert available as a free download. You can get both the Soviet and Allied discs from their site h...

Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 50
   This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the first Port Broughton page: CONCEPT: This was another late addition, which basically came about when I realized this would probably be my only chance ever to ...

On this day in 2007

Lord British Gets His Wings
   It's official - Origin Systems founder Richard Garriott is bound for the International Space Station! He will be launching aboard Soyuz TMA-13 in October, 2008 and returning ten days later on Soyuz TM...

Point of Origin: Vol. 1, No. 5
   This is part five of our series highlighting archived copies of Point of Origin, Origin Systems' internal newsletter (Point Motto: We Create Words). The date is October 25th, 1991: Wing Commander II h...

On this day in 2006

Promotional Sheet Provides Sneak Peek At WC4
   Greg Barwis has kindly donated this super cool sell sheet for Wing Commander IV. The front size features the game's famous promotional poster art, and the back side has various information that retai...

Time To Vote & Play
   With just about five weeks left to go, it looks like about a fifth of our poll voters are all set for EA Replay. About half of the people who responded are still weighing their options, and around 10...

On this day in 2005

CIC News Search Makes Inroads
    If you're using Mozilla or a derivative browser, you can now install a search plugin for quicker access to our news archives. A search plug-in allows you to access a search engine right from ...

Pick Your Favorite Sibling
   Our new poll takes one step back from the Wing Commander series and asks which other Origin franchise was your favorite. Bioforge, Crusader, Cybermage, Strike Commander, System Shock, Ultima and Wing...

On this day in 2004

Pre-Order CIC Hats Here
   Jibbo has been hard at work on the long-awaited CIC hats, and we're now ready to start taking orders. Jibbo will fill you in: Alright folks, we're ordering embroidered CIC hats in a couple weeks. ...

Ships of the Animated Series: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
   Well, here it is - Wing Commander Academy's sole addition to the Confederation's roster of space fighters. Is it something spoken of in Action Stations or the movie material? A wildly deformed Ferret?...

On this day in 2003

Wing Commander 4 DVD Sample Scene 1 For Download
   Tolwyn from WC Saga has provided another video for people to check out. This time it's a scene involving Tolwyn and Blair off the DVD version of Wing Commander 4. Even compressed somewhat this is mu...

Wing Commander Academy Back Up
   Thanks to yet another upgrade, we're going to begin hosting Wing Commander Academy again. Today the first two episodes are going up and we'll see how that goes. Episode 1, Red & Blue, is available h...

On this day in 2001

WCA Episode 5's Up
   This week Tye will be hosting Wing Commander Academy Episode 5, "Lords of the Sky." You can download it here. We also have our Lord Nightwalker mirror here. Happy downloading. For those interested...

Game Three, Week Forty-Nine Trivia's Up
   The new trivia for Week Forty-Nine is now up. Scoreboard and such are delayed a bit however. As I mentioned before, I am taking comments on the end of this game at Week Fifty.Question 97: What event...

On this day in 2000

Marking his Territory
   After much hard work and perseverence, noted anti-Iliad activist TC has completed an HTML based version of Wing Commander's infamous Claw Marks manual! Thank Sivar, since I gave my copy to Lisa. Bad, ...

It's Not Faith...
   #WingNut regular TyeDyeBoy came across a downloadable radio show (from 1956!) that bears a remarkable resemblance to the Pilgrim plot of the Wing Commander Movie...When electricity fails and death tak...

On this day in 1999

Descent Closing
   An important reminder for those interested: the third book of Peter Telep's Descent trilogy, Descent: Equinox, is due to be released on Tuesday....

What Games May Come
   I've been getting a lot of mail lately -- something unusual in itself -- asking about the next Wing Commander game. Since there hasn't been much news lately, I'll remind everyone here: there is very l...

On this day in 1998

Sirius or Krieger?
   The Secret Ops episode 6 download is up! Weighing in at just under a meg, there are be more than enough missions to keep you going until the grand finale next week. Don't forget you may not be able to...

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