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On this day in 2014

Snarky Dudes Review Wing Commander
   "Reel Flix" has posted a lengthy video about the Wing Commander Movie. I don't really get their shtick... there's an old guy flanked by a pair of generic internet personalities plus a guy Skyping in ...

On this day in 2013

WC RPG Completed and Released!
    capi has achieved a huge milestone in the development of his wiki-based Wing Commander RPG! After two years of building rules, curating information and proofreading hundreds of pages of content, ...

On this day in 2012

Some Ship Viewer Sample Shots Shown
   BoH_Havoc is continuing to move forward with his online ship viewer based on feedback he's received so far. Here are some new prototype images with the TCS Concordia rendered in the program. Pretty ...

On this day in 2011

WC vs. History: Generally Speaking
   In the seventh episode of Wing Commander Academy, "Expendable" (WCPedia), a hypoxic Maverick tells Payback about his family's military tradition. He explains that "there was a Blair--a General--in the...

On this day in 2010

Saga Releases Final Destroyer Shots
   The WC Saga team is finishing up their Southampton class destroyer, and it's looking pretty mean. I like how the window lights on the bow in the middle shot look like they spell 'CIC'. ...

WC Writer Pens Indy Game Guide
    Terry Borst, one of the acclaimed writers of Wing Commanders 3 & 4, has co-written a book on game development. End-to-End Game Development: Creating Independent Serious Games and Simulations from...

On this day in 2009

Standoff to Feature Patching System
   Standoff's fifth and final episode is still on track for a Summer release. There have been steady progress reports as the project nears completion. Here is Eder with this week's update: Edging fo...

The Best Wing Deal
   Well over a year ago, The Fatman published his Wing Commander soundtrack, "Wing One", through the Amie Street music service. Twenty-six tracks were released throughout the Summer of 2007. Thirty secon...

On this day in 2008

George Oldziey's Shaiya Album Released
   Wedge noticed that the complete official soundtrack for Shaiya has been released. This Korean massively multiplayer game features 21 awesome orchestral compositions by George Oldziey. Many of the pi...

Making the Game - Part 19
   The early development continues in the June 28, 1996 Component Manager Meeting agenda. One thing that strikes me as interesting is the continual appearance of issues with EA legal over signing a scree...

On this day in 2007

Video Killed The Walkthrough Guide
   Fourth Law has posted a nice 'video walkthrough' explaining how to run the original Wing Commander in DOSBox. If you're having trouble following the ordinary text-based guides, this is a great alterna...

Holding The Line Chapter 218
   Raptor is back with another new HTL chapter. This one comes complete with a Kilrathi/Cat joke in the title: "To Sleep, Purrchance To Dream". Hey all, Raptor here The Kilrathi commander, Cathrax ...

On this day in 2006

Convoy Escort Shot From WC Saga Intro Released
   Lars has shown off a test image from WC Saga's prerendered intro scene. Both the Hellcats and shuttles already have some nice details, and the glow from the lighting is pretty. The team is still wor...

What Smells Like Blue?
   PRWeb has posted a press release announcing the creation of Blue Ray Game Technologies, Inc., a company which will be responsible for manufacturing high-definition Blue Ray discs for gaming purposes. ...

On this day in 2005

Origin Explains The Real 3DO Story
   LOAF has unearthed a ten year old log that the Wing Commander 3 3DO development team conducted on AOL in July 1995. The 3DO version of WC3 didn't just feature higher quality video and deleted scenes....

Italian Group Role Playing Wing Commander Hybrid
   TC recently stumbled across an italian virtual Wing Commander community that engages in various role plays. The Wing Wars game takes elements from Star Wars, Wing Commander, Dune and others to create...

On this day in 2004

WC4 Ad Found With Syndicate Wars
   Syndicate Wars was a popular 3d shooter in the late 1990s (1996 PC, 1997 Playstation) developed by Bullfrog and published by Electronic Arts. It was the sequel to the old school Syndicate game that f...

Babylon 5 Mod for Vega Strike Making Progress
   Jerome from the Babylon 5 Chronicles mod let us know that his project has been making quite a bit of progress recently. B5C is a mod for the Wing Commander themed Vega Strike. Unlike many fan projec...

On this day in 2003

Holding The Line Chapter 159
   Right on time, here's the next HTL installment. As usual, here's Raptor to tell you about it. Hey all, Raptor here. HTL continues with the third chapter of "Pride Goes Before A Fall", part twel...

WCPolaroids: Wilford (3/3)
   I like how Wilford's skin has become progressively darker as these polaroids have gone on. He's like a reverse Michael Jackson. ...

On this day in 2002

   When it rains it pours... good news. The Destination Software home page has a section for Wing Commander! They haven't posted any details yet... but they do have the BOX ART! Check it out......

BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander for the GBA
   We crossed our fingers and hoped it would happen... and it has! Raylight has apparently announced at the E3 that they will be producing a Wing Commander game for the GameBoy Advance. IGN Pocket has th...

On this day in 2001

SWC Character of the Day: Maniac
   Hey, Maverick. I'm Maniac. Glad to meetcha. Bossman says we're gonna see some action against some battleships soon. I can't wait... Dodging flak and fighter cover to make a missile run at a destroyer....

Wing Commander and the Philosophers Stone
   Wing Commander is mentioned in a not-too-flaterring comment as part of an article over at CNN (about Harry Potter, no less) -- any publicity you can walk away from......

On this day in 2000

WCI Update and Rules
   The creator of WCI asked us to pass on a little note. It looks to me that the site has really taken off, but he wanted to ask that people not reply to their own stories. I didn't see too much of tha...

Liquid Wing Commander Would Rock
   Gamespy's review today includes a recipe to cook up Starlancer. Two cups Wing Commander.. and three quarts Allegiance? For those American-impared readers out there two cups is half a quart. I would...

Terrorists Breach Dam
   Tony Knox writes. A suspected terrorist attack has wreaked havoc on the planet of Hermes, destroying a major dam. Trouble started yesterday, when a large explosion occurred within the dam's infrastruc...

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