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On this day in 2013

Kilrathi RPG Campaign Accepting Names for Frontier Outposts
   Work on the Kilrathi campaign for capi3101's Wing Commander RPG continues to advance. There's been some exploration of a Firekkan role in Elegy of Sivar, but the bulk of the work in late September an...

On this day in 2012

RSI Reaches Funding Goal
    As expected, Roberts Space Industries reached $2 million in contributions this morning (in fact, they're already past $2.1 M!), which means Chris Roberts' new space sim is officially funded and wi...

Gato 6 to Perform at SXSW
    Wing Commander 3, 4 & Prophecy composer George Oldziey has announced that he will be featured at South by Southwest next year. Congrats! If you'd like a preview of what to expect, check out hi...

On this day in 2011

WC vs History: I'll have the Samar with an order of Surigao on the side...
   Morale in the Third Fleet was high after the rough handling the Americans had given the Japanese Center Force. Admiral Kurita had briefly turned his mighty surface around in the Sibuyan Sea, however b...

WC vs History: Final Frontier of the Tin Can Sailors
   The impetus for comparing Wing Commander to the Battle of Leyte Gulf originates with Fleet Action, where the comparison is made directly by one of the book's characters, Commodore Mike Polowski. As Po...

On this day in 2010

These Colors Don't Run, or Curve Correctly
   Want to make your own Wing Commander patches? These circa-1995 images from Origin's vault should help--they show the correct colors and layout for each of Wing Commander IV's factions' shoulder patche...

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 48
   Scene 48: Blair chats with Eisen and the viewer notices that he may be up to something. Check out that awesome futuristic laptop--presumably they'll need to be five times as thick as they are today 66...

On this day in 2009

Ralaxath Rocking the Nephilim War
   Wing Commander Collateral Damage has beefed up its destroyer contingent this month. The heavy Ralaxath destroyer has really come together this week and it just about ready to hunt. The first two sho...

Making the Game: Web Fiction - Episode 7 Negative
   And we end Secret Ops' fiction with the odd death of the Clippy joke/plot. He's just... named Clippy. Over the years I've spoken to several of the developers for Secret Ops and they genuinely had no i...

On this day in 2008

Wingnuts Ring Up Freedom
    Fans who are participating in the Wing Commander Community Replay have reached another milestone. This week they are completing Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom. Adventures in the Talos and ...

Making the Games: The Shadow Force - Confederation
   This is the twelfth set of Feng Zhu concept artwork pieces. Unlike the previous sets, the origin of these is clear: they are the characters developed for Wing Commander: Shadow Force, an aborted follo...

On this day in 2007

Grab A Groovy Gratha
   Michelle D is crazy about Grathas, and there's a bunch of evidence to prove it. The shots below represent various stages on the road to a 500 polygon Gratha model, and the results look good. Modeler...

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Fifteen
   This is the second of three test 'clay' renderings, showing the basic 3D shape of ships designed for Wing Commander Arena. Unlike the Arrow rendering, the major changes incorporated in the Dralthi IX ...

On this day in 2006

EA Replay UK, Eh?
    Electronic Arts' United Kingdom press site has confirmed that EA Replay will be released in England! The game should be available in time for Christmas, with a planned December 8th release. Amazon U...

Introducing... The Beetles
   BradMick has posted early pictures of WC Pioneer's next ship. Don't recognize it? It's the Scarab, from "The Frontiersman: Interview With a Privateer," the story from the original Privateer's manual w...

On this day in 2005

Bringing Up The Big Guns
   David Plunkett, designer of the Plunkett-class Heavy Artillery Cruiser seen several days ago, was kind enough to post the story behind the ship and its FMV-quality counterpart to the forums: Origin...

I Sanger, That Is To Say I Songed Her
   St3lt3k reports that Music4Games conducted a new interview with George "The Fatman" Sanger, the man responsible for the original two Wing Commander soundtracks. The entire interview can be found here....

On this day in 2004

Secrets Of The Author Of Secrets Of The WC Universe
   Mat Tschirgi has once again put his interviewing cap on for his site E-Boredom, and has interviewed Mark Minasi, author of the unofficial WC guide book Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe. These da...

Flight Commander Got You Spinning?
   Flight Commander was released last week after a four-year development cycle. Eddieb's now taken care of a bug in the joystick controls: "I've put up a bug fix release of Flight Commander 1.0.1. S...

On this day in 2003

Eight-CD Changer Required
   LOAF has crossed another task off his list - getting every audio CD which has a WC track on it. One or two of the obscure Cobalt 60 CDs were difficult to get, but here they all are: From th...

2004 Dragon*Con Registration Open
   If you didn't already pre-register while at Dragon*Con 2003, you can now register for 2004 online. As usual, the ticket prices are cheap right now, but gradually get more expensive as the event gets c...

On this day in 2000

EA + Games = EAGames
   In following with their recently stated "many eggs, one basket" policy, Electronic Arts has created a single web-site, through which to publish information on all their affiliates' product...

Trivia Returns!
   Start preparing the arcane knowledge portions of your brain, the much missed CIC Trivia will return on Monday, October 30th! An all new trivia game will be started, giving everyone a chance!...

On this day in 1999

UE's Twisted Web Woven
   Pedro reports that he has completed the new design for the Unknown Enemy web site! Very nice. The Flash trailer should be up tomorrow....

As Was the Style...
   I've just received a copy of the Wing Commander Movie Style Guide -- it's essentially a collection of sketches and information sent to people producing Wing Commander merchandise. I'll hopefully be pu...

Are You a Deathball Fan?
   Do you like watching all those brave contenders go to their doom for the greater glory of their team? Bet you'd like to have a go, wouldn't you? The thing is, there's a 93% chance that you'll end up d...

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