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On this day in 2015

New Concordia Cruises By
   Klavs has put together a slick animation that shows off his new Concordia model in motion. A few people commented last month that the ship didn't necessarily convey the right sense of scale, so Klavs...

On this day in 2014

New Minecraft Project Stacks Up WC Ships
   Duckman has shown off pictures of his attempts to build Wing Commander ships in Minecraft. So far he's got a hybrid Confed carrier and Venture class corvette simulated in the game. He's currently wo...

On this day in 2013

'A Defiant Few' Submissions Due This Week
   Casting for the second episode of "A Defiant Few" ends this Friday, February 15. Aspiring voice actors have until then to audition for Kilrathi, Firekkan and Terran roles. Production of episode one ...

RSI Pledge Deadline Nears
   Wingnuts who are also Star Citizen backers have a few days left to lock in a pledge level before a pending deadline. After February 15, items like physical Citizen Cards and t-shirts will be shipped....

On this day in 2012

Wing Commander Trademark Extended
   NuAngel spotted an update to the Wing Commander trademark that Electronic Arts filed back in 2009. In the years since the filing first made the news, evidence has mounted that preproduction continues...

On this day in 2011

WCPedia Hits New Milestones
   The WCPedia has hit two new milestones this week! The online Wing Commander encyclopedia has reached two million individual pageviews. It has also amassed more than two thousand articles, which is d...

Almost Party Time!
   Sunday is Mindy Hester's Juice Box Hero launch party in Chicago, so answer now to enter to win free tickets and a copy of the album! All you have to do is answer the following question: In Lance Case...

On this day in 2010

Prelude to the Weekend
   There are plenty of new updates on Frontier - Prelude to Darkness this week. Rendering the individual scenes continues to eat up quite a bit of time, especially with a number of new atmospheric shots...

Major Airborne Laser Test Successful
   The US Air Force's Airborne Laser platform successfully destroyed a ballistic missile this morning. It's the first time that a high-energy laser weapon has destroyed a target in flight, and the first...

On this day in 2009

Standoff Team Presses On
   The Standoff team has released seven new screenshots, including a scene from the intro to the fifth and final episode. Check them out below. Here is Eder with a status report. A (much belated) ha...

Making the Game: Comm Characters
   Today is the first of several documents used to develop Wing Commander Prophecy's communications system. This is a list of all the comm voices used by the game. Most fascinating is the ranks for each ...

On this day in 2008

Academy Image Fills Wallpaper Gap
   KilrathiKiller was rewatching the Wing Commander Academy series again recently, and it inspired him to create a wallpaper image. The WC television show doesn't have a whole lot of things like this, s...

Point of Origin: Vol. V, No. 8
   The September 8th, 1995 issue of Point of Origin has a lot of CyberMage and a lot of Longbow... but not much Wing Commander. It's interesting that we don't hear anything about Privateer 2 beyond the m...

On this day in 2007

Walmart Distributing Wing Commander Online
   Walmart has joined Amazon and IGN in offering movie downloads via the internet. After Wing Commander's success at the other two sites, it's no surprise to see the WC Movie again here. It appears tha...

DragonCon Prices Increase This Week
   With just a little more than six months remaining until DragonCon 2007, prices for four-day convention passes are due to increase this week. They will remain at $50 until Thursday, February 15. Host...

On this day in 2006

Ten Years of Wing Commander IV
   It was exactly one decade ago today that the interactive movie reached its high water mark: on February 12th, 1996 Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom was released. Wing Commander IV will go...

Impressive, Aren't They?
   In our new poll, we ask which Wing Commander games were the most technologically impressive at the time they were released. The original game featured incredible detail, dynamic music and branching ca...

On this day in 2005

Computer Chronicles Wing Commander Clips Found
   BrynS has been doing some digging and has found a whole bunch of really old and cool video segments. I was using the Wayback Machine over at the Internet Archive a couple of weeks back and notice...

Clive Owen Wins Second Big Award
   Following on from last month's big win at the Golden Globe awards for best supporting actor, Privateer 2 actor Clive Owen (Lev Arris) won the best supporting actor award in tonight's Bafta awards cere...

On this day in 2004

Lynx Works The Fralthi II
   Master artist Lynx has reworked the Fralthi II Cruiser for the WC Saga project. It's been a little while since we've seen a new ship, and this one is really a beauty. That's really neat. In...

Preorder Your CIC Polo Shirt
   Jibbo has hammered out a lot of details and is ready to take preorders on your very own CIC polo shirt. Although you're welcome to wait until production is complete and we have more samples of the sh...

Maxis Is Moving
   GameSpot had an interesting article about major EA brand Maxis moving to EA's giant new Los Angeles campus. We had some concept shots of it last year, and it's a pretty crazy looking place. I believ...

On this day in 2002

New Poll?!
   Amazing fact: Mark Twain was born the day the CIC put up its first poll... and he died the day we finally updated it! Even though that's almost certainly not true, you should still take advantage of t...

mIRC 6.01!
   What's even more exciting than the amazing wonderment that is mIRC version 6.0? Why, mIRC version 6.01, of course! Get it! Now! And them come visit #WingNut!...

On this day in 2001

Trivia 3 Week 15
   It's time for another episode of agwc/CIC trivia! Check our old scores here, and answer the new questions below. As always, send your answers to Chris.Welcome to Game Three, Week Sixteen Trivia. We pl...

I Love This Baby
   LOAF, Joe and Paula went on an exciting trip into the unknown... what did they find? Read the article here! ...

I Aint Crusading Anymore
   Daily Radar posted an article detailing Origin's denial that they have green-lighted a Crusader script -- it does, however, confirm that a script exists. (Thanks, Harbinger.)"There's apparently a scri...

On this day in 2000

Unknown Enemy Pre-Demo Released
   Over at the Chat Zone there's been much debate about the subdued Unknown Enemy project. There is talk of releasing all the work done to the public for them to look through, but in the mean time one o...

Italians Wanted for New Wing Commander Portal
   Hawk mentioned at agwc that he's trying to build an Italian Wing Commander portal. If you'd like to help, you can reach him at

Peace Minister Faces Jail
   Political analyst Jerwyn Gooson reports. Anhur senate member Allan Poltroon, who ran for election on a hugely-successful 'let's just be nice to one another' campaign, was arrested this morning by CIS ...

On this day in 1999

Attack of the Super Models!
   No, it's not the title of that movie Byydo and I made, it's what we've decided to dub some incredible WC 3DSMAX renderings done by Mihai Vladu. It's really, really sweet. You can grab this incredible ...

HarperCollins Updates
   Semi-humerous update -- HarperCollins has updated their page with more detailed information about the three currently available Wing Commander Movie books. Check out the novel, the junior novel and th...

Descent Book 2
   For those following Wing Commander Movie novelist Peter Telep, Amazon has released the cover to his next (non-WC) book, Descent: Stealing Thunder. Check it out......

The Coolest Press Release Ever
   Whisper, of Origin fan club WOO & uber cool gaming news site Game Worlds, sent me a copy of what can only be described as the above. It's all the info you could want on the Wing Commander Movie produc...

Variety Reports
   Geoffrey Elbo was kind enough to send us this article from Variety (which he found at Yahoo!). Very interesting...Friday February 12 8:20 AM ET Fox winging CD-ROM pictureBy Chris Petrikin HOLLYWOOD (V...

Cinescape's Take
   And here's the same thing, from Cinescape...'Wing' Release Details20th Century Fox is so pleased with a recent screening of Wing Commander's final print, that they intend to push the film in a big way...

AVault's Take
   AVault, which I've never liked much, had a nice article on the Wing Commander Movie. I guess I should consider changing my opinion of them...Digital Anvil Secures Licensing for Wing Commander MovieDig...

Lillard Bows Out
   Matthew Lillard's official web site also reports some disappointing news: Lillard (who plays Maniac Marshall) won't be promoting Wing Commander (on talk shows and such) because he's busy filming Love'...

Minor Mention
   According to the official Matthew Lillard web site an article in Time Out New York entitled "99 People to Watch in 99" lists Matthew, and mentions his upcoming Wing Commander role....

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