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On this day in 2015

Opposing Fleets Line Up With Top Warships
   Line art is a bit of a lost art these days, but Red has used the technique to put together two pairs of capships from the Wing Commander Movie for Wolf's Shipyard. The Confed fleet gets both a Bengal...

On this day in 2014

Who Ordered the Confed Naval Uniform?
   SMPDesigns has added an interesting specimen to their elaborate costume portfolio. They make suits for movies, but they seem to specialize in one-off and cosplay reproductions. Their new creation is...

On this day in 2013

Damn, That's a Good Looking Ship!
   This time Klavs has outdone himself in creating one of my favorite ships, the Excalibur! This particular craft has been modeled by many people in the community over the years, and today's latest exam...

On this day in 2012

Wing Commander Korean Style
   I always enjoy coming across cool Wing Commander bits I've never seen before. Call it illness, or obsession, or just plain geekiness... call it whatever you want, but what it means is that for all of...

On this day in 2011

Congratulations Lord and Lady British!
   There's great news from France: Space hero and Origin Systems, Inc. founder Richard Garriott married Laetitia Pichot de Cayeux in a small ceremony in Paris earlier today. We wish them a very happy lif...

EA Running Huge Fire(works) Sale
   Electronic Arts has launched their Biggest Sale Ever to celebrate the Independence Day holiday in the US. More than 50 iOS games are on sale for the iPod, iPhone and iPad, and this time the sale also...

On this day in 2010

Invest in Interstellar Industry
   NinjaLA's latest WW2-themed propaganda piece implores Confederate citizens to buy war bonds. The more bonds you buy, the more planes will fly! For more posters, also check out Bob's rendition here. ...

Shockwave Stars Surround Sleek Ship
   WCS took our advice and added a starfield to the background of his Shockwave tech demo. A few stars or a nebula always bring an otherwise simple render to life! Wing Commander Shockwave...

On this day in 2009

WC Invasion Beta Released!
   An initial test release is now available for WC Invasion, a mod for Star Wars Empire at War. Both capital ships and fighters are ready to play for both Confed and Kilrathi sides. The game requires a...

Making the Game: Tools used for WC3 PSX
   Let's face it, console development seems like magic. We all imagine special Xboxes and Playstations that grow games instead of just playing them. That isn't how it really works, as this long list of P...

On this day in 2008

You Can Go Homeworld Again
   Remember the excellent Wing Commander IV mod for Homeworld 2? Well, after a long absense Aaron is back with an update!: Hello all fans of the WC4 HW2 mod! I am sorry for not responding to many peop...

Making the Game - Part 57
   Today we present you with the penultimate Component Manager Meeting agenda. August 8, 1997 sees all sorts of decisions that we're all ready familiar with - can color comms fit? How many CDs will the g...

On this day in 2007

Fan Trailer Parked
   The Wing Commander community has seen a lot of fan made video productions in its time... everything from music videos to live action trailers. Now BrynS has taken that tradition to the next generation...

Fix DVD Movie Playback With Latest Enhancement Pack
   AD noticed that there was a little glitch with the Multiplayer Scoreboards addition to the HCl's Prophecy Enhancement Pack. In some cases players have lost the ability to watch the DVD VOBs that last...

On this day in 2006

Border Worlds Fleet & Sound Effects Implemented In Homeworld Mod
   Impressive progress continues to be made on the upcoming WC4 Homeworld 2 mod. The Durango Class Light Carrier has been added to the fleet, and it looks great. Check out the images of it ripping stuf...

Darkstar One Demo Released
   On Friday, GameSpot premiered the demo for Darkstar One. The game is a space combat sim that we've mentioned in the news several times, because of the number of previews have compared it to Wing Com...

In Other News...
   A storm near Florida has delayed the space shuttle launch until at least Sunday. The new prosed liftoff time is now 3:26 pm Eastern time. Feel free to drop by #Wingnut and count down with us. And i...

On this day in 2005

Old Tech Support Tips Still Valuable
   While we've been helping people use exciting new emulators and tools to get the original Wing Commander games running, we've sometimes forget about a few of the original resources that were useful bac...

EA VP Discusses Franchise Funk
   The Next Generation gaming site is back, and they've got an interview with Electronic Arts' Marketing VP Frank Gibeau. He addresses some of the general criticisms the company has faced recently and e...

On this day in 2004

"Development on Ultima X: Odyssey Has Ended"
   Electronic Arts has suspended development on Ultima X Odyssey, the massively multiplayer adventure set to continue the Ultima series. It's always something of a shock when a game is canceled after a ...

Star Wars Galaxies Celebrates First Birthday
   In more positive news, Star Wars Galaxies has reached its first birthday and seems to be doing rather well. The developers have put up an anniversary site with information on the progress the game ha...

On this day in 2003

Two Flavors of Dralthi for Your Desktop
   Rylex is back again and has an eerie Dralthi wallpaper for everyone. His original had a shadow cast across a Dralthi in the rocks, and we've asked him to provide a brighter version as well. Both are...

Freelancer: The Reckoning WC Mod Forum Opens
   Bob has opened a Crius forum for The Reckoning, a mod to add Privateer ships and elements to the Freelancer universe. You can discuss developments in the project at the new board here. To commemorat...

#Wingnut's A-Buzzing!
   Well, perhaps not at 3:00 am while I write this, but since we announced the setup of our own irc network at a few days ago, quite a few new people have dropped by to say hello. IRC is ...

On this day in 2001

Scimitar Work Continues
   The Scimitar Project (aka Unknown Enemy has... a new Scimitar! It's based on the XWA TC model, textured by WildCat, converted by KillerWave, updated by Thomas Brucker and then hardpointed by Quarto......

Trivia Reminder
   Trivia Alert: Please remember to submit your Week 35 answers to Chris by midnight tonight -- Week 36 will start Monday morning!...

WCA Mirror, Episode 6
   This week, you can download my absolute favorite episode of Wing Commander Academy, courtesy of TyeDye. Grab a copy of Chain of Command in DivX format here....

Thanks, Lara
   The Syndney Morning Herald ran an article called Joystick Flicks -- about video game to movie conversions. Wing Commander is, naturally, mentioned -- and it's given what might be the best possible rev...

Armada Sector of the Day: Sector 5
   This one has a number of interesting references in it... find as many as you can, e-mail and we'll post about it on Monday!...

From: Messineo Couriers
   One of our most profitable trade routes has been blockaded for some time by a group of Kindred fighters, eager to loot the shipments of jewels we carry to Hermes from Leviatha. We have had three large...

On this day in 2000

Always Ready for a Good Poll
   Nuclear Winter Gaming Network is running a poll to determine what fans think the best space sim series is. As of this writing "X-Wing vs Tie Fighter" (erm, the X-Wing series I suppose) is beating "Wi...

From Pilgrim to Patriot
   Several people have noted this now so it might be worth mentioning that TchĂ©ky Karyo is in the new Mel Gibson movie The Patriot playing Jean Villeneuve. It's his sixth movie since playing Paladin in...

On this day in 1999

   Are you interested in the possibility of either a commercially available WC4/WCP or a Kilrathi Saga DVD? If so, e-mail me here. I should re-iterate that this is for research purposes and that no such ...

Shirts On the Way!
   The shirts have been ordered, and they should be in by the 12th! There are about four extras left, so if you want to buy one you should contact Jibbo ASAP!...

A New DVD Cover
   Vincent Formosa sent in a new version of the 'replacement' Wing Commander DVD cover he created for us. It now reflects the changes which appeared on the real DVD cover......

France Release
   Word from Marc Charlot is that Wing Commander is still due out July 7th. Posters have appeared with this date -- and here's the interesting thing... they're based on the 'early design' posters we foun...

After Action Report
   Ramrod sent in this report about the recent Peter Telep book signing... sounds keen -- if he does another one, I'll prolly head down there for it.Attached is a picture of Peter Telep from the book sig...

GameSpot Winners
   The folks over at GameSpot have also apparently contacted the winners of their Wing Commander contest from a while back... and the grand prize winner was the CIC's own Hadrian. Since he wants to brag,...

GSAT Answers
   GameSpot posted the answers to the GSAT! The GSAT was a difficult test we reported the existence of last year... it gauged your gaming knowledge. Not telling how I scored......

A Bit on the VCD
   Brian Fasano reports on the Wing Commander VCD bootleg that's floating around... I think he says it best himself --Hey, I got my copy of the WC Movie on CD. It came from Indonesia and was on two reco...

Our Daily Bread
   Lots of image-laden updates today. I went to see South Park and Wild Wild West yesterday... and I highly reccomend the first -- I was really surprised at how good it was. WWW was so-so, and I sort of ...

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