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On this day in 2015

A Piece Of Cutaway Poster History For Sale
   The Wing Commander SciPubTech poster is a great success story for Wing Commander fans. SPT was responsible for some incredible Star Trek cutaway posters that hit it big in the '90s. A TCS Tiger's Cl...

Two Milestones Are Better Than One!
    First off, happy birthday to Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts! He turns 47 today, which means he was knee-deep in the very first WC game at the tender age of 22. Incredible! For referen...

On this day in 2014

Happy Birthday Chris Roberts!
   The CIC would like to wish another happy birthday to Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts! In honor of the day, PC Gamer has reposted a nifty interview with the man himself. In his "How I Game" Q&A,...

On this day in 2013

Major Milestone Demonstrates Community's Determination
   The CIC staff is mostly laying low today, but we are celebrating a proud achievement as well! Yesterday marked ten years of continuous daily front page updates at Back in May 2003, I nev...

Happy Memorial Day
   Today is also Memorial Day in the United States, so the CIC would like to recognize the real life heroism expressed around the world so that we could enjoy our virtual heroes in the comfort of our hom...

On this day in 2012

Finished Fralthi Forges Forward
   CMDBob is done building his Fralthi, and here's the result. The final livery complements the traditional brown/orange durasteel with blood red accents and clean white panels - a very nice contrast! ...

On this day in 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Roberts!
   The Combat Information Center wishes a very happy birthday to Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts! Remember: there will always be a seat for you at the head of the Wing Commander table. ...

WC vs. History: Forty-Five Score and Eleven Lexingtons
   Lexington is one of the proudest names in American history, owing to the 1775 victories at Lexington and Concord which began the American Revolution. The name quickly became a naval tradition applied ...

On this day in 2010

WCPedia Initiates Summer Campaign
    Dunradal and other dedicated Wingnuts working on the WCPedia are organizing a concerted summer push. Contributors are discussing better ways to organize all the data that can be collected and have ...

New Scramjet Test Far Exceeds Duration Record
   The US Air Force, Boeing and Pratt & Whitney set a new record for supersonic flight yesterday. The X-51A WaveRider was launched from a B-52 and peeled away with hits supersonic-combustion ramjet engi...

On this day in 2009

New Ascii Sector Focuses On Turrets
    Today we have not one - and not two - but three new versions of Privateer Ascii Sector! Chris Knudsen has been very busy over the last week on several incremental upgrades designed to improve quite...

Making the Game: SHIPS ALIEN
   SHIPS ALIEN is one of my favorite documents in the universe; you've probably seen other versions before... today is the November 11, 1997 revision. It contains all of the specifications, notes and con...

On this day in 2008

Collateral Damage Ships Get Revved Up
   JasonRocZ has released a handful of new screenshots from his WC Collateral Damage project. This time around, the images show off many of his recent ships in Prophecy's Vision Engine. The Arrow Scout...

Making the Game - Part 22
   This Wing Commander V Project Update is a more generalized version of the Component Manager Meeting agendas -- it includes status reports, important questions and other information on the state of the...

On this day in 2007

Demon in the ASCII
   Chris Knudsen has posted two new ship layout screens from his Privateer Ascii Sector game project. Check out the Tarsus scout and the the Demon fighter below. The former is certainly a far cry from i...

They're GrEAt
   Taking some time out from warning us about celebrities, hurricanes and sharks, CNN has declared Electronic Arts one of the top employers for new college graduates: For gamers, this is the golden tr...

On this day in 2006

PC Gamer Highlights Hit Home
   Goku found a neat spread in the latest issue of PC Gamer. The magazine is celebrating its 150th issue in July (Goku also has a time machine), and they've named the 150 greatest moments in PC gaming t...

Wing Commander Fans Are Everywhere
   Our readers who are also fans of the Discworld series have something in common with that series' author. Apparently Terry Pratchett is a fan of the Wing Commander series. That might not be big news,...

On this day in 2005

GamePro Reviews A Lost Wing Commander Game
   Jonathan Stone sent in a review of one the very cool "lost" Wing Commander games that occasionally comes up in the lore. Wing Commander 2 for the Super Nintendo tops the list of ultra rare games that...

Battlecruiser Millennium Released For Free
   Derek Smart's BattleCruiser Millennium has been officially released as freeware. This game had it all, from fleet actions, to fighter combat, ground assaults and strategic modes. Unfortunately it wa...

On this day in 2004

Wing Commander X-Type Coming
   Pedro has been working on a small side project for school that is shaping up into a game of its own. It's based on classic R-Type with Wing Commander ships. Below we've got some screenshots of the J...

Privateer Gets Sirius
   Acid had sent us ten screenshots showing off his new FreeLancer mod, Privateer in Sirius. He describes the mod as "a proper integration of the ships into the Freelancer universe" - meaning that the fa...

On this day in 2003

All Quiet on the GBA Front
   As of 9 AM EST, Amazon has not begun shipping Wing Commander Prophecy Advance. As soon as an e-tailer starts sending them out, we'll post an update. I cased the local brick and mortar stores (Rockvill...

WCPolaroids: Zero (2/11)
   We've been seeing pictures just like this for months now... but we haven't taken a moment to stop and consider that somewhere, somehow, there's someone who actually turns his camera at a 45-degree ang...

On this day in 2002

More On The Blue Roses Technology
   There are a number of interviews with Raylight that shed some light on the Blue Roses 3D Engine for the Gameboy Advance. Blue Roses is the engine that will be used for Wing Commander Prophecy GBA. Her...

On this day in 2001

SWC Character of the Day: Doomsday
   Good day, Maverick. I am Lt. Etienne 'Doomsday' Montclair. Yes, I can see that you're curious. What you see is the markings of a Maori warrior. Let me tell you, Maverick...I have considered our positi...

Trivia Reminder
   Please remember to have your Week 30 AGWC/CIC Trivia responses in by Sunday night, so we can all see what happens next!...

Make My Day
   H.E. Day posted a note to, looking for programmers to help with a Wing Commander fan project... find out all about the project, titled "Black Widow", here. The site includes s...

Academy Mirror, Episode 1
   Get Episode 1 of Wing Commander Academy here, thanks to Tye. I'm too tired to think of anything interesting to say about Red & Blue -- save that I'm horrified that you haven't downloaded it already. G...

And Brains that Eat Lasers
   Weird theories continue to show up, as you'll see below... Kn'thrak claims to have found a Grikath in an episode of Futurama! Here's what he says...When watching an episode of "Futurama - 3x08 - That'...

   Eldar-colonel, of the HQ Network, reports that the staff of the aforementioned website has done a Privateer flashback article. HQGaming is a pay network -- but you can test it out for free for a limit...

On this day in 2000

Thunderbolt Released for Homeworld Mod
   The Fleet Action Homeworld fan project is making great progress. If you've got Homeworld or are into RTS type games, this one's definitely worth a closer look. The Thunderbolt has just been released...

Happy Birthday Wing Commander.. Sort Of
   Today is Chris Roberts' thirty-second birthday. Wing Commander's creator was born on May 27, 1968 in Redwood City, California. To get off the subject a bit, we don't know the date that Wing Commande...

Hermes Authorities Announce Housing Project
   Industry reporter Tony Knox reports. Contractors on Hermes were engaged in a bidding war yesterday, following the revelation of extensive housing plans by the Government. Whatever the outcome, there i...

On this day in 1999

Happy Birthday, Mr. Roberts
   Let's all wish happy birthday to Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts!...

Pre-Order Stars
   Barnes and Noble is offering the next Wing Commander novel, Pilgrim Stars, to pre-order for only $5.20! According to their site the book is 256 pages long and will be available in August......

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