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On this day in 2020

Watch Novelty Run of Unknown Enemy Mod
   Plywood Fiend has wrapped up another complete stream of a Wing Commander game. This time he played through the popular Secret Ops mod Unknown Enemy. If you haven't watched his previous material, he'...

On this day in 2019

File in Style
   ZenOasis has put together a groovy folder icon based on the Wing Commander Movie promo art. I didn't even realize this was a thing! Hit the thumbnail below for a full size icon with transparency tha...

On this day in 2018

WC Album Discs Going to Production, Digital Files Sent to Backers
    It's been a big month for crowdfunded projects! On top of some exciting new campaigns, composer George Oldziey has continued to make good progress on his second major music album. The assets...

On this day in 2017

Wing Commander Movie Clip With A Side Of WC3
   AD recently recut one of the Wing Commander Movie's featurettes clips with a sampling of George Oldziey's Wing Commander 3/4 music. Although the film's actual soundtrack is pretty great, this is stil...

On this day in 2016

Wing Commander Album 25% Funded, New CD Option Added
   George Oldziey has added a new tier to his campaign to create a second live Wing Commander album. Fans who missed the first orchestra recording can acquire a CD and digital download of that album for...

On this day in 2015

RPG Continues Fight On Multiple Fronts
    Despite devoting considerable time to his project to digitize the Wing Commander CCG, capi has also been diligently keeping to his WC RPG schedule. He's been pushing a dual path agenda lately...

On this day in 2014

Orchestra Warming Up For Wing Commander Album
    Lots of exciting news from George Oldziey today. Production of the Wing Commander live album (orchestra and choir) starts at the end of next week, and George has hired a professional film crew to ...

On this day in 2013

Hustle & Bustle on the Concordia's Flight Deck
   Howard Day's Concordia Hangar continues to fill up, and it's quite the hive of activity now! Prototype models of the Rapier, Crossbow and Epee have been added to give it a full WC2 assortment of ship...

On this day in 2012

'Last Line' Shows Off Swirling Nebulas & Billowing Clouds
   Deathsnake has some impressive new shots for the Wing Commander Last Line of Defense mod. The first few reveal some impressive scenes in a nebula and down in a planet's atmosphere. You don't see tha...

Roberts Nears Milestone, Launches New Upgrades
    Chris Roberts has posted a new note to update fans on his new game's pledge campaign status after two weeks. As of Wednesday night, the combined tally stands at more than $1,950,000, which me...

RSI Ship Specs Published
   In order to help decide which ships to "add on," Roberts Space Industries has published a very elaborate ship design document. It details the game's five starter ships plus how engines, upgrades, har...

On this day in 2011

WC vs History: Leyte Gulf, Are You Sirius?
   The Battle of Sirius, a pair of opposing carrier strikes, was the first major engagement of the Earth Defense Campaign, following days of Confederation withdrawals and the total destruction of several...

On this day in 2010

F-44 Preps for War
   It's been a couple years since we've last seen Klavs' sleek Rapier in action, and now it's back for a new tour of duty. The ship below takes the classic Rapier II from Wing Commander 1/2 and infuses ...

The SolSector Network, Starring Christopher Blair
   We'd like to thank all the Wingnuts out there who subscribe to the CIC's Facebook Page! The page just hit 300 followers. It's just another avenue that we have to share breaking news and interesting ...

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 47
   Scene 47 offers all the excitement that the previous 'Blair knocks on Eisen's door, Eisen isn't home' sequence lacked... for here Blair knocks on Eisen's door... and it opens! These storyboard imag...

On this day in 2009

Larry Latham on the Web
   Larry Latham, Director of the Wing Commander Academy TV episodes, has a website. Mr. Latham might not be a name many Wing Commander fans are familiar with, but the site does a good job filling in rea...

Making the Game: Web Fiction - Episode 7 Default
   It's odd how, as in Wing Commander Prophecy, the narrative seems to shut off in these last episodes; here things like news reports are dropped entirely... possibly when the story could most benefit fr...

On this day in 2008

Space Sim Still Look: Elite IV
   Fred was kind enough to email us news that Elite IV is (finally) on the way, according to an interview posted at Develop. Series creator David Braben says that the technology behind the game is almost...

Making the Games: Kilrathi in Action
   This is the eleventh set of Feng Zhu "concept" ships, commissioned for an unspecified Wing Commander title following the release of Secret Ops. This is the third and final 'action' set, showing what f...

On this day in 2007

WC4 Missions Recreated In WC Saga
   The WC Saga team has released a campaign that mirrors some of the first few missions of Wing Commander 4. The package is a result of extra game models and the need to test mission branching and video...

Point of Origin: Vol. II, No. 15
   Better news - it's now less than a month after the last issue of Point of Origin (April 20th, 1992) and Ultima VII: The Black Gate has shipped! Can Strike Commander be far behind? Well, everyone alrea...

On this day in 2006

Prophecy Movie Upgrade Patch Released
    Nearly a thousand fans have downloaded at least one high resolution movie pack for Wing Commander Prophecy, and many have asked how they can integrate these videos into the actual game. HCl h...

Electronic Arts On XBox Live Marketplace
   GameSpot is reporting on a new wave of downloadable content for Electronic Arts' Godfather for the XBox 360. The items available for purchase mark a first for the service: in-game money is now availa...

On this day in 2005

Classic Murphy Art For Your Wall
   With all the Origin quality renders in the news lately, we thought we'd take a closer look at some of the older work by Sean Murphy. Mr. Murphy began working at Origin in 1993 with Strike Commander a...

From Roger Wilco To Zach Colson
   Sean Murphy also has the distinction of portraying space janitor/hero Roger Wilco in the documentation included with Space Quest V. The game included a mock "making of" section with a couple neat sho...

On this day in 2004

Holding The Line Chapter 192
   As you've probably guessed by now, the latest HTL chapter is here.. and when you're done reading, Raptor has something he'd like a bit of feedback on. Hey all, Raptor here. HTL continues with th...

Pokemon Rocks America In Seattle
   Yesterday I attended the Pokemon Rocks America convention in Seattle. I wasn't just there to have fun on my own though. I also had the CIC staff's Pokemon Fire and Leaf cartridges in tow. Attending ...

On this day in 2003

Academy 11 And 9 Up Today
   To confuse you further, we've added two more Wing Commander Academy episodes in timeline order. After the previous eight episodes, next up is "E11 - Invisible Enemy" and then "E9 - Recreation" in tha...

Space Sim First Look: Battlestar Galactica
   To accompany the new sci-fi channel Battlestar Galactica series, Vivendi is currently finishing up a console space combat simulator to add to the fun. I originally passed over this one because I thou...

On this day in 2001

It's A LOD Of Work
   Hellcat reports that Vega Strike is ready for release except he needs your help!I have made myself a few LOD's due to no response from that last post...framerates seem to be up a lot with them ... but...

WC Mods Threatened?
   Well possibly not, but this article on details actions taken by EA against fan projects to recreate Ultima and Bard's Tale using modern technology. There's also a slightly humorous compariso...

Vote For Paladin
   TyeDyeBoy noticed a little poll running over on TheOneRing asking "Which of these autographs would you be most happy to get?". John Rhys-Davies (aka Paladin) is on the list, so of course he is a good ...

On this day in 2000

A Talent for Articles
   John Shiali of A Talent for War has written an interesting article titled The Death of the Space-Sim. Agree or not, it's will written and addresses issues important to anyone who's ever put hand to jo...

Going to the Source
   The WCDC posted more about the Flight Commander project... maybe it's the radioactive spider-bite talking, but there's something odd about this.Anyone who is interested is welcome to the source. But y...

On this day in 1999

The Further Adventures of Peter Telep
   The Peter Telep Official Site has posted pictures of our hero attending Geektoberfest, some sort of SciFi con. A Peter Telep related reminder to anyone who hasn't yet done so: review Pilgrim Stars at ...

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
   I found a copy of A Darkness Upon the Ice by William Forstchen (circa 1985) in a used bookstore the other day... I thought the description of the former Wing Commander author was very interesting -- c...

LOAFie Came Home
   I've said it before, and if all goes well I'll not say it again... I'm back -- and after over a week spend having to lie on my side after that last surgery, it's GOOD to be back. I'm hoping Chris hasn...

On this day in 1998

Did You Win?
   Just moments ago, the winners of the CIC's Ultimate Secret Ops Trivia Contest were announced in #WingNut! For those of you who couldn't attend, here are the winners : Game One runners up, who each...

Final Recap
   It's one more of those reviews on Secret Ops in its entirety now that it's over. This time from Evil Avatar, check it out here....

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