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On this day in 2014

Maniac Bikes to Work
   Tom Wilson was recently spotted in the May/June 2014 issue of Momentum Magazine. It turns out that when the Maniac isn't test piloting a Morningstar, his go-to mode of transport is the trusty bicycle...

On this day in 2013

"What you see is what you play!"
   Ancient Dos Games has posted a thorough retrospective on the original Wing Commander - one of their most frequent requests! They cite GOG as making this review possible, since the author did not play...

On this day in 2012

Forum-Based RPG Recruiting Wingnuts
    Silent Hunter is an experienced role player and Wing Commander fan, but the current lineup of MUD/MUSH-type games don't suit his time zone. The Wing Commander community has a long history of play...

On this day in 2011

Wing Commander's a Computer Eater
   PC Games Hardware has posted an article titled "From Wing Commander to Crysis, The biggest hardware devourers of their times." The piece is more of a photo collage with captions about the couple most...

Is Your System Ready?
   Speaking of high system requirements, here's the preview card for Wing Commander 3. This ad was included with the release of Wing Commander Armada, three months before WC3. It advises fans to double...

On this day in 2010

Retro Review Recalls Wing Commander on Sega CD
   Sega-16 has posted a review of the Sega CD edition of Wing Commander. They note a couple of the issues that crop up in the console conversion, but the game's big highlight is the addition of complete...

On this day in 2009

Radio Broadcasting Resumed
   It's been more than ten years since we launched our very first InfoBurst -- an interview with CIC founders Christopher Reid and Ben Lesnick. Originally a RealAudio show, the CIC InfoBurst later return...

Making the Game: Mission SG1
   We're done with the rookie missions, we're done with the rookie-advanced missions and we're done with the advanced missions. So what's left? Gauntlets! Specifically, more gauntlets, since the advanced...

On this day in 2008

T'Pol Tales
   Red Baron has either an especially keen eye for detail or an obscene love of Star Trek... both things we celebrate in these parts! He noticed that multiple weapons from Wing Commander IV appeared duri...

Garriotted Orbital Laboratory
   That's right, it's another Lord British in Space update -- and we're going to keep running them until we can manage to take up a collection to send Chris Roberts back in time to medieval Europe. Colle...

On this day in 2007

Holding The Line Chapter 217
   Raptor is proudly sticking to his target of one HTL chapter per month with this new release. Hey all, Raptor here HTL continues with Part Four of Check And Mate II. As you saw in previous chapt...

EA Canada's Number One
   GameSpot UK is reporting that EA Canada beat out Nintendo and Konami as the best selling game developer in the United Kingdom for the third consecutive year. EA's Maxis and Redword Shores studios too...

On this day in 2006

Time For More Bible Study
   Here's an exciting update from Joe Garrity: the The Origin Museum has gotten its hands on three Wing Commander Academy production documents! The collection includes the original series bible, a story ...

Ships List Again
   Thought we'd ferreted out even the most obscure ships in our last update? Well, even rocket surgeons can't split the atom every time: it turns out that the TCS Potemkin was missing from the last versi...

On this day in 2005

Print Your Privateer Remake
   AKAImBatman has created DVD case cover art for the Privateer Remake project. It's based on Cyberion's remade splash screen. He has combined the high res printable cover art with a matching CD label ...

Book Your DragonCon Hotels
   Rumors have started to suggest that certain hotel areas for DragonCon 2005 are beginning to book up. If you're taking a group to Atlanta for the party this summer, now's the best time to save your ro...

On this day in 2004

Behind The Scenes: Making The WCM Universe Map
   Everybody remembers the intro to the WC movie. It begins with beautiful views of a great looking universe map with pictures of ships and Kilrathi fading in and out. Well, somebody had to create that.....

WC Saga Shipyard In Operation
   StarmanĀ© has posted the latest feature for the upcoming WC Saga mod. It's a very impressive Kilrathi shipyard. This a conceptual piece, as we don't actually see this design in the games. It's pret...

On this day in 2001

Did You Miss Me?
   WildFire and I have been working hard to DivX the 3Wing Commander 3 missing scenes -- from Hobbes' holo-message to the extended ship take-offs, they're all here... in high quality DivX format! Enjoy.....

   The Rebel Assault jump point poll has been concluded -- the Wing Commander 3/4 style blue jumps easily won over the Prophecy green style tunnels. And so, for now, the violent blue versus green debate ...

Warthog Star-Lances Editor
   ATFW reports that an official release of the StarLancer mission editor is now "unlikely"... Warthog employees had been using their free time to develop the editor, originally promised to ship with the...

1.0 Mentality
   Got Invasion? Word is that the v1.0 Beta is now ready -- and will be in the hands of the authorized Beta testers in the near future... and then should be released to the general public soon after that...

Sweet Little Lies
   The nice folks at the official Bridge Commander site have changed Derek Chester's bio following the recent reaction of the WC community... it's still lies -- but they're less blatant lies, and that co...

On this day in 2000

Peter Telep Chat Tonight
   Tonight at 8 PM EST Peter Telep will be chatting online at CyberTown in the TachyChat section. You can read more about it here.The interface is a little icky, so here's how you get there. I recommend ...

Can't Make a Rash Decision?
   You've heard of Gravel Rash, the sport that's sweeping the system, and you want to have a go, right? But it's so damn expensive, isn't it? All those executives and rich types hogging all the gravel sl...

On this day in 1999

Wing Commander DVD In July
   Locoman has pointed out that has put their listing for the Wing Commander Movie DVD back up. You can find the tiny mention indicating a July release here....

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