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On this day in 2013

Concordia Gets Ferret Shipment
   Howard Day has significantly updated his Concordia Hangar tech demo. The massive Broadsword is now flanked by small escort Ferrets in the bay. Images below show some of the earlier shots of the Ferr...

On this day in 2012

So What Is It?
    The internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation surrounding Roberts Space Industries. Now's your chance to weigh in! Information that's been released so far could suggest either a traditional ...

RSI Propelled Further Into The Future
   Check out the latest flavor text at the Roberts Space Industries Website. The newest piece of fiction delves deeper into the technology behind future space travel: 2214: The March of Progress. ...

Cannon Fodder
   Over at the Roberts Space Industries forum speculation is rampant regarding what Chris Roberts' newest project may be about or what features it may include. While this newest information may not make ...

On this day in 2011

Speed Up Some More
   A recently posted concept art sketch of the Privateer "Speeder" ship has spurred interest in the cool Standoff upgrade that made this craft flyable in the Vision Engine. The patch disappeared somewhe...

Treasures of the Archangel Quadrant: Yena
   These are the first of several updates showing off high resolutions of Privateer 3's different planets. This is Yena, one of the game's agricultural worlds. The two screens were the planet's port and ...

On this day in 2010

Fortitudo super Omnia
   TonViper's Excalibur is nearly complete. Since we last saw it, the ship has taken on a darker tone. Details like guns, engines, decals, vents and armoring are all more clear as well. He's still pla...

On this day in 2009

New Achievement System for Standoff Simulator
   In the weeks since Standoff Episode 5 was released, PopsiclePete has been working hard to add a cool new achievement system to the mission simulator. You earn bronze, silver or gold ribbons for succes...

Rocky Exoplanet Discovered
    Scientists in Spain today announced the discovery of planet Corot-7b. Although there have been several suspected terrestrial worlds discovered outside the solar system, this is the first to be reli...

On this day in 2008

New Ascii Sector Adds Mission Builder
   Version 0.4 of Privateer Ascii Sector has been released with a host of improvements. Several bugs have been fixed and a few minor gameplay tweaks were implemented, but the biggest thing is user-scrip...

Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 35
   This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the first powerups page: CONCEPT: This is a directly gameplay related section. We planned it from early in the project but didn't have a concise list of powerups...

On this day in 2007

Ascii Sector Released
   Version 0.1.1 of the Privateer Ascii Sector fan game is now available! Ascii Sector is a text based game styled after the original Privateer, complete with space combat, ship upgrades and a freeform u...

A Hard Look at NCSoft
   IGN has published an interview with Victor Meinert and John Mueller, two artists working on Tabula Rasa. It's a nice, extensive (and open) look at the evolution of the game's design and artwork... and...

On this day in 2006

Behind The Scenes of Wing Commander III
   The Premiere Edition of Wing Commander III and Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander III came with a bonus CD-ROM that featured a blooper reel and interviews with actors and Origin crew members. O...

Special Civ Set Coming Soon For Game Collectors
   Here's a fun little item. Take2 Interactive has announced a super set of Civilization titles. Similar to C&C First Decade, nearly the entire series is being repackaged in an eight-disc special box. ...

On this day in 2005

See The Alternative Privateer Online Site
   The site created to sell the Privateer Online concept went through more than one incarnation.. there was also one which borrowed the ICIS style from the official Wing Commander Prophecy site. This new...

New Fan Fiction Begins
   Forums member Dahan has posted the first chapters of 2628 - An officer's beginning to the Fan Fiction board. There was the Pilgrim conflict, the first Kilrathi War, then the Border Worlds and Bla...

On this day in 2004

Dijkman Sketches The Battle of Earth Up Close
   Dijkman has sketched another scene for everybody. The picture is set in an Arrow cockpit chasing a Dralthi over Earth. "Earth?" you might say, then this must be a scene from the Battle of E...

Ships of the Animated Series: Jalkehi
   Next up is the Sabre's Kilrathi counterpart, the Jalkehi-class Heavy Fighter. Gharal nar Hhallas leads a flight of Jalkehi appears in Episode 4, "Word of Honor," and they show up on the flight deck of...

On this day in 2003

Noninterlaced Kilrathi Saga Trailer Released
   Tolwyn from the Wing Commander Saga project has processed the original Kilrathi Saga intro so it is now playable with the divx codec instead of xanmovie. It's a few megs smaller than the original at ...

Homeworld 2 Ships Today
   The space based real time strategy game Homeworld 2 ships out today. Certain stores should see it by tomorrow. The original was the first to get this type of game implemented well in three dimension...

On this day in 2002

The First Just Got Better
   Thanks to Raylight we now have a direct version of the first Wing Commander Prophecy screenshot -- so you can see a fair bit more detail than you could in the mis-colored, grainy magazine scan. They a...

Take Your First Shot
   Obee of WingCenter.De has posted the first publically available Prophecy GBA screenshot to the Chat Zone! Apparently it's from an Italian gaming magazine -- if anyone has the related article, please l...

WCPolaroids: Anderson (2/4)
   Lieutenant Anderson sure is happy... maybe because he doesn't know what kind of Lieutenant he is! Now there's a bad segue! But a serious issue: according to the Wing Commander Prophecy Official Guide ...

On this day in 1999

Peter Telep Website Contest Ends
   Sorry for not getting the word out sooner, but the long-running Peter Telep website contest ended at midnight Wednesday. There was at least one last minute entry. You can check it, and all the previ...

Belgian Bliss
   Kris Vanhecke got a chance to check out Wing Commander, recently released in Belgium. He's given us links to a summary/photo/showtimes website in the Kinepolis group and a general showtimes site at ww...

Australia and New Zealand Premieres Together
   Today the Movie comes out in Australia and New Zealand. They've been waiting for it for a long time. Feel free to drop us a line if anything neat happens in your Wing Commander adventures....

On this day in 1998

You've Got Mail, ICIS and ISDN
   As per regulation there's been another cool fiction update today at Included are four new articles, some of which varies depending on your password. Check it out......

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