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On this day in 2013

PC Gamer Reviews Wing Commander Prophecy
   Next in our series of old Prophecy reviews is PC Gamer's. The reviewer praises the upgraded graphics that run smoothly even without 3D acceleration (some people didn't have one, or they had a chipset ...

Eterium Demo Released
   Longtime visitor Andrew Luby is still plugging away at his Wing Commander inspired space sim Eterium. If you don't see the WC roots, just check out that familiar looking logo graphic! Since we first ...

On this day in 2012

Take a Trip from T'lan Meth to the Tri-System
   ScoobyDoo has some more exotic Wing Commander ships to share with his fellow fans. The first of today's diverse bunch is a 'mechanized' Piranha that sticks a little closer to its roots than previous ...

On this day in 2011

Fleet Assembled for Last Line of Defense
   There's a couple new images that show off the latest with Last Line of Defense. The first is an updated graphic highlighting the vertical launch system featured in the mod. It's a pretty good battle...

EA Promotes "Origin" as Austin Studio Expands
   Electronic Arts has been laying out its latest strategy in a recent series of calls and announcements. Joystiq quoted the company's CEO in regards to the current three-point plan: For fiscal 201...

On this day in 2010

Video Review Highlights Awesome Port
   Brand new member Decay has posted a thorough video review of Wing Commander 3 for the 3DO. He's captured tons of video footage and narrates throughout. Unlike the Playstation port, the 3DO...

On this day in 2009

Kilrathi Female Gets Eyes & Medals
   There's a (slightly) less creepy update to Michelle's female Kilrathi model. Textures have been improved overall, and the uniform is now complete. The body will continue to be refined so that the ou...

Making the Game: Comms for Simulator
   Today's set of comm messages are those that appear in Prophecy's simulator. We know the 'sim went through many different design concepts during its development, but a lot of these seem to be the final...

On this day in 2008

Collateral Damage Mod Presents New Bird
   JasonRocz has released new pictures of his Firekkan fighter design for the Collateral Damage Secret Ops mod. This is an updated version of the model from last week's update. The textures were inspired...

Making the Game - Part 84
   Here's a cool one - detailed rosters for all three of Wing Commander Prophecy's squadrons. Ever wondered who really commanded the Black Widows, or what Bishop's rank was? Now you can find out! ...

On this day in 2007

A Prize Catch
    EA Community Manager James Pond has posted about the upcoming Wing Commander Tournament to the EA Arcade forums. He's done a lot of research and found links to all of the various competitor's covera...

Bad Reviews
   Though we hate to be the bearers of bad news, GameSpot and IGN have posted very negative reviews of Wing Commander Arena. This is all especially puzzling given that both sites each positively reviewed...

Open Your Internet Hole
    There have been reports of difficulties connecting to Arena multiplayer games. The user will see a message that says unable to connect to game before being dropped back to the menu. This happens whe...

On this day in 2006

Heart of The Tiger Movie Released!
   Queeg has managed to turn Wing Commander III into a full length movie. His 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project uses selected video scenes and actual gameplay footage to deliver the complete experience ...

New FreeSpace Model Meshes With Wing 2
   Back in May we reported that ScoobyDoo was working on a standalone model package that adds Wing Commander inspired ships to FreeSpace 2. The pack includes actual WC designs as well as various hybrids ...

On this day in 2005

Standoff Episode 2 Release Date Announced
   The launch date for the second episode of Wing Commander Standoff has been announced! The adventure continues on August 10. Now's the time to wrap up Episode 1 if you haven't finished it yet. Every...

Take A Closer Look At Gemini's Centurion
   The Privateer Gemini Gold team has produced a profile of the popular Centurion. BradMick created the model featured in the game, and PeteyG's original textures were updated for Gemini Gold's release....

On this day in 2004

Only Two Weeks To Go!
   The CIC's birthday is more than just an excuse to give our visitors lots of prizes. It is also when we unveil brand new site content which have consumed many, many hours of our time. This year is no e...

A Round Table?
   Clive Owen (Lev Arris in Privateer 2) trades his BMW for a horse in the new King Arthur movie. Owen portrays Artorius, the Roman commander in Britain, who must defend the northern border of the Empire...

WC Saga Campaign Details Unveiled
   It seems that Tolwyn has decided that people have been kept in suspense long enough over how the ...

On this day in 2003

New 3D Animation in the Works
   lorddarthvik over at Crius has posted new information on an upcoming movie/animation he's putting together. He's looking for feedback on a couple promo shots that he's released. The project looks pr...

Week Five Trivia Hits The Dirt
   Week Five Trivia is out now and you've got one week to work on your answers. The current game will end in two weeks at the CIC Birthday Party. It's never too late to join in on the fun however. You...

Torchic GBA Launches in the US Today
   The previously Japan-only limited edition orange Torchic GBA SP system launches in the US today. It's only available at the Pokemon Center in New York or through their website. If you've got a spice...

On this day in 2001

More Movie Clothes
   Here's another for you rare item fans to check out... the movie crew shirt! These were given to everybody who worked on the Wing Commander Movie... The interesting thing? The patch is actually stitche...

Flame On!
   Here's an odd request: Kinnear wants to know if anyone can help him make a decent flamejet... for a big Wing Commander project! As far as I know, a flamejet is the sort of thing you find in

From: Kain Borman, Kraven Technologies
   Personal E-Mail to Ser Lev ArrisSer Arris, I have a very delicate situation in which I require your assistance. I am due to be doing a presentaiton to our board of directors tomorrow, on a new experim...

On this day in 2000

Makes You Wonder What the Execs Are Thinking..
   GameCenter has done a few of these it seems, but recently there was a new feature on games that should have done better. A number of Electronic Arts/Origin games are the subject because of poor marke...

Is This A Historic Day?
   I've debated whether or not it's appropriate to mention ...

On this day in 1999

How The War Goes
   I've had a lot of mail wondering about the status of my quest for Kilrathi Saga, Wing Commander IV & Prophecy DVDs. I'm happy to say that I've received about three hundred mails on the subject, all of...

KS Me, You Fool, source of what are no doubt some very annoying Buy.Com commercials, claims to have the oft-searched Kilrathi Saga package in stock for $30.60! Grab it while you can....

Live or Die By 'Em
   Or at least so says Stiletto. SETI@Home now has a comprehensive personal statistics tracker... go find out how you fare against everybody else....

Privateer Online dot De-lightful
   I just want to be sure and thank for the kind words about us in their latest update... I'm really looking forward to working alongside them once its time to start reporting some ser...

   Fitness reporter Arnold Viril writes. Hello, muscle fans. This year's Beautiful Body Bash is taking place on Janus IV; any iron-pumper who's got talents to display should get down there and flex their...

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