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On this day in 2013

Crossbow Locked & Loaded On Concordia's Deck
   The fully refined Crossbow bomber that we saw about a week ago has been added to the Concordia Hangar. Howard Day has managed to cram quite a few ships in there! Although the bay always seems cavern...

On this day in 2012

Breaking: Chris Roberts Conducting Live Chat At RSI!
   Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts is currently conducting a live chat at the Roberts Space Industries site that wingnuts can access here. More than 150 fans are asking Chris Roberts questions about...

On this day in 2011

Tiger's Claw Major Assembly Finished
   Malcolm Reynolds has posted new pictures with the latest on his cardboard Tiger's Claw model. All of the major body pieces are now together, and the conning tower has been added. Side docking bay po...

On this day in 2010

Richard Garriott Getting Married
   Origin founder and space pioneer Richard Garriot has announced that he's now engaged to girlfriend Laetitia Pichot de Cayeux! Everything became official last weekend. Congrats! I hope they get marr...

Frontier Episode 1HD Released
   There's been some big updates in the works for the Frontier - Prelude to Darkness animated series. Episode 1 has been rereleased in high definition. You can check it out ...

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 56
   Scene 56 could almost qualify for 'lost scene' status, as you have only one brief chance to see it (and you can't save beforehand--attempting to do so loses the option). Blair receives a message from ...

On this day in 2009

Wing 3 Transport Still in Service
   Some time ago, JasonRocZ started working on a Kilrathi transport design based on the Sha'kar from Wing Commander 3. It still needs turrets and details, but it already has textures similar to those of ...

Download Full Length Movies
   For the many new visitors to the site this year, Queeg's movie projects are a must-have. They run for a combined five hours and weigh in at nearly three gigabytes. Grab the XviD codec or VLC player if...

On this day in 2008

Wing Commander 3 Fandub?
   I'll be honest: I don't quite know what this is! RedPhoenix recently sent us this email: I'm a great fan of the WC-series and I also visit your webpage many times. I wanted to show you a Fandub fro...

Making the Games: Wing Commander IV Capital Ships
   Yesterday we showed you eleven Wing Commander IV 'action pose' ship images. They were used by the official site and the Official Guide back in 1995-6... but what both of those products lacked were any...

On this day in 2007

Fearsome Fralthi Fabricated
   Where there's Gratha, there might also be Fralthi close behind. Michelle has followed up on her 500 polygon fighter model with a 500 poly capship. The main spaceframe is one solid mesh with engines ...

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Seventeen
   Here's another look at the missing Centurion, this time from the original model sheet sketches. The Centurion model was actually completely rendered and textured - we saw the finished version when we ...

On this day in 2006

HBO Concluding Wing Commander Season
   After enthusiastically kicking off a high definition Wing Commander run in January, it looks like HBO's near-constant broadcasts of the movie are about to wind down. The only upcoming air date is Wed...

Download A Holovid Today
   With so many big things going on this month, we're about to set a new bandwidth record. You might have already downloaded Prophecy movies, Academy or Heart of the Tiger, but CIC Holovids is full of f...

On this day in 2005

Gemini Gold's New Galaxy Shaping Up
   The Gemini Gold team is currently working with Lathan Stanley to texture BradMick's Galaxy. The goal was to bring the ship's textures more in line with the original Privateer's style. You can check ...

Striker Draws The #Wingnut Crew
   Major Striker has created a very creepy and extremely cool drawing of Wing Commander fans. It was inspired by a group shot taken during DragonCon 2004. From left to right, the fans depicted are Blon...

On this day in 2004

CIC Hit By Bandwidth Crisis
   The end of the month is a difficult time for a lot of websites, and the CIC is no different. While going over our traffic figures I noticed we have too much bandwidth left over this month! Please help...

Crius Welcomes WCU Forums
   The Wing Commander Universe: Privateer Remake project has chosen the CIC Forums to house their discussion boards. The team aims to recreate Privateer in the Vega Strike open source engine. ...

On this day in 2003

Return of the King?
   Zor Prime reports that he spoke with John Rhys Davies (Paladin, Wing Commanders 3 & 4) at the Dallas SciFi Expo last weekend... and that Mr. Davies claims that he'll be having lunch with Chris Roberts...

The Way We Weren't
   Here, for your enjoyment, is the original first draft script summary for Wing Commander V (later Wing Commander Prophecy). It's pretty vague, but it includes two elements that clearly would have impro...

On this day in 2002

The Stars My Destination Software, Inc.
   The official web site of Destination Software, Inc., publishers of Wing Commander Prophecy GBA is back at long last! There's a Wing Commander Prophecy section (and their flash movie has a Prophecy seg...

WCPolaroids: Casey (1/24)
   And now, the next set of Wing Commander Prophecy Polaroids, courtesy of Adam Foshko, the Origin Museum and Cpl Hades. Well, I'd do pretty much anything for a Confed Duffel Bag... I'd even... sit throu...

On this day in 2001

Ex-WC Team Member Speaks
   Those of you familiar with the Star Wars Galaxies site will know that it regularly features a team member talking their past and other weird and wonderful things. Quite a few people who once worked on...

Get Your Maniac Autographs Here
   Stephen Clark wrote to let us know that Tom Wilson aka Maniac will be at the FX-2002 show in Orlando. If you want to meet him in the flesh and maybe get an autograph, you can find out when, why, and h...

On this day in 2000

Trivia 3 - Week 1
   So begins the third game of CIC/agwc trivia! The rules are identical to the last game, but all scores have been reset to allow everyone a fresh start. The trivia has been running for over three years,...

Movie Magic
   Alexander Grober is working on an exciting new fan project... here's what he says about it!Hi there,My name is Alexander Grober and I'm from Germany. I'm planning a new Wing Commander Project at the m...

Red Planet Note
   As an update from yesterday, Red Planet is currently available in stores -- thanks to everyone who wrote in....

On this day in 1998

Mr. Almond's Opus
   CIC staff member Barrie "Cpl Hades" Almond has released the MS Word version of his Secret Ops guide. Patterned after the Wing Commander Prophecy official guide, the Secret Ops guide is meant to fill t...

How'd They Do That?
   WORF reports that the British magazine PC Zone's December issue contains episodes 2-5 of Secret Ops. He also reports that the next issue (either the Christmas or January edition) should contain episod...

Means to an End
   A remind for those dragging their heals, Secret Ops will no long be available for download after October 31st, which is tommorrow. Grab it while you can!...

CGW Ranks Gold
   The new issue of Computer Gaming World (December, 1998)'s cover article, Holiday Hot 100, features Wing Commander Prophecy Gold as the #5 Space Sim for this year. Gold trails I-War, Heavy Gear II, Sta...

Warning! SO Buyers!
   Apparently the new issue of PC Accelerator is advertising that its cover disc contains the entire Secret Ops. Reports are that this is not true... it contains only the first episode. Buyer beware!...

I Really Need a Vacation...
   Well, it's that time of the year... school and the CIC have taken their toll and left me kinda burnt out. That said, I'm heading to Austin, Texas to look at school there in the hopes that I'll end up ...

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