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On this day in 2021

Intriguing Board Game Invites Wingnut Feedback
   This one isn't strictly WC-related, but longtime Wingnut and CIC visitor Vidmaster has released a free tabletop game that looks pretty neat. It's a work in progress that's ready for prospective playe...

On this day in 2020

Peek at Paul's Playful Pins
   Privateer 2 programmer Paul Hughes recently shared a pic of some vintage Origin trinkets. Over the years, Mr. Hughes has been a wonderful source of amusing anecdotes and behind-the-scenes info, and t...

On this day in 2019

Another Freelancer Faction Bulks Up
   The Freelancer port project is quickly filling out. L.I.F. has been adding to the Bretonian faction, including several spiffy capships. He's used older Confed designs for their ships and will be usi...

On this day in 2018

Flat Universe Tournament This Saturday!
   The Maslas Brothers has been hard at work all summer to fine tune the online code for Wing Commander Flat Universe, and now they're ready to share it with you! The team will hold a dogfighting tourna...

On this day in 2017

Happy Hour Museum: Wing Commander IV
    I was once again recently lucky enough to spend an hour in the Wing Commander universe at my day job! Last week's RSI Happy Hour Museum segment covered the development of Wing Commander IV. Enjoy! ...

On this day in 2016

Flat Universe Shows Off Wear & Tear
   The MaslasBrothers are back at it again with another preview of Wing Commander Flat Universe. Today's update shows off the enhanced level of detail that they've added to their ships. This time there...

On this day in 2015

Wing Commander Broadcasting On German TV
   In this day and age, with all the online streaming options for the WC movie, it's hard to imagine anyone not having either purchased a digital copy of the movie or having access to a streaming service...

On this day in 2014

Saturn Preview Provides Glimpse At Canceled Product
   Andi Green posted this neat French preview for Wing Commander 3 on the Sega Saturn. The Heart of the Tiger was rereleased for 3DO, Playstation, Macintosh and Windows, but the Saturn port never saw th...

On this day in 2013

Shrike Strikes Hard with the Right Pilot
   ScoobyDoo is back with another underappreciated Wing Commander ship. He's modeled the Shrike bomber in his characteristic heavy metal style. By some accounts, the TB-81 was a fairly average strike c...

WC Documentation Guru Interviewed at RSI
    Roberts Space Industries has posted a new employee profile that introduces readers to an Origin vet that has a long history working with the Wing Commander franchise. David Ladyman joined OSI in ...

On this day in 2012

RPG Fills Out Massive List of Character Summaries
   It's been another productive month for capi's Wing Commander RPG. The project's website/wiki has gotten a clean overhaul, and its weekly updates have demonstrated steady progress. Since mid August o...

Eight Days To Go
   The Roberts Space Industries updates continue as the clock ticks down towards the big reveal. Today sees a Commlink post about yesterday's Gamespot interview and Chris Roberts interview. The Tim...

On this day in 2011

Retro Rapier Reaches Reality
   Klavs has started to take his awesome Confed fighter renders and turn them into real life models! Thanks to the emerging rapid prototyping / 3D printing industry, it's now possible to turn digitized ...

Claws Bloodied and Victorious
   The new CIC poll asks which Kilrathi fighter is the scariest to face in combat. There's a lot to choose from, so we narrowed the list down to some of the most fearsome. Which options on the poll wer...

On this day in 2010

See Hostile Frontier's Frontier Spacescape
   Kevin Caccamo has posted quite a few pretty ships for the Hostile Frontier mod recently, but where will they fly? Here's some images of the beautiful nebula in the "Oecumene System" that will serve a...

4000 Days of Wing Commander News
   By our reckoning, today is the 4000th day that we've updated the CIC front page! In twelve years of operation, we've been around for some 4400 days. At first glance, that looks like a 90% update rat...

On this day in 2009

Collateral Damage Gets Some Support
   Here's a look at some of the support craft to be featured in Wing Commander Collateral Damage. The blue ship is an enhanced version of the SAR-23 Condor. It sports extra fuel tanks, a pair of Ionic ...

Making the Game: Web Fiction - Episode 1
   The fiction for Secret Ops' first episode is easy enough -- there's no branching, so it's not practically any different from the 'lead in' fiction. One interesting note: this version of the fiction in...

On this day in 2008

Nintendo Backs Away from Advance
   Joystiq is reporting that Nintendo has announced the 'DSi', the presumptive successor to the Nintendo DS. The new handheld gimmick is a pair of digital cameras, which it combines with a 12% thinner ca...

Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 51
   This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the first Port Broughton page: CONCEPT: See the previous post! I do want to note that this article is a pastiche - it's supposed to sound like an overly dramati...

On this day in 2007

Rocks Around the Clock
   The Wing Commander Saga FreeSpace 2 mod has gone to the... rocks! They've updated their website with two images of the K Ha Haf, the Kilrathi 'asteroid fighter' introduced in Wing Commander III. The f...

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Four
   Today we're showcasing another wonderful Arrow image - this is a mock-up image created to work out what afterburners should look like in Wing Commander Arena. Remember that Arena was originally a comp...

On this day in 2006

Six Chances To Catch Wing Commander In October
   HBO's October Wing Commander schedule is now online. The fun starts this Wednesday and continues through 10/22. Instead of HBO HD and HBO Latino, the broadcasts switch to HBO2 and HBO Family this mo...

CNN Recognizes Trend-Setting Wing Commander
   Episodic gaming is big business these days. Games like Half Life 2, SiN and Sam & Max are just a few new titles being released as a series of chapters. A lot of articles talk about these games like ...

On this day in 2005

Time To Order Flight Suits
   A lot of people ask about the flight suits that we wear at events like DragonCon. They've been listed as a future item in our Merchandise area for a while, and we'd like to take a limited number of o...

Flex Tries A Caernaven
   Flex, a newcomer to the 3D modeling scene, has posted a work-in-progress shot of a Caernavon class frigate. It is not identical to what you see in-game as Flex has added his own twist on certain featu...

On this day in 2004

Ships of the Animated Series: Sleeper Ship
   In "Recreation" the Tiger's Claw rescues The Warrior King's sleeper ship from a Kilrathi tug. He had ostensibly been using the ship to try to track down his Orb of Nature following the events of a Mor...

Void War Contest: Final Reminder
   This is your last opportunity to e-mail us for a chance to win a free copy of Void War. To qualify, you must send us your name and a description of your favorite moment in a space-sim (any series). ...

On this day in 2003

John Rhys-Davies Appearing at Dallas Comic Con
   ZorPrime noticed that John Rhys-Davies, Paladin from Wing Commander 3 & 4, will be appearing at the Dallas Comic Con on October 25. He'll be there for just one day to primarily promote his Lord of th...

On this day in 2000

Help SubSpace!
   Filler reports that the Wing Commander SubSpace zone is well under way! He's looking for 3D modellers familiar with texture mapping to assist in the project. Want to help? Write the man here....

Elder Echelon
   Paul Laprad sends the below e-mail regarding a previous post about Echelon... I have a game from the early 90's (seems so long ago now) called Echelon, it was an early flight sim in which you fle...

On this day in 1999

Incursion Site Updated
   The website for the fan-made movie Wing Commander Incursion has been cleaned up a bit. Korax also let us know that there should be a new trailer with a bit of theme to it in a couple weeks. Also of n...

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