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On this day in 2015

Flat Universe Prepares to Land
   Maslas has posted another set of teaser images for Wing Commander Flat Universe. It shows a cutscene landing sequence that leads up to docking at the game's main Daedalus Station base. Then we catch...

On this day in 2014

Scimitar Enters the Jet Age
   wackymidget has had some time to think about his reimagined Scimitar design since he first showed it off, and this second version has a new look. The lines are a little more sleek this time around, a...

Ultima Online Approved by Steam Greenlight
   Since being shifted from EA Mythic to a 3rd party studio, Broadsword, in February, the team behind Ultima Online has been pushing to reinvigorate the franchise. UO and Dark Age of Camelot have both b...

On this day in 2013

RetroN 5 Plays SNES, S Famicon & GBA WC Console Games
   The Hyperkin RetroN 5 is an upcoming console that emulates a number of popular gaming machines. The system has slots for NES, SNES, Super Famicon, Sega Genesis, Megadrive and Gameboy Color/Advance. If...

On this day in 2012

A Trip to the WC Universe is Right
   PlaySF magazine has put together a wacky article on Wing Commander and Christopher Blair. From the perspective of an inter-dimensional time traveler, the author jumps back in time to the year AD 2700...

On this day in 2011

Prepare to Pounce from the Shadows
   Iceblade is working on a new mission for Flight Commander, and he's incorporating some of the advanced new features in development for FC 1.7. There aren't a whole lot of details, but the tidbits vis...

Announcing Wing Commander Fleet Assault!
    It turns out the mission preview above is just a teaser for a larger project! Iceblade has announced a brand new game in the Flight Commander engine, Wing Commander Fleet Assault. It's not just ...

On this day in 2010

Vendetta Online Gets a Wing Commander Audio Overhaul
   CrazySpence has put together a really cool plugin for the Vendetta Online MMO space sim. His addon replaces the game's native sound with classic tracks from the original Wing Commander game. Downloa...

Remembering a Reliable Wingman
   On this day in 2665, the TCS Concordia came under attack in the Gwynedd System. Captains Christopher Blair and Elizabeth "Shadow" Norwood responded and engaged the oncoming Kilrathi fighters. Unfort...

On this day in 2009

Kilrathi Ships Incorporated Into EAW Mod
   The Kilrathi Invasion fleet has been added to the Star Wars: Empire at War game engine. Major Payne now has eight Kilrathi ships cruising the space lanes in his nifty mod. Fighters and starbases are...

Making the Game: Phonetic Alphabet
   This is exactly what it sounds like (no pun intended): a phonetic alphabet for the Wing Commander world, presumably for standardizing things like missile calls and Spyder's taunts. It seems to differ ...

On this day in 2008

The Little Transport That Could
   In real life, clydesdales are bred to be as big and strong as possible... but not here! PĂ©ricles, the man behind the amazing Paper Commander models, is putting together a Clydesdale transport... a re...

Free Republic for Which it Stands
   QuailPilot has put pen to paper to scanner and created a neat sketch of a Banshee light fighter in Landreich colors (and in front of a Landreich flag.) A strange choice, but a cool picture! ...

On this day in 2007

The Vampire Strikes Back
   Kris has found a fantastic thread at Starship Modeler where a professional model builder, Alfred Wong, is showing off a Wing Commander project. It's a 1/100 scale model of an F-109 Vampire Space Supe...

Ascii Sector Coming Together
    Chris Knudsen popped up to share this status update on Privateer Ascii Sector. Standardized missions and the game's flight engine are well on their way to being complete. When those items are wrap...

On this day in 2006

WC Ship Pack For Bridge Commander In Work
   BES has been quietly working on a neat addition to Star Trek Bridge Commander. So far he's managed to import the Vesuvius class carrier and is currently working on integrating the Excalibur and Thund...

Flight Commander To Flying Robots - Eddie Does It All
    A lot of people working on mods and fan projects have claimed to be "busy with work" lately, but Flight Commander developer eddieb is going to prove it! When he's not developing new ways for fans t...

On this day in 2005

Watch Blair Eulogize Hobbes
   TomGaines has dug up and encoded the Hobbes funeral scene from Wing Commander 3. The video was left on the discs, though the normal course of the game will not reveal the clip. Since Hobbes played su...

EA Announces Fiscal 2005 Results
   Electronic Arts has announced their Fiscal 2005 (ending March 31, 2005) results. You can find a recording of their conference call yesterday here. Total revenue reached a record high with a 6% incre...

On this day in 2004

The Truth Shall Set You Free
   To help promote the 'lost' Wing Commander novel, Pilgrim Truth, we've set up a web page devoted to Wing Commander movie author Peter Telep! We've also added HTML versions of the Pilgrim Truth prologue...

You Will Adapt to Service Us
   Mark Vearrier sent us another image as thanks for posting about his auctions! This logo was used on a shirt given out to Origin employees some years back... and I think it pretty much speaks for itsel...

On this day in 2001

SWC Ship of the Day: Drayman
   The Drayman Project was our last, best hope for peace. A self-contained transport 96 meters long, located in neutral territory. A ship of commerce and military stuff for a quarter of sixty-four humans...

Saga Updated
   The Wing Commander Saga website has been re-designed with a great new look! Check it out! The proejct is a Wing Commander total conversion for Conquest: Frontier Wars....

   A winner is us! Here's the results to the recent ActionVault poll which asked "Which of these classic space sim series is your favorite?". It just re-enforces my belief that anything is better than De...

On this day in 1999

What a Nice Guy
   After seeing the WC movie, avid WC fan Paul Tseng took the time to actually write and snail mail Chris Roberts to express his thoughts about the movie. And to return the gesture, Roberts sent Tseng a...

Armada Anyone?
   Jon Hoffman asked us to reissue his Armada Battle Challenge. If there appears to be a lot of interest in Armada telephone modem battles, we could also set up a sub-section here at the CIC dedicated t...

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