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On this day in 2014

Let's Play Prophecy!
   Whistler has come across another Wing Commander entry at the website. The Let's Play Archive is a place where gamers can document their play-through experience with screenshots, video an...

On this day in 2013

Round Two Casting Begins for A Defiant Few
   Despite some trouble filling the lead female character, Plywood Fiend reports that episode 1 of his new audio adventure has been cast. Scripts have now been distributed and the first chapter of "A De...

On this day in 2012

This Clawk Marks is Super
   One of the most fantastic websites on the entire Internet, Pix's Origin Adventures, has posted a nice high res scan of the game manual for the Super Famicom version of Wing Commander 1. This edition ...

On this day in 2011

Missions are the Mission at Hand
   January has been a tremendous month for the WCPedia! There are now more than 1,600 articles, some 150 penned in just the last couple weeks. Game missions have been a big push as they lay the foundat...

On this day in 2010

Gamerlimit Reunites With an Old Friend
   Although a few weeks late for the game's 15th birthday, GamerLimit has honored a special title in its 'retro reunion' feature. Wing Commander 3 gets the nod for its incredibly immersive and as-advert...

On this day in 2009

EA Replay Hits European PlayStation Network Store
   Starman let us know that apparently EA Replay - a compilation of retro EA titles ported to the PSP - has been added to the European flavor of the Playstation network. The Threespeech Blog - a "semi o...

Paper Commander Downloads Restored
   Pericles recently had some issues with the file distribution for his amazing paper models, but the good news is that everything should now be back to normal. If you recently went to try and download ...

On this day in 2008

Two Hats Are Better Than One
   McGruff has a neat creation to show off today. He's ordered a custom crew cap for the TCS Princeton, a Concordia class carrier featured in Wing Commander 4. It was inspired by the TCS Eisen hats the...

Point of Origin: Vol. IV, No. 60
   Warning - the October 7th, 1994 issue of The Point of Origin contains a photograph of a man kissing Wing Commander Armada... so download it quick! The drought of Wing Commander references is ending --...

On this day in 2007

Cover All Your Bases
   Chris Knudsen has published more screenshots from his amazing Privateer: ASCII Sector project! He writes: "It's an agricultural base, hence the yellow fields of grain. The green dot is the player. The...

Join The Action Extreme Team
   Eager Wing Commander fans have already grabbed more than two terabytes of files from the CIC so far this year, but we have more bandwidth to use up before the month is out. One of the most popular do...

On this day in 2006

Take Two Promos And Play Till Morning
   There have been a few questions lately about the special promotional cards for the Wing Commander Customizable Card Game. Both cards had fancier designs and were more powerful when used in the game. ...

Striker Settles A Fight
   Major Striker has posted his second comic based around a guy in a Wing Commander flight suit and helmet. There is also a new character who is currently unnamed, but could actually be ace. The comic de...

On this day in 2005

Meet Tom Wilson In LA
   Stephen from sent a note to let us know that Tom Wilson will be attending a Back to the Future encore presentation in Los Angeles, where he'll also take part in a Q&A session. You don't have ...

Latest Austrian Comics Get Translated
   Since the discovery of a further two Austrian comics last week, we've been confused about what the comics actually mean. Well, wonder no more as Starman has provided us with translations lovingly phot...

On this day in 2004

New Reckoning Build Released
   Tomanak noticed that the renewed effort to bring Wing Commander ships into the Freelancer engine has made a new build available. The Hellcat, Vindicator, Thunderbolt, Crossbow and half a dozen other ...

Pens, Pens, Pens
   Our new shipment of pens just arrived from the Agincourt, so we're back up to a reasonable stock level. I should be able to catch up on a few old debts before too long. Thought you might want to che...

On this day in 2003

WC Movie in Brazil
   According to Forums poster and ex-agwc poster Delance, you can catch everyone's favorite movie tomorrow.. but only if you're in Brazil! Wing Commander will be on FOX this thursday 2000 hours on FOX...

WCPolaroids: Extras (7/16)
   Only extras get paid to sit around and do absolutely nothing. Extras and EA's game approving department. Yeah. ...

On this day in 2002

German Book Questions
   For thousands of years, man has pondered one topic above all -- German Wing Commander Guides. My limited research indicates that there seem to be at least nine... but Americans know next to nothing ab...

WCSaga: Grin and Bearcat It
   The Wing Commander Saga mod for Conquest: Frontier Wars site has been updated with two new screenshots -- the Black Lance transport and the F-104 Bearcat. ...

On this day in 2001

Congratulations HTL!
   The Wing Commander Aces storyline arc "Holding The Line" has reached a major milestone this week. Yesterday marked its second anniversary and the one hundredth PBM fiction chapter was released. Since ...

Trivia Week 14 Released
   A few people have said the past few weeks have been harder than usual, so for Week 14 I'm giving everyone a bit of a break. You should find these a bit easier than last time.Welcome to Game Three, Wee...

On this day in 2000

More POL Rumors From Germany found the following in the latest issue of the German magazine GameStar:Wing Commander OnlineOriginWork started2001Internet Comeback w/o Chris Roberts but with Andy Hollis (Longbow...

CIC Says Adieu to Chat Zones
   We had to temporarily disable the Chat Zones while we transfered the board files to our new server. This process has been completed without loss of posts or user profiles. The Zones will be fully func...

The Wing Commander Source Code Release Project
   Jumper is trying to convince Origin to release the Wing Commander 1 source code. He asks that you e-mail him at if you want to have your name included in a list of supporters th...

Wing Commander Video Already Available in Israel
   Anihu reports that he rented the Wing Commander movie from a Blockbusters earlier this week. Not your average country......

It's Caviar to the General...
   What is? Why, the General's rib-stickin' taste-bud ticklin' Leviathan-sized portions of griddled Shantak Bird, that's what.Marinated in a time-honored mixture of herbes, spices and avian bodily secret...

On this day in 1999

CIC Worldwide
   Yesterday the CIC reached a bit of a milestone. Nedstats reports that 105 different "national" internet domains have visited the site. We're reading that to mean approximately 100 countries (taking ...

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