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On this day in 2014

Hellcat Model Ready for Final Hull Texture
   Whiplash's Hellcat is nearing the home stretch. Panel lines have been completely chiseled into the space frame, so all that remains is the actual painting. Gray filler sections are first, and they'r...

On this day in 2013

WC Saga Keyboard Reference Helps Players
   It's been a year now since WC Saga was released, and a steady trickle of fans are still stumbling upon this major fan project. Since the game uses a non-WC spaceflight engine, some Wingnuts may be un...

On this day in 2012

Dozens of High Quality WC Models Available
   With all of the fan mod excitement recently in the air, this is a reminder that the CIC hosts a large archive of Origin's ship models. It includes almost all of the ships from Wing Commander 2 & Priv...

On this day in 2011

Immortal 4 Now Taking Orders
   The classic Amiga video game music album Immortal 4 went on presale today. The price is $24.95 Euro or US $32.19, and orders start shipping April 11. The last song of the 35-track arrangement is a re...

On this day in 2010

How Much for the Plasma Gun Option?
   Here's some more interesting renders that Red Baron made out of the Origin 3d model archive. These show off the exquisite detail that went into making the background vehicles on the major bases. The...

Ten Thousand and Counting...
   Here at the CIC we're especially proud of the Wing Commander community and its ability to generate a seemingly endless stream of nonstop news material. Who would have thought we'd still be pumping ou...

On this day in 2009

Kilrathi Invasion Fleet Bolstered
   Work on incorporating Kilrathi capships into the Invasion mod continues. The Hvar'kann class dreadnought design is featured below, and work is in progress on both light and heavy destroyers now. Maj...

Making the Game: Mission G1
   Mission G1 is G'Mar 1 (easy to remember!), the initial attack on the alien comm station. Most interesting part? "We need to add a background reason to stage an attack here first. For instance, this ba...

On this day in 2008

WC HD - 22 Chances to See
   Great news for everyone still hoping to catch the Wing Commander movie in HD -- it has made its way to UniversalHD, a channel included standard with many cable packages! What's more, it's on the sched...

Rare Wood
   JasonRocZ has updated yet another ship for his Collateral Damage mod project. Recognize it? It should be familiar if you have a discerning -- and fast -- eye! It's an updated version of the Belleau Wo...

On this day in 2007

Complete Your Holovid Collection
   While our Holovids section continues to grow, it's quite easy to overlook some of the original content. In addition to old favorite WC Academy episodes, we also have a complete set of DVD quality vide...

Wing 4 Movie Technical Details
   Queeg has released a third test clip from his Price of Freedom movie project. This one is more of a technical test than the other two, but it's good to see the project is in active development. The cl...

On this day in 2006

Kilrathi Sketch Artist Examines Female Form
   Ninjala has inked another Kilrathi design. This one is a Kilrathi female heavily inspired by the markings on the walls near the Tome of Sivar. Her stance is very similar to the ancient Kilrathi art,...

Former Origin GM Discusses Innovative Game Features
   Quite a bit of content filtered out of last week's Game Developers' Conference. One of many popular topics of discussion was the concept of "Feature IP" pushed by EALA vice president Neil Young. The...

On this day in 2005

Saga Gets The Flashlight Out
   We've always commented on how dark screenshots taken in the Freespace engine have been, but we didn't realise that the darkness in the WC Saga mod was by choice. Now gevatter Lars has shown what is po...

First Dragon*Con Guests Announced
   The first copy of the Dragon*Con guest list is now online, something we eagerly watch at it's updated throughout the year. Even at this early stage, there are a couple of guests with Wing Commander ex...

On this day in 2004

Austin Crewman Teases Out First Comic
   Austin Crewman has finalized the first shot in his new Wing Commander comic series. The art is quite pretty and I'm anxious to see where it goes. The adventure begins in 2634 over McAuliffe. ...

Fralthi Final Launches for WC Saga
   Lynx has finalized the design for the Fralthi II for WC Saga. As usual, it's a pretty solid design that will look great in motion. Hopefully we'll get to fly around and see it in action ourselves by...

On this day in 2003

Blast From the Past, Part 6
   This one goes way back to February 1993. In Issue 45 Nintendo Power presented a nice four page basic Combat Tactical Briefing. All the information is simple instruction manual stuff, but it's quite ...

Prophecy Music Video Remix Released
   Let the prerelease excitement continue! lt.Brovar has made a movie using HCl's Movie Player. Using some video editing skills and some crazy techno music, Brovar has mixed together about four minutes...

WCPolaroids: Maestro (10/12)
   Maestro's secretly an air guitar master. ...

On this day in 2001

The Invasion Begins
   The public beta for Invasion, a WCTC for Star Trek: Armada, is now open! E-mail Ember or WildCat if you'd like to participate....

Care to Venture a Bengal?
   Three neat new shots from the XWA/WC TC, showing off the Bengal class strike carrier. The mod will include graphics for four different Bengals: CV-07, CV-08, CV-24 and CV-43. ...

Random Aquisitions
   According to an article at AVault, major publisher Random House has purchased Prima Publishing. Prima has produced numerous (official & unofficial) Wing Commander strategy guides. Hopefully, this won'...

On this day in 2000

The End
   For now. The following is an internal memo from Origin president Jack Heistand. It has been forwarded to us by several reliable sources who would prefer to remain anonymous. In short: Wing Commander i...

Just Your Average Starlancer Article
   Beta Bites has put up a preview of Starlancer, and it's not without the Wing Commander references. A selection:For those of you that do not know who [Chris and Erin Roberts] are, they created the whol...

About the PC Gamer Ranking
   This is in regard to Wednesday's update:Apparently a recent PC Gamer had a "Greatest Games of All Time" ranking. Wing Commander 3 received 30th place.Justin Sabelko lets us know that it was actually t...

Jewel Bash on Hermes
   Antiques and valuables editor Tony Knox reports. The annual gem collectors' fair is taking place on Hermes at the moment. Gem enthusiasts from across the system are attending, and hotels and restauran...

On this day in 1999

Deadly Substances
   Oh yes, we have good fun over at Amongst the good old Dragon vs Excalibur debates and other posts, you'll find references to a.g.w-c's creations, the latest of which being a....

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