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On this day in 2014

Unique Perspective on Cover Art Recounted by WC1 SNES Artist
   Artist Michael Winterbauer has self-published a free book with stories about his life in the game cover art business. While the standard Wing Commander box in the early '90s was made from preliminary...

On this day in 2013

Dream Foundry & Terran Fleet Supply Still Supporting War Effort
   sndwv is quite a 3D printing connoisseur, and he's recently tried some of the older flavors of Wing Commander models in existence. He's got two new ships to show for it: the BWS Intrepid and a Dralth...

On this day in 2012

Different Designs Deftly Drawn
   NinjaLA has created several more spiffy fighter sketches. This time he's assembled the Kilrathi craft from WC2, WC3 Confed fighters and a mix from Privateer. The Kilrathi fighters look especially sl...

On this day in 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Academy on DVD
   The impossible has happened: Wing Commander Academy is coming to DVD. The short-lived animated series, beloved by Wing Commander fans for its surprisingly mature storytelling and dedication to the con...

   Better late than never! GOG has made the previously promised Ultima IV available... for free! The bundle includes the manual, maps and even the clue book! The other EA release today is Populous, a bel...

On this day in 2010

Victoria super Omnia
   TonViper has cleaned up the textures on his Excaliburs a bit more. These will eventually get added to the Homeworld 2 Mod, which will allow them to be built on command. This pushes the design more t...

Star Ruler Space Sim
   wc3 tipped us off about Star Ruler, which was just released for Windows. It's a space sim/strategy game with dynamic "procedurally generated" galaxies. Individual technologies can be developed throu...

On this day in 2009

Ascii Sector 0.6 Released!
   Version 0.6 of Privateer: Ascii Sector has been released with a round of new bugfixes and gameplay tweaks. The biggest addition is ship-to-ship docking and boarding. This new feature looks really co...

Making the Game: WCU Map & Privateer 3
   For our final Visio file, here's a real prize: an updated version of the Wing Commander Universe map--Captain Johnny has added the new sector which had been planned as the setting as Privateer 3. The ...

On this day in 2008

Lend Your Voice
   The Wing Commander Saga needs more men! They're looking for talented voice actors to help finish off the project. It's the role of a lifetime for any Wing Commander fan: we're all here specifically be...

Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 20
   This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the second systems page: CONCEPT: See the previous post! REFERENCES- "Space Station" - This is the space station map which is shared by at least two of Ar...

On this day in 2007

Still Defiant, Colonel Deveraux?
   Paragon has officially announced that he's working on a Wing Commander webcomic. It's called Wing Commander: Defiant and is developed from the contest entry he submitted for our recent Xbox 360 compet...

Wingnuts In The Streets
   Here's some shots from this morning's neato DragonCon Parade. We're off to see Baen Books now (by way of the Lego/Star Wars or Zombie Attack Preparedness panels), but thanks to all who yelled out in ...

On this day in 2006

EA Embraces 90's Nostalgia With EA Replay
    To follow up on last night's confirmation, here is the full text of Electronic Arts' official press release for EA Replay. In line with the newly revealed MSRP, has also just reduced its ...

In Space, No One Should Hear You Fullscreen
   Think you've seen the whole picture when it comes to the Wing Commander movie? Well, you probably have -- so now it's time for you to see even less! Thanks to the recent Brazilian release of the movie...

On this day in 2005

Fun Facts Appear In The Academy Web Press Release
   In the Wing Commander Academy section we have the contents of the press kit initially created for the animated Wing Commander television show. There are interesting production notes, historical files...

Watch The Webcam
   The official Wing Commander CIC DragonCon 2005 Webcam is now in operation. It's been upgraded this year with a higher resolution video feed. We spend a lot of time out of the hotel room going on var...

On this day in 2004

Welcome Back To The CIC
   As you can see, we're still experiencing some extreme technical difficulties, but we have this new server up and some backups have been replaced. A small percentage of the internet has redirected wcn...

We're Here!
   Yes, is finally starting to redirect to, so that's a big relief, but that's not what I'm talking about here. Hades and I have stormed the beach in Atlanta and set...

On this day in 2003

Photos From The Convention, Day Three
   It's 4 am and we just got back from crazy Sunday night events. Most of us chose to wear our flight suits again today because they're pretty neat. There's still plenty of Convention attendees out and...

Wing Commander 4 for Playstation Level Select Easter Egg
   Over at the official Prima Games website, Wing Commander 4 for the Playstation console has an easter egg code to pick your level. I'm not sure if this refers to skill level or mission, but I'll assum...

On this day in 2002

Where Have The Downloads Gone? is being moved to a different webserver. As a result, Files and Music downloads are temporarily unavailable while they're getting settled in. We hope to have our downloads available aga...

ECTS, Dragon Con, Slowness
   Sorry if things around here have been a bit slow. With most of the staff at Dragon Con it's just me running the show (or weaseling out, as the case may be). If you hurry you can get Chris, Hades or LO...

On this day in 2001

SWC Video #4
   Here's the fourth SWC video... a Hornet taking off! Grab it here....

DragonCon Flyers
   Since we're (presumably) now at DragonCon, why not go check out some of the material we've put out? You can find them here....

From: CIS Headquarters, Security Div.
   The Kindred have hired the dregs of piracy, the Jincilla, to attack a Military carrier near NAv Point #45, between Hades and Crius. This carrier has recently been in a battle with the Kindred, rescuin...

On this day in 2000

Movie on British Pay Per View
   I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time, but over at the Newsgroup Donald Marshall found in the magazine Ondigital that Wing Commander will be showing on Pay Per View in the month of September. The...

Picture of the Day
   This one was also taken about the same time as the End Runs. It's unbalanced on the earlier novels' side. I could have sworn there's a pile of newer books (Action Stations and beyond) somewhere, but...

On this day in 1999

Cockpit Collection Example
   The picture below is the Jane's F-15 (made down at Origin) keyboard skin by Cockpit Collection. A quick glance around the site also indicates that all the skins go for about $15....

On this day in 1998

Amazing Archive
   Wow, what a cool update... Chris McCubbin dropped us a line, to let us know the following about the rumored 'Wing Commander Fact Book'... THIS is the sort of product I've waited years for. I promis...

   Wizard dropped me a line to tell me about an interesting Secret Ops egg... apparently one of the Nephilim language taunts (when they die) is actually a curse in Croatian! Truth is indeed stranger than...

Where's Trivia?
   Trivia has been delayed a week, because server problems last week may not have allowed everyone to play. ...

More Cheating
   Dagger dropped me the URL for a replacement executable file for Secret Ops, which lets the player have unlimited missiles and chaffpods. Grab a copy here. ...

And Trailing...
   Cool note, the second trailer at has been changed -- it now reads 'Orsini System' rather than 'Orsini Sector'. Good job, trailer people... ...

WPEdit Redux
   Thomas Bruckner has released a new version of his acclaimed WCPEdit! This version (1.51) works with both Prophecy and Secret Ops! ...

Deja Vu
   Just like we knew he would, HCl has released a Secret Ops editor! Grab a copy of his technology switcher here! The techswitcher allows you to use Secret Ops weapons in Prophecy, and includes a new ver...

It Means No Worries
   For those of you having trouble with Locke's Secret Ops ship patch, a trouble free version has been released! Grab it here. ...

Music Fix
   Oops, little mistake earlier, Locke's program to add Prophecy's music to Secret Ops is WCPMusic, not SOMusic. SOMusic is for toggling SO's music only. ...

Don't Psychoanalyze Me, Doctor
   Head on over to Warzone, they've posted an interesting article about what Secret Ops means for the future of game distribution. ...

It Just Never Stops
   To anyone who hasn't checked since this morning, they've added several more pieces of fiction. The new fiction includes several E-Mail messages and a new Eyes Only message. ...

You've got questions, they've got some answers..
   The PC Gamer Online site has a three question Q&A page which answers questions about Secret Ops being released on CD. Thanks to Dagger for the news. ...

Open for Business
   The Episode Two area of Secret Ops it now back open with today's new fiction! It appears that today's fiction depends on your password from the end of Episode One, so make sure to remember it. ...

For those who like to know everything...
   3D Gaming has constructed its own Secret Ops strategy guide. It contains all the episode one information you could ever wish for, and will be updated with new stuff as each episode becomes available. ...

Closed for Construction
   It appears that the Episode Two area of Secret Opshas been temporarily closed. This is most likely to fix some problems with the new fiction. Should be nothing to worry about, check the Secret Ops web...

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