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We have collected the most common questions and answers in the FAQ below. If your question is not listed, please visit the CIC Tech Support section or the Origin Customer Service website. If you need more help solving the problem or getting the game to run, please post your question to our Tech Support forum. Registration is not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a new Wing Commander or Privateer game in development at Origin? I heard Origin was closed.
A brand new game, Wing Commander Arena, was released by Electronic Arts in July 2007. It was developed by EA Canada in Vancouver and Gaia Industies in New York. Wing Commander games have also been recently made available on the GameTap service and various magazine cover discs. Information on any additional Wing Commander products will be added to the front page news as they are announced. Origin in Austin was closed down in April 2004, however the brand is alive and well within EA. Occasionally preproduction proposals for new games are considered. When another one is confirmed and announced it will be featured prominently at
Q: Are there any other official projects in development?
Electronic Arts was also released a compilation pack for the Sony PSP gaming system in late 2006. "EA Replay" included fourteen Origin-developed games, including Ultima VII, Wing Commander and The Secret Missions. Visit our EA Replay section for details. Raylight recently ported Wing Commander Prophecy to the Gameboy Advance with new features including multiplayer support. Visit our Prophecy GBA section for details. The Fatman also recently released a Wing Commander I Soundtrack Album, and George Oldziey occasionally dabbles in reorchestrated tracks. Stay tuned to for the latest information.
Q: What else is in the works?
Besides Arena, no new games have been announced, but there are many active and complete fan projects. Find more information in our Fan Projects Section and News Archive. In November 2002, the wonderful Unknown Enemy mod for Secret Ops was released. Its sibling, Standoff, began distribution in December 2004. WC Saga, Flight Commander, ASCII Sector, WC4 for Homeworld and the Privateer Gemini Gold are other major mod projects which have made significant progress recently.
Q: Who owns the rights to Wing Commander?
Electronic Arts is the overall license holder. They purchased Origin back in 1992. Chris Roberts has limited rights to television and film projects in the WC1-4 era and Destination Software has the limited ability to port various EA properties to handheld gaming systems. Some original musicians retain rights to their compositions featured in the Wing Commander games.
Q: I've heard that Wing Commander 6/Privateer 3/Privateer Online had been cancelled. What happened?
A complicated series of events caused Origin to primarily maintain Ultima Online in the year 2000. After Secret Ops was released in 1998, work progressed on new Wing Commander and Privateer games. Priv 3 was turned into Privateer Online. Later all WC development went into the unified Wing Commander online project. This product was shelved so that Origin could work on Ultima Online 2.0 and because Westwood was already developing Earth & Beyond. Unfortunately, UO2.0 was later canceled and E&B was shut down in the fall of 2004. Details on this specific cancellations can be found in our late March/early April 2000 news archive. More information on Privateer Online can be found here. Stay tuned to for information on future games.
Q: Where do Wing Commander fans meet to chat and hang out online?
People looking for web forums can find plenty of options at the CIC Chat Zone. The CIC has its own irc server as well. With your irc client, connect to and join the channel #Wingnut. If you're new at this, we have a web based irc client available here. Specialized groups have their own communications methods as well.
Q: Are there Wing Commander conventions of any sort?
Yes! Each year fans of the Wing Commander series get together in Atlanta during Dragon*Con. You can find pictures, writeups and more information in our Convention area here. We dress up in authentic Wing Commander gear, meet celebrities who were involved with Wing Commander, play the WC card game and more. Contact us if you have questions about attending.
Q: I am looking for (old) Wing Commander games. Where can I get them?
Wing Commander I&II, III, IV, Privateer and their add-ons are available for digital download from Good Old Games at a low cost, and more titles may be on the way. Online sites like eBay and are generally the best places to find the original Wing Commander releases. The Kilrathi Saga used to be the convention method to play WC1&2 on modern computers, but it can be rare and expensive. KS WC1 was also included on the July 2000 PC Gamer coverdisc (US and Canadian editions). Detailed instructions on how to play the older Wing Commander games on modern computers can be found here. Thanks to DOSBox and Good Old Games, it's no longer necessary to rely on Kilrathi Saga to get your games going.
Q: Wing Commander Secret Ops won't work under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
You may need to set the game to run in Windows 98 compatibility mode. Right click on the main executable and adjust compatibility under Properties.
Q: The Prophecy movies skip.
This can probably be fixed by disabling hardware acceleration for your soundcard. Click Start > Run > "dxdiag.exe" > Sound. Set Hardware Sound Acceleration Level to "No Acceleration." Click Exit and start Prophecy. You don't have to reboot. Remember to set it back to "Full Acceleration" when you're done playing. Again, no reboot is needed. If this doesn't work, other sound card settings such as "Full Duplex" may need to be altered to completely solve the issue. HCl has created a patch to fix this problem. You can download it here. With the patch applied, you no longer have to worry about resetting your directx options after you are done playing.
Q: Wing Commander Prophecy locks up.
There are patches for Voodoo boards and compatibility for Windows 2000 machines. Visit our Files section for the appropriate files.
Q: In Wing Commander Prophecy, I get 'mission failed' immediately after launching.
Play simulator mission 6 or 7 for a few seconds (you don't have to finish them) and try again. If there's no change, delete the file autosave.wsg in your Prophecy directory. Deleting the autosave file will also work in similar situations in Secret Ops. It doesn't hurt to save the game normally before you do this.
Q: How do I get the DVD version of Wing Commander 4 to work?
There are actually two DVD versions of WC4. The first is the original six disc version pressed onto a single one-sided disc. A double-sided high-quality version was also bundled in with the Creative Encore 2/3x kits in the late 1990's. The game was made before DVD standards were enacted, so it was designed to work with a Hollywood Realmagic board or a Creative DXR2 or DXR3 decoder card. This are readily available on eBay for a few dollars. A CIC visitor named gulikoza has put together a wonderful patch to make WC4 DVD functional without the addon card. This can be found here.
Q: How do I get Privateer (or any DOS game such as Armada) to run on my modern computer?
DOSBox is a great program that is helping many people to play all of the original Wing Commander games on modern systems. It is one of several new methods that have been created to solve this problem. People with Windows 95/98 can also try myJEMM here for Privateer and Armada. Some lingering sound or joystick issues may still persist. You can also create a DOS bootdisk or configure your DOS settings. Check our Tech Support section for walkthroughs.
Q: My game runs too fast.
DOSBox includes methods to alter the speed of older games. Control+F11/12 adjusts this. DOS games can also be slowed down with moslo. Windows games can be slowed down with CPU Killer. You can download these from our Files section, under Utilities and Programs. The included documentation will tell you how to use them. If you need more help, visit our Tech Support forum. The original Wing Commander and first Secret Missions packs were the only ones to not include some sort of frame rate limiter. Pressing ALT+ and ALT- in space from Secret Missions 2 through Academy will change the frame rate. Games after Academy featured an automatic frame rate limiter. Occasionally Privateer 2's autolimiter has a problem. A patch is available in our files section to fix it. You can also try programs such as DOSBox.
Q: The Academy television episodes have no sound.
Some versions of the DivX codec do not work well with the original DivX 3.11 alpha encoding. You can download version 3.11 here or a newer version here.
Q: How can I extract/view movies from Wing Commander games?
Use the HCl's movie viewer. Visit his page for the download.
Q: Where can I download Secret Ops?
Information on downloading the main package can be found here The official website is no longer up. You can regenerate your serial code here. All seven episodes are available to download and play via the CIC, and the starter package enables the Unknown Enemy mod or the Standoff mod.
Q: I have another Tech Support related question.
For the best support, visit our Tech Support Form.

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