Sit Back & Relax Before You Hit The Porcupines

Up today we have two different Flat Universe settings to share. Up first is the briefing room where players will get their missions. It's a rather large and ornate setup with plush chairs and stadium seating. There's even some nifty squadron banners in the back. The final image is something very different - a blanket of terrible space mines. Look closely and you can see there are two different variants. Both the Kilrathi and Confed have mined this nav point!
For this week we have something special to show off. This is the place that you, guys, are going to get your mission objectives. Hope you like it. :)

Zero: Behold; the briefing room. Take a look around you Casey my man! Billions of Confed credits at work.

McAuliffe System - TCS Tiger's Claw - Briefing Room

Peter Halcyon: Just fly to the Nav Points, and make sure they're clear. Long-range scanners indicate some sort of debris near Nav 3. We have reason to believe this might be a Kilrathi mine field so be especially careful in that area.

Academy Preservation Project Is Go!

After barely ten days of campaigning, the community has strongly backed the initiative to save the lost production materials of Wing Commander Academy! The $9800 raised will go to acquire 30 boxes of art and other resources created during production that were recently uncovered after years in storage. As a wonderful bonus at the end, the dealer that owns the material has found a 31st box that they will include in the lot for free! Check out an excited thank you video from LOAF and Ali here. Upon crossing the finish line, the campaign was locked so that no funds will go to anything but this specific project. If you missed out, but still want to contribute to a worthy cause, the second Wing Commander album still needs help! Looking forward to the future, plans are now being firmed up to go and transport the shipment to LOAF's place so it can be fully digitized, organized and posted online. If you'd like a taste now, check out the nifty 240-page storyboard of the episode 'Recreation' (258 megabyte PDF, so download rather than click!) and get ready for much, much more!
Of course the big news is…. WE DID IT! The campaign has passed $9,000, which means that we will preserve all thirty boxes! The remaining $800 covers GoFundMe’s fees and the credit card processing [now achieved!]. Once we hit that, I will lock the whole thing to stop folks from sending money that wouldn’t go to the animation sale. No surprise stretch goals here! :)

As I write this, at 4 AM on a Tuesday, I can’t quite hit upon the words to thank you all. The list of donors is incredible, and I want to hug each and everyone one of you… I see co-workers, old friends, complete strangers… a community. Thank you for supporting my passion.

I love you all, and am so excited to get started on the FUN part of this adventure. Which we will, of course, also be sharing with you! I have learned that there is nothing more satisfying than being known for what you love; thank you all for letting me do something I love that I could never have made happen otherwise.

I’ve started the arrangements for the great box pickup, which currently looks to be scheduled for the weekend of November 5th. We are going to either rent a small truck or head out convoy style… and we’ll Periscope through that process when it happens! I’ll update with more details once times and locations are locked down, in case anyone in the area wants to come along.

Confed Fighters To The Solar Empire Rescue

After several rounds of exotic Nephilim fighters and capships, it's time to jump back to Confed fighters that have been recently added to the Wing Commander mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. There's some nice lookers in this bunch! We don't see the Crossbow a whole lot, so when we do it's usually a treat. We also see the Devastator bomber as well as the Arrow and Hellcat. For good measure, we included a big explosion in the engine too!
Lately I haven't published anything new because I am depurating errors. It can take some of time. I leave you with some screenshots from the mod.

Wing Commander Album 25% Funded, New CD Option Added

George Oldziey has added a new tier to his campaign to create a second live Wing Commander album. Fans who missed the first orchestra recording can acquire a CD and digital download of that album for $40. The ongoing campaign has crossed $9,000 with three weeks to go. There's still a gap to close in order to hit the minimum $35,000 threshold, so please consider donating to help make this a reality!
I was just reflecting, on this quiet weekend afternoon, how fortunate and blessed I've been to have sustained a career in music, from my first trumpet gig at age 16 to today, when I get to sit in a scoring stage booth and hear wonderful large orchestras play my music. During the journey I've either been or still am a professional trumpet player and pianist, a teacher, a recording engineer, an arranger and a composer.

I've been blessed with great teachers and continue to be blessed with great colleagues, students, family and friends. Sometimes I'm asked what I'm going to do when I retire. My response is always, "why should I retire? I LOVE what I do! Thanks to all you wonderful fans for helping to make my life so happy and rich!

I just added a new reward tier for those who didn't have a chance to participate in the first campaign, as well as those who perhaps would like an additional CD from that project. A limited offer of a pledge $40 (plus shipping) will enable the donor to receive an autographed copy of the CD as well as all the digital downloads from that project. These are collector's items and there are only 50 left so spread the word! And since these are already finished I can guarantee shipment by the beginning of December, just in time to be used as gifts for the holidays!

All the best,


The Price Of Freedom Ebook Announced!

There's more great news for Wing Commander fans out of Baen! ^Death_ spotted that their January (3, 2017) Bundle will include Wing Commander: The Price of Freedom as an ebook. This is the novelization of Wing Commander 4 and will be their fourth electronic release after Freedom Flight, Fleet Action and Heart of the Tiger. Speaking of which, the last two, although slated for a December 6 release, are now 3/4ths available now if you preorder directly on the Baen site, and TPoF is half available now per the company's tradition of gradually releasing titles ahead of their official release. Once December and January roll around, all of these novels should also be available at every major electronic book retailer for $6.99.
In "Heart of the Tiger" the Kilrathi empire was eradicated through the bravery of a few flying aces. Now, Captain Blair and his wing are fighting a more familiar menace—their fellow humans. Blair had settled down to the quiet life of a farmer, but he's been called back into action to fight rebels from the Border Worlds. And Captain Blair finds that dog-fighting with people is a whole different kettle of kittens than fighting an alien cat species. Those humans are tricky in ways the Kilrathi never dreamed of!

Published: 1/3/2017

Watch Academy Live Stream Today!

The Imperial News Network will be hosting LOAF today for a special live commentary of Wing Commander Academy! A Star Citizen themed chat will kick off at 11:30 AM Pacific US time (2:30 PM Eastern US, 10:30 PM BST London) on their Twitch channel. The Wing Commander event should begin around 1 PM Pacific (4 PM Eastern US, Midnight BST) and the series takes about four hours to stream in its entirety! If you can't make the live portion, the video should also be archived on Twitch. They'll be talking a lot about Academy trivia and behind-the-scenes information. If you'd like to help uncover even more lost history about the show, you can help contribute to the campaign to save its production materials. Twelve of the thirty boxes have been funded so far!
How rad is this? The two transports following the 'Claw have WC-appropriate names! (Shire & Percheron) Who knows what else we'll learn?

Space Sim First Look: Everspace

Today we take a look at Everspace, an upcoming space sim from the creator of Galaxy On Fire. Everspace promises a non-linear storyline, upgradable ships and a pick-up-and-play experience. The player can scour a vast universe for resources or take on one of the hostile factions. A trailer and a half hour of gameplay footage are available for viewing. Besides Windows 10, the German developer is also targeting XBox One for the initial release, where it will join Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky and Strike Suit Zero. The game is scheduled to come out in the first quarter of next year, but an early access version is already available through Steam and Good Old Games as a digital release at reduced cost.

Help Save Academy, Get Rewards, Watch LOAF Dance!

The campaign to archive and digitize the lost art of Wing Commander Academy has reached a major milestone! Ten of the thirty boxes available have now been funded. LOAF has posted a cool video thanking everyone for their support and sharing some of the interesting discoveries that this project has already uncovered such as ship names and confirmation of suspected universe lore information. Also, by popular demand, several reward tiers have been added that have some cool bonuses for Wing Commander and LOAF fans! If you think you can help, check out the project page and join in!
Hello everyone!

WHAT A DAY yesterday! We cleared NINE boxes and as of this morning are just a few dollars from hitting #10 and being a third of the way through this. Ali and I recorded a Periscope to thank everyone last night, and it does include the promised dancing. All of your donations are so greatly appreciated; every bit helps. Just think: for every dollar, roughly 30 pieces of Wing Commander art will be saved and preserved!

We’re going to get the word out however we can. The folks at INN were kind enough to invite me to do episode commentary this coming Saturday. I’ll let you know the details as it approaches, but we’ll be watching through the entire series, talking about all the crazy details and why it’s so important… and hopefully raising some funding for this campaign, too!

As mentioned in the video, I’ve added some addition rewards, most of which are kind suggestions from supporters.

  • For $25 I will send you one of my awful drawings (possibly with a terrible pun). I will draw the spaceship of your choice in Sharpie. It will be terrible. Will she online if desired!
  • $50 30 Minute Skype Call with Me – I had two requests for this. I promise, I am not very exciting! But if you want to chat with me on Skype and also help preserve some artwork, I’m not going to say no. Calls will need to evenings and weekends Pacific time.
  • For $200 my brother has volunteered to put everything we scan on a bluray for you!
  • $300 Academy DVD with Updated Soundtracks – The folks at VEI were kind enough to provide a case of Wing Commander Academy DVDs, and our own Aaron Dunbar is working to update the audio tracks on the first several episodes to fix the sound volume issues! We’ll include the updated episodes on a DVD-R alongside the commercial discs.
  • $500 STAR SOLDIER – The rarest Wing Commander manual! I have four copies left from E3 in 2007, where Electronic Arts printed them to promote Wing Commander Arena. This full-color manual is one of the last pieces of Wing Commander canon produced and it’s really, really cool.
  • $2500 Lend a Paw! – A real live (not live) Kilrathi paw, used in the production of Wing Commander III! This prop is one of my prized possessions, and I’m hoping someone out there will give it a good home in the service of preserving this artwork.
  • I am also thinking about offering my Wing Commander III/IV flight suit, which is my single favorite piece of Wing Commander memorabilia. I would offer that at the $5000 level if it makes sure this happens. Please let me know if you’re interested; it’d be a hard call, but I’d rather see this artwork saved!
Well, that’s it for today’s update! If we hit $3,000 today, Ali and I will Periscope again tonight and share some more art. And if we hit $3300, I’ll draw three of my favorite spaceships live!

October 20, happens to be an important one for Wing Commander Academy: it’s the annual Kilrathi Sivar-Eshrad ceremony! If you’re familiar with Wing Commander lore, it’s the yearly ceremony in which the Kilrathi convert an entire planet to their religion in the name of their war goddess, Sivar… it was the basis for Secret Missions 2 AND the series finale of Academy, which took place at the 2654 Sivar-Eshrad ceremony on Dolos. I’ll post some more about the lore and the history of that event tomorrow! Glory to Sivar!


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