Top Shelf Library Contains Wing Commander Music

On Friday, we shared the Royal Marine Bands playing the Wing Commander movie overture… and then we got to thinking: just how do you license music from Wing Commander, anyway? Investigation revealed that FOX Music handles licensing songs from composer David Arnold. The overture recieves two listings: one for the original soundtrack and one for a 2006 library of production music. That's right: it's another previously unseen CD that includes Wing Commander music! Top Shelf Library is a five-disc set of film music that includes the Wing Commander overture on disc 3 ("Action/Epic/Heroic.") This is an example of library music, which is where movie productions source non-original music. If, say, someone cutting a trailer or making a commercial wanted to use the track, they would pay FOX and take it from this disc. The process is digital today, but until the early 2000s involved actual libraries of CDs, like those pictured here. We've sourced our own copy, and will post a digital copy of the track when it arrives!

Lost WC3 Object Appears on Radar

Here's another cool lost 'ground target' asset from Wing Commander III: a Kilrathi radar station! It's not clear why this didn't make it into the finished game, but it's possible it was hard to place a wide flat object... or there may have been issues animating the radar dish as intended.

Wing Commander in Concert

Here's a crazy surprise: the United Kingdom's Massed Royal Marine Bands recently opened the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music at Royal Albert Hall with… David Arnold's Overture from the Wing Commander movie! The result is a brilliant live performance of the excellent overture, which is now available on popular music streaming services. Want a physical copy? The concert is available both as a CD and as a DVD! You can watch the entire performance below:

Arrow Kit for Sale!

Alfred Wong's Arrow model is here! The promised plastic model kit that allows you to build your own 1/48 scale Terran Confederation Arrow fighter is now shipping. The unfinished kit costs $165 Canadian plus shipping and measures 9.5" L by 7" W when constructed. As you can see below, the finished product looks truly astounding. Convinced? You can purchase the model here.

Countdown To Party Time!

An important date is fast approaching, and as we're just about a month away, it's time to firm up details for the CIC's 19th Birthday Party! The milestone technically arrives on August 10, but this year we'll be observing the event on Saturday, August 19. Everything gets going at 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT) in #Wingnut on or our easy web chat interface. The CIC Staff is now plotting out what goodies we'll have in store, but the best part will be celebrating online with all of you. There will be trivia to dazzle even the most knowledgable fans, lots of great memories and some thoughtful discussion on the future. Mark it on your calendars and don't miss it!

Greetings, Starfighter

Did you know that Lockheed Martin build a real starfighter to play Wing Commander? Well, kind of. Today we have an interesting oddity in Wing Commander history: the packaging for a Real3D Starfighter AGP graphics card. The Starfighter was an Intel i740-based graphics card created in coopration with the Real3D division of Lockheed Martin (really!) The first AGP version was released in early 1998, shipping alongside a special 'cut down' version of Wing Commander Prophecy (specifically, the first CD of the game, with a card at the end suggesting you purchase the rest from Origin.) A PCI version was released later, but it's not clear whether or not it included the Prophecy OEM demo. Want to play the odd version of the game itself? You can grab a copy here.

Lost Tank Found

What secret lurk in the heart of Wing Commander III's TRE files? Well, this Kilrathi missile tank, for one! The general design of this tank should be familiar to WC veterans… but you haven't seen it with a missile turret before! That's because while it's stored in the game files it is never used in a mission. Since a similar 'finished but unseen' model has been discovered of a Wing Commander IV-style frigate, it stands to reason that the missile turrets were either not functioning properly or causing balance problems… leading to multiple missile-turreted objects' removal late in development!


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