Origin Games Added to Origin Access Vault!

There's great news for subscribers to the aptly-named Origin Access service! The plan now includes Origin classics like the Ultima series, Crusader games and Wing Commander (1-4, plus Privateer). Although we'd recommend that Wingnuts just go ahead and pick up permanent digital purchases of the series whenever Origin or GOG have a sale, the benefit here is that a large core of existing subscribers now have "free" access to the Wing Commander series. Quite a few people do pay the $4.99 monthly fee for membership so that they can play a handful of relatively new EA games, get a 10% discount on digital purchases and try out certain new titles early. Welcome aboard to all those new pilots! You can find out more information here.
Great PC games, unlimited play.
* Unlimited access to an ever-growing collection of great PC games.

Last Glimpse at the Origin Hiring Process

Here's a really cool artifact for Origin fans out there. James was going through some old things and found this nifty postcard he received from OSI. It's an acknowledgement letter sent out to potential applicants who had submitted resumes. It was probably for the better that he didn't get the job, as this was postmarked in early February 2004. Just a couple weeks later, we shared the news that Origin Studios would be closing and its Austin-based employees would be laid off in the months that followed. So this is probably one of the last rejection letters to go out, since the company would have stopped accepting applications very soon thereafter!
I was ​digging through some old boxes of junk and found this postcard. (Header from front (without my address) & entire backside) You know you like/admire a place when you even keep their rejection postcard from 2004!

Murphy Destroyer Prepares For MUP Debut

The current Secret Ops MUP alpha test is all about fighter craft, but the capships are definitely coming. Check out this preview of the badass Murphy class destroyer for a taste of what to expect. It'll have some technical upgrades when it arrives in the game with both the small hangar bay and large plasma gun available as targetable components. DefianceIndustries is even trying to figure out how to get the big nose cannon to fire like the Cerberus' main plasma gun!
While we continue to work on a functional alpha deployment, I haven't been too terribly idle. The Condor tanker is coming along and I've also managed to model out a new Murphy destroyer. I found the original model line drawings while nosing around and while I liked my original Murphy model, it wasn't as true to the original as I would have liked, so I redid it. I also plan on a few improvements, I plan on adding two destroyable components: the hangar and the MkIV Plasma gun. The hangar is straightforward, the plasma gun I will probably use the PLASMA chunk and modify the ship .IFF. I don't know if it will be functional, I don't think there's an entry for it in the weapons file, but I could just reuse the plasma turret effects from the Cerberus and call it good. Either way, it should look better when it's all blowed up.

Flat Universe Recruiting Pilots For Multiplayer Test

There's great news for fans who are eagerly awaiting the next big upgrade to Wing Commander Flat Universe. The Maslas Brothers are now accepting requests to join their closed alpha multiplayer test! If you have the time to meet for a handful of scheduled matches and are itching to dogfight with fellow Wingnuts, hit up the email in the enclosed flyers. Have fun, pilots!
Happy new year to every single Wingnut out there!

Today, while I was driving my way to work I got myself stuck into a traffic jam. It was a sunny day and I had my window open: the perfect timing that a teenager needed to throw a leaflet inside your car and disappear in an instant. It was striking that this time, instead of a teenager, a middle aged man dressed in his blue navy uniform knocked my window. He smiled and gave me the first piece of paper above.

Fifteen minutes later and half a kilometer away from my previous position I was shocked to see that a huge feline bipedal creature, without much talking threw to me another leaflet that it looked like the second one above. After that shock I've learned my lesson and closed the window for the rest of my trip.

The closed multiplayer alpha test of FlatUniverse is going to be a reality. If anyone of you guys is interested in participating please feel free to contact with us. To accept your application we are going to need from you a user name, a valid email address, your time zone and an estimation of the days and the time that you will be available to play FlatUniverse.

I must warn you that the positions will be limited to the needs of the alpha testing, therefore forgive us if anyone of you won't be accepted for the time being. We will reply to your applications with more detailed information regarding the tests and a complete time schedule.

See you inside the cockpit.:)

the MaslasBros

Votes Still Being Collected For Community Contest

Both of our annual community votes are now in full swing, and you still have a chance to cast your ballot if you missed the initial kickoff. A long list of talented Wing Commander endeavors are in the running for Fan Project and Website of the Year. All of them have made fantastic contributions over the past twelve months, but which ones made the biggest impact on you? Or which do you think demonstrated the most creativity or talent? Pick one from each category below and help recognize the best of 2016! Check out our previous update for a full summary of what made each nominee stand out last year.

Wing Commander SNES Prototype Salvaged

A while back, LOAF managed to snag a prototype of Wing Commander for the Super Nintendo off eBay. This general purpose game pak originated at MindScape, who were responsible for porting both Wing Commander and Secret Missions to the Nintendo console. It has room for two EPROMs that contain game code and some SRAM memory that could potentially serve various purposes, notably keeping savegames alive when paired with a battery. The CIC chip prevents piracy and facilitates region lockouts. Wing Commander for the SNES doesn't have a true save feature. Instead, the game generates codes for keeping track of your progress, obviating the need for SRAM and battery. The circuit board used in production copies is a lot smaller: it only has one EPROM chip (sufficient to hold the program code) and a CIC chip for security.

Homeworld Guide Adds Kilrathi, Mod Adds Special Supply Transports

L.I.F. has updated his helpful Homeworld Remastered Mod unit guide with the Kilrathi ships available in the game. Find the PDF here and start learning about how to best deploy your forces. In addition to the program being hosted at the Steam Workshop, fans who own the GOG version of Homeworld Remastered also can now get the current version of the mod here. The latest updates have included new options for resource collection with a very cool supply transport feature that jumps in to bring valuable resources to your base.
Aaaaand it's live! A pal from Phoenix Interactive told me how to get AIs to consider convoy transports as priority units to defend or attack specifically. I might rework the stuff later on to give the AIs specific raid/counter-raid tactics, but even now, it should give you people an interesting challenge to find and take out the enemy transports. Don't forget to set the Bounty option to "on" so you can grab some juicy bounties from the downed transports.

In a more general Homeworld news, the Complex mod got released in its new version, and I gotta admit, they did a superb job on the User Interface. What it does mean is that the next updates, during this month, will be less about new content or features and a lot more about improving the User Interface. Getting the fuel to show properly as a value in the screen, bigger icons, etc.

Party Like It's 1995 Again

Before we get too far into the year, we need to remind fans that their 1995 calendars are good as new again! Just like in 2006, the special WC3 calendars included in the Premiere Edition direct from EA can be used in 2017 since all of the days match up. Note that this is not the same as the more common Kilrathi Saga calendar made for 1997. That one will have to stay in storage until 2025!

Sale at the Kindle Store!

There's lots of book news already this month! Amazon.com has discounted the recently released Wing Commander novels available in its Kindle library. This is the ebook discount we've seen aside from the monthly Baen bundles. Freedom Flight appears to be $6.99 still, but Fleet Action, Heart of the Tiger and The Price of Freedom are each 23% off at $5.38. This doesn't appear to have translated across to Baen's site, iBooks or the other storefronts. But if you haven't picked up the latest trio of WC ebooks, now's your chance to save a few bucks!

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