Model Upgrade Project Invites New Vampire In

DefianceIndustries has completed his Vampire model, and she's a beauty! Both the external renders and in-game shots show off the fighter's slick physique. The engine intakes have a cool pattern to them, and there's just a hint of artsy shark paint on each vectoring nacelle. With each of the Confed fighters complete, work moves on to Nephilim craft and Confed bombers/support ships.
Here she is, the Vampire! I should take a moment to acknowledge that the MUP has reached its first milestone: conversion of all Confed fighter craft! So again I'd like to thank everyone whose helped this project out getting here! The next two milestones are also relatively within reach: convert all Nephilim fighters and Confed bombers/support craft.

Tweak Guides Help Maximize The Wing Commander Experience

In addition to his guide to Wing Commander 3, PhilsComputerLab has published helpful "tweak guides" for Wing Commanders 1 and 2 as well as Privateer. GOG does a good job of preconfiguring their games to automatically run on most people's systems, but there are a small percentage of folks who encounter compatibility or speed issues. It's not difficult to optimize a setup to run on a specific computer, but people who buy the game at GOG for the convenience factor may not be familiar how to do this. Phil also has some tips on how to potentially improve the graphics and integrate sound emulation to enhance the audio, which could be helpful for everybody!
Topics covered include:

- Improving graphics
- Improving music and sound effects with Munt MT-32 emulator
- CPU cycle speed
- Joystick calibration
- Transferring pilots

Wing Commander Crossover Appears In Popular Mass Effect Fan Project

Klavs spotted a Wing Commander reference in a bit of an unusual place. The Mass Effect-based web comic Marauder Shields is a fan made alternate ending to Mass Effect 3. The authors are apparently Wing Commander fans, and they've created a Christopher Blair character to fit into their story. It may be a little difficult for the uninitiated to figure out what's what, but there's actually some deep WC lore baked into Pilgrim's bio! Check out our WCPedia page to distinguished the "fact" from "fiction." You can also find a video intro to Marauder Shields here.
Now THIS is obscure, Marauder Shields, the meme turned webcomic (episodes 1-5) turned SERIOUS webcomic (episodes 6+) has named one of their characters after Christopher Blair.

This issue is absolutely packed with Wing Commander references (read the codex below).

And you know what? If you've played Mass Effect 3 and were dissapointed with the ending, this actually... kind of helps. The audio episodes are pretty decent, as well.

Outdoors Rapier Photo Shines New Light On Design

Lightning Picture of the Day recently posted this nifty photo of what appears to be the Wing Commander Movie's Rapiers after construction. The caption references Pinewood, and if it's the same historic Pinewood Studios, then that would be where Privateer 2: The Darkening was filmed. This somewhat contradicts the info we have for the canopy photos which were believed to have been shot in Luxembourg. No matter where the ships were converted though, this is still a pretty cool look at Rapiers from this perspective. At least one unit still remains at Bricket Wood where it serves as a paintball battlefield feature. If you're not familiar with the English Electric Lightning, we've also added one of those for comparison. As you can see, they were quite heavily modified for the film!

Capship Combat Mod Has New Ships & A New Name

Arraen has posted some new images from his starship combat tribute mod. He's retextured two of Klavs' destroyers to act as workhorses of the Confed and Kilrathi fleets, and both of these are quite solid. In order to create a counter to the Venture, he's also beefed up the Jalkehi to act as a type of light corvette. The ships are arranged in the game's built-in ship viewer, which has a pretty cool format. We're looking forward to seeing these in action soon!
Ok, finally I finished with updating Klavs81's models, adding textures and splitting them onto pieces such as turrets, missiles, bridges etc. For now I have 4 ships ready: the Venture, Southampton, Jalkehi and Ralari.

I'm trying to keep the same classes for both sides. Unfortunately, Klavs81's pack doesn't contain any Kilrathi corvettes. So I decided to "upgrade" the heavy fighter Jalkehi into a corvette class. Anyway she has similar tasks and equipped with jump drive. What do you think, guys? Also the project has a new name: Spaceships Universe. :) Since it is not a strategic game, but online capital ship simulator, I thought the word "tactics" didn't fit here.

Diverse Designs Incorporated Into Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack

It hasn't been very long since we first saw the upgraded Moray and Wasp models, but DefianceIndustries has already got both running smoothly in the Vision Engine. The Nephilim medium fighter is a very common sight in contested space, so it's nice to see how good looking it is out there. And of course, they'll look even better as they're being shot down! The Wasp looks sharp as well - it has a very reassuring presence. If you've got a few of these interceptors on your flight deck, you can hold off quite a strike force!

Huge Prophecy Spread in Old Korean Mag

AD has come across a Korean blog that posts scans from old domestic gaming magazines. One post showcases a massive 18-page spread on Wing Commander: Prophecy from around April 1998. At first glance it appears to be a brief game guide or walkthrough, but the article concludes with a rating of 95%, so it could also be a review with a lot of background information thrown in. Maybe one of our Korean visitors could shed some light on the contents?

Gamers Nexus Interviews Origin Super Stars

Warren Spector has been away from making games directly for a few years, but he's hopping back into it with the development of System Shock 3. Gamers Nexus recently caught up with him and asked some questions about the gaming industry. Discussion quickly turned to the classic Origin days and company history. Warren always has good insight on the nature of interactivity and storytelling, so it's interesting to hear what he has to say. It's great to see some of the experienced vets jumping back into the fold to share their wealth of knowledge with the next generation of developers. There's also an accompanying text article that you can find here. Gamers Nexus also turned the camera on Chris Roberts and Richard Garriott last year in a funny clip that we missed at the time. While sitting around waiting for the interview to begin, the pair geeks out on the topic of space physics in zero gravity. It's pretty great!

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