Relive Tri-System Life In Privateer 2 'Let's Play'

Last week we shared a YouTube channel that had carefully documented playthroughs of almost the entire Wing Commander series. It includes hundreds of videos from WC1 to Secret Ops, and while coverage of Privateer and Righteous Fire is there, Privateer 2: The Darkening is not yet included. That brings us to Hellygator's channel, which was one of the first to post a significant amount of P2 content starting several years back. He successfully conquers the Tri-System in an expansive 30-video playlist. It's well done, and Hellygator's love for this unusual installment in the Wing Commander universe really shines through. Privateer 2 can be a game that fans sometimes miss when replaying through the entire series, but there's a lot of fascinating content packed in there to see! Much of it is crazy and quirky, which makes it a great for kicked-back 'Let's Play' viewing. There's been a lot of buzz this weekend about high profile video game casts, and P2 remains a standout with Clive Owen, Christopher Walken, David Warner, John Hurt, J├╝rgen Prochnow, Brian Blessed and more! If you somehow missed this one back in the day, this is an easy way to get a taste!
Nice try Ryan... ...nice try.

Look Back In Time At The Intrepid's Former Self

Fans haven't had to wait long to see the repainted variant of DefianceIndustries' slick Intrepid model. In this version, DI has reimagined the vessel as it may have looked prior to service with the Border Worlds when it was known as the heavy destroyer TCS Delphi. The use of the classic Confederation green and gray color scheme really seals the deal. It's likely we'll see this design pop up in the Homeworld Remastered mod in the future, although that fan project is currently on hold as it works through issues created by engine changes recently made by the developer.
Here's the Durango in her (original?) Confed livery circa 2665. This version is the TCS Delphi, DD-47 the original incarnation of the BWS Intrepid before she was sold to the UBW and rechristened CVL-06.

Squadron 42 Cast Revealed; Hamill & Rhys-Davis Again Voicing Space Sim Characters

There's big news coming out of the UK today at Cloud Imperium Game's third annual Citizen Con. A stellar cast for Star Citizen's storyline campaign, Squadron 42, has been revealed. Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Rhona Mitra, Mark Strong and Gillian Anderson will all be voicing characters in the game next year. This certainly fulfills the team's 2012 commitment to add "Celebrity voice-acting for Squadron 42; we will bring back at least one favorite from Wing Commander!" for achieving their first $5 million stretch goal milestone. A storyline trailer that's reminiscent of Admiral Tolwyn's WC4 speech to the Confederation Senate has been released starring Gary Oldman. Additional behind-the-scenes videos have also been posted that shows most of the cast during their motion capture sessions. Chris Roberts describes it all as advancing the art of cinematic storytelling in games similar to what he did in the '90s with Wing Commander. Check out the action below!

"You will be counted as one of the greatest heroes of humanity..."

It's great to see some of our favorite WC actors back in action, but new Star Citizen videos are also an opportunity to scope out clever easter eggs. First up in the main trailer above is the appearance of a familiar medal on Admiral Ernest Bishop's chest. A Terran Confederation Medal of Honor, aka Pewter Planet, appears on the lower right of his awards. What else do you see in the clip?

Oldies Games TV Reviews Prophecy

OldiesGamesTV is back with their in depth French language video review of Wing Commander Prophecy. Like their WC4 review, it's been broken up into two thirty minute chunks for easy watching. A lot of the space sim community is centered on English or German speaking regions, so it's nice to see people who are so passionate about the series from all around the world, whether or not you can understand exactly what he's saying. If you've never tried playing around with the different options, it's also interesting to see what parts of the HUD, options menus and captions are changed when playing with a different language selected - up to and including which ships get new names!

Avid YouTuber Records Almost Entire WC Series

We've scaled back our coverage on 'Let's Play' videos as they've become more commonplace, but we really missed the boat on the series of playthroughs made by BCSBuster. He got going with these more than six years ago and has covered a huge portion of the Wing Commander series - maybe more than anyone else out there! His playlists include WC1, The Secret Missions, WC2, SO1, SO2, WC3, WC4 and Prophecy. While a handful of dedicated Wingnuts have posted YouTubes about the franchise's "main" games, Buster's attention to completing Secret Ops, Privateer and even Righteous Fire is fantastic! I don't even know where to start watching. He's also got a Starlancer run in the works. Be sure to subscribe or bookmark his channel for future reference!
You've asked for it, and now you're getting it! I am FINALLY going to revisit Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous Fire and finish this LP that I started 3 years ago! In this episode, our 'hero' has his Steltek gun stolen, and we have to figure out how to get it back! I also just go over a few mechanics to get things underway.

WC Toolbox Relaunched With Even More Editing Features

We haven't properly kept up with the WC Games Library since UnnammedCharacter debuted it towards the beginning of this year. The program contains a package of applications that allows fans to more easily manipulate data in the original Wing Commander game. Last month the project was renamed to Wing Commander Toolbox to better reflect the growing suite of abilities that it has to offer. Progress has recently been made on editing the various fonts/dialogue, campaign structure, briefings, mission data, communications, color palette, ship formats, music sand savegames. Even the intro has been cracked, which allows for customizable copy protection questions! Grab the program and learn more here.
The Wing Commander Toolbox (WCToolbox) is a set of tools to work on Wing Commander game data. It is the same project as the Wing Commander Games Library, just renamed. Seems a bit more appropriate, especially if I continue to add or expand functionality. It is also a play on the name WC Workshop which seems fitting as it served as inspiration for this project. I thought I would recap the support that is presently available in the toolbox and I will also be doing individual post for each supported file format. Included in the WCToolbox:

* The API Library provides an application programming interface for the Microsoft .NET Framework v4. It is a fully documented set of types which provide read and write functionality to many of the game data formats. Consult the help file for additional information, including the underlying data structures of the data formats.

* The WC1 XML Converter is a console application which converts game data to/from XML. Once the game data is in XML, it can be edited and converted back to game data.

* The WC1 Extractor is a console application which extract assets (images, music, etc) from the game data files. It also outputs the content as text.

The following screenshot is a very quick test to see if it was possible to include extended characters. In the test, the diacritical marks are not very obvious since the font does not provide a lot of space for them, but it works.

Intrepid Ready For Frontier Cruise

DefianceIndustries first teased his Intrepid model back in August, and it seemed quite far along at that point. However, the subsequent texturization took the month of September and then some! Fortunately all of that effort was time well spent, and the result is the beauty below. Even the flight deck has been faithfully recreated! We're anxious to see some of DI's planned sister ship variants next.
Finally! Here she is, the finished Durango! The model seemed cursed for a while there, I lost the diffuse texture file twice (both due to sudden and unhappy power losses).

I went ahead and painted her up as the most well known of the class, the Evil I, but I'm also working on a few alternate textures for it: TCS Delphi and the Tango.

She has a fully modeled and textured hangar deck as well. I was going to write up some fun little in-universe blurb, but honestly right now I'm a bit brain fried... hope you like it!

Watch System Shock's Wing Commander Minigame

Afrim Kosovrasti just learned about Wing 0 last week during our coverage of System Shock Enhanced, and he immediately set out to play it. He loaded up a special save file (500 k zip) with the appropriate Entertainment Pak already unlocked and jumped right in. The top-down space shooter plays in the lower left VDU of the game's interface. The brown pirate vessels give off a Jalkehi vibe, and the purple Tri-Lacky ships remind me of Dorkirs. Mission 10 appears to do him in as the action really amps up, but it's a really good effort for someone's first time in. Wing 0 might not be a technological marvel today, but what an awesome easter egg to be embedded in this classic game!
Just found out about the Wing Commander mini game called "Wing 0" on the PC game System Shock. I searched online and could find almost zero info on it so I decided to play it and record it. I ended up with 45 minutes of footage. If you wanna check it out here is the link! Also my apologies for the lack of commentary. Issues with my mic, tried getting it working for about an hr and finally caved and just did the video without it.

As I played on and started figuring things out it actually really started feeling like Wing Commander to me. It's tough doing all the flying and aiming with only a mouse but being the nerd I am I had to check it out since I couldn't find any videos of it anywhere. It was fun but I don't think I will be attempting mission 10 again, that was too tough! I need some missiles and afterburner to take on all those fighters!


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