Listen To (And Watch!) The Wing Commander Roland MT-32 Difference

Space Game Junkie recently managed to score one of the legendary Roland MT-32 sound modules, and he's put together a new video to provide a comparison and show off how he got it working. While it's possible to emulate and tweak your way to some pretty great sounding music in Wing Commander games, this is the real deal. An especially cool feature here is that Brian points an embedded camera at the device while firing up some classic space games. If you haven't seen one of these in action, it's something you've got to check out. The little display that shows off game and music information ("Origin Sound System!") is just awesome. You can jump forward to 7:30 for the Wing Commander part, but it's worth checking out the full video. He's got it working with the GOG version of WC1&2, so just about anyone (with the right hardware) can make this happen.
Hey friends! If you follow me at all on social media, you know I recently got a vintage (i.e. 1988-1989) Roland MT-32 Midi Sound Module. Why did I get this? Blame Joe at the Upper Memory Block Podcast ( Also, massive thanks to Joe for helping me get it to work. :) Anyway, he showed off one for his Day of the Tentacle show, and once I saw it was supported by TIE Fighter and the first two Wing Commanders, I had to have it. After a ton of work getting it to properly run, I've been running it in a variety of games. I'm so giddy about it I wanted to share it with y'all, so I hope you enjoy this little jaunt to the past. :) Thanks for watching!

New Version Of Wing Blender Accesses Exotic Files

Kevin Caccamo has finalized and released the latest version of Wing Blender. Version 1.6.2 adds support for additional file types that allow access to things like the unused Callisto Cruiser. Fans are using the tool to do some pretty incredible things - it's pretty great to see how Wingnuts are building on each other to achieve even greater heights! Grab it here.
This is a patch release that adds importer support for v9 meshes (CALLISTO.IFF, TERRAIN.IFF, PV256.IFF, SHDALIEN.IFF, SHIELDFX.IFF).

Cerberus Gets A New Coat Of Paint

DefianceIndustries has started texturing the Cerberus, and so far it's coming along nicely. A couple different hull plating variants are pictured below with the later shots being the likely final candidate. The material has kind of a retro marbled pattern combined with a bit of futuristic gloss and red accents. Now when that big Mark IV Heavy Plasma Gun gets blasting, it'll do so in style!
Quick update: started the texturing.... I've finally decided on a hull pattern that I like. Now that I've gotten that out of the way I can finish the texture. It was strangely harder than I thought to get something that looked similar to this, but in keeping with the rest of the Confed models for the MUP. So the paneling is actually a bit understated.

Sweep Around WC Capship Sim's Starships

Arraen has pulled together a neat video that shows off the remodeled fleet of his strategy game, WC Spaceship Universe. Each of his four workhorses are encircled so that fans can see them cruising through space in his Unity engine. The project has gone through a few evolutionary upgrades that have stretched out the development timeline, but the results evident now look pretty good!
Hey, guys! I want to show you quick video with flight-ready ships. You can see updated models from Klavs81's pack. E.g. I added some turrets for venture and ralari, lights and engines exhausts. Also I made turrets as separate objects so they are fully operational.

It Helps To Get A Running Start

Klavs has posted a new angle on his developing Concordia model, and this time it comes with a piece of accompanying fiction. When asked whether the ship's familiar hangar opening runways will make a return, he let a member of the crew answer with a pretty interesting response! After clicking the thumbnail below to get a better look, also don't forget to hit "download" and then zoom in on the detail. There's too much great stuff to just admire from afar!
"They're not really 'runways'. They're catapult configured tractor beam arrays that we use to accelerate strike craft for launch and recovery. In a standard atmosphere, the fighters would very easily be going supersonic (and then some) due to the acceleration we give them. The pilot doesn't really feel that thanks to their IC rig, but we can save eardrums and spare thermal damage by doing it out in the vac. Even with the added bonus of ramscoops, for small ships with limited propellant, any 'free' delta V we can impart equates to gas they can use to fight, and still have plenty left for rendezvous and recovery."

-Camilla Egans, Tractor Beam Techician 'Airdale', TCS Concordia

Get Your Wing Commander Film Posters From... Sears?

AD noticed that some unusual Wing Commander search results appear at the websites of some major big box retailers. It's not hard to find copies of Wing Commander on Blu-ray or DVD in stock all around the web, but both Sears and Walmart list Wing Commander Movie posters that have been out of print for some seventeen years. Unfortunately, this does not signal any particular release, but rather, these retailers allow private "marketplace" type sellers to list a wide variety of goods. It seems like they'd have much more success listing their products at more conventional sites like eBay or Amazon, but their marketing choices have contributed to the proliferation of WC goods across the web. And hey, if you need a WC poster, only fifteen bucks. A few Alternate versions are also available for $17.99 - including a sketchy bootleg of some fan art we posted back in 1999!
This is a brand new single sided reproduction print of a Wing Commander. The paper size is approximately. The condition of this item is brand new - mint condition. No pinholes or tape and has never been hung or displayed. Paper size may not be exact so we recommend waiting until you receive the poster to purchase a frame. This quality reproduction makes a great gift and is perfect for framing.

Wing Commander is a licensed reproduction that was printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 27.00 x 40.00 inches and the image size is 27.00 x 40.00 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing.

LOAF Interviewed in Major Print Publication

The May issue of German PC gaming magazine GameStar contains a big Wing Commander retrospective, including an interview with Star Citizen community manager and CIC founder Ben Lesnick. Brian Chambers of Star Citizen's Frankfurt branch shared a teaser on Twitter. Pick up a copy if you can! And in case you missed it earlier, Big Box PC Game Collectors also spent an hour interviewing Ben about Wing Commander, the CIC, and working with Chris Roberts on Star Citizen.

WC1 Live Viewer Reveals Programming Details In Real Time

UnnammedCharacter has made a neat little app that provides enhanced visibility of each WC1 object in space. It shows ships and their speed, of course, but the really cool aspect is that it reveals exactly what each of the enemies pilots/ships is "thinking." By tapping into the game's AI routines, you can see exactly which ships are patrolling a nav point, holding formation, wandering, chasing our hero and more! It only works with Kilrathi Saga WC1 at this time, but if you've got a Windows setup going and are curious, it's worth a look. Grab the program here. Here's a sample:
I was curious and wanted to get a better idea of what is going on behind the scene during gameplay. So I put together this little program that allows to see some of the data as the game is running; it only supports Kilrathi Saga (WC1.EXE and wing1.exe).

To use it, start the game, then this program (WC1LiveViewer). If it recognizes the running process, it will populate the table with game data. Since the game data is continuously updating, I find the best approach is to keep pausing the game during gameplay.

Using S01M0 as an example, we arrive at Nav1 and we notice three Dralthi ships on patrol (object index 2, 3, 4). The wingleader (index 2) is wandering and is on the look-out for enemies.

The Kilrathi wingleader notices our hero (index 0, our ship is always index 0).

The Dralthi wing breaks formation.

I order Spirit to attack and she breaks formation while the Kilrathi decide to engage us. A glorious dogfight ensues and we emerge victorious. Throughout the course of the dogfight, you will see entries for weapons fire, explosions, engine exhausts, etc. Everything in space flight is an object: ships, gun projectiles, asteroids, stars, etc.

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