Maniac Picks His Desert Island Movies

The Skinny recently conducted an interview with Matthew Lillard. The focus was his directorial work at the Edinburg Festival Fringe, but topics were all over the place. When questioned which movies he might take with him to survive an apocalypse, this is what he had to say.
MATT: I would convince everyone living in post-apocalyptic Matt-world that every one of my movies was considered a classic, and I would forbid the right to anyone producing any art that wasn't Summer Catch, Scream or Scooby-Doo.

FRED: I notice you didn't mention Wing Commander.

MATTHEW: Some things sadly don't survive the apocalypse. Some things have to die.

At least it'd be considered a classic! You can find the entire interview here.

Unboxing Goes Retro With WC1 Review

Unboxing videos are everywhere these days, and it's a shame that this trend arrived after the decline of physical video game packages. Most games are downloaded digitally now, and there just aren't all that many awesome collector's editions anymore. Sometimes Youtubers just need to look back into the past for cool games to open up. 298enterprise recently went back and reviewed the contents of the original Wing Commander. He naturally finds Claw Marks and the awesome blueprints, and he even spends quite a bit of time on the cardboard exterior. The clip isn't the slickest technical production and sometimes things move a bit quickly right in front of the camera, but it's great to see someone doing this with the WC series.

Super Ships Join Homeworld Fray

L.I.F. has teased some of the big guns coming to the Homeworld mod. Both the Concordia class dreadnought and Hakaga supercarriers have been implemented in the engine and are raring to decimate opposing fleets. Now you can see how these two massive warships square off against each other. Meanwhile efforts are under way to implement version 3.2 of the project which should future proof it from changes that the developers are making under the hood. There were some issues with the initial test of 3.2 out there, so the current stable version has been rolled back to 3.15 for the time being. Follow the ongoing discussions at the CIC Forums for the latest status.

Emergency transmission received from TCS Concordia. Last known location of the ship: Vespus System. No additional data was sent by the ship. Assume worst case scenario.


It Takes Two To Tango

DefianceIndustries continues to bulk up the Border Worlds fleet, and this time he's upsized his efforts with a preliminary model of the Durango class heavy destroyer/light carrier. It's already looking super sharp and appears to be ready for texturing work. If his fighter models are any comparison, the final paint scheme should be a sight to behold! Then we'll get to see whether this ship is actually the BWS Intrepid, BWS Tango or a new member of the family. You can follow the latest status at the CIC Forums.
Work continues in the Union shipyards...

New Kilrathi Escort Added To The Armada

Klavs has produced a massive fleet of iconic Kilrathi warships, and that's left him with a variety of major subcomponents on the cutting room floor. He's cobbled together these parts to assemble a pretty compelling new kat design. The consensus seems to be that this could be some sort of destroyer or light cruiser. It has some major features in common with the heavy Rigakh class cruiser, except scaled down a bit, so this makes a lot of sense. Hit the comments link to let Klavs know what you think!
It occured to me that I have a lot of random Kilrathi bits and bobs, so... Kilrathi Kitbash! Call it the Mwrowr'ftttt'hssss class... destroyer maybe?

Party Logs Now Online

If you couldn't make it to the big party last weekend, now's your chance to relive the event virtually. Our Seventeenth Birthday logs are available online here. Hop down to 16:00 to see when the party officially got started. The big countdown to unveiling of our front page updates takes place at 17:00. You can also find previous parties dating back to our grand opening in 1998 in our #Wingnut archive here. Our current poll shows that many of you were around back in those days - it's pretty crazy to see the '90s version of yourself talking online!

Clive Owen Joins Luc Besson’s Valerian

English actor Clive Owen is going back into space. Reports say he's been cast in the lead role of Valerian in the live-action adaptation of a long-running French comic series. The actor joins director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Léon) and co-stars Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne in the big budget sci-fi epic. Owen has previously starred in such blockbusters as Children of Men, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and The International, but he is perhaps best known for portraying Lev Arris in Privateer 2.

Valerian is a saga for every fan of intergalactic high adventure. The stories are gripping and of epic proportion, sweeping along in thrilling, hyper-space speed.

The intrepid Valerian and his beautiful, sharp-witted and sharp-tongued partner, Laureline, are two of the greatest agents for the vast Galaxity organization. Their missions have taken all corners of the distant past, the present, and the far future. They have seen incredible alien worlds and vistas, met amazing creatures and beings from other planets, and braved dangers to last a thousand lifetimes.

But now the Galaxity, and their home of Earth in the 28th century, are gone -- vanished as if they never existed! Alone, and totally dependent on their own resources, they struggle to carve out a new life and a new future against intergalactic dangers from the past, present, and future.

Frontline Nephilim Invaders Recreated

Dark Sentinel has returned with complete versions of his Nephilim Manta and Devil Ray fighters. Both have been fully textured, and there's a third bonus fighter: the reddish brown Manta bomber. Nephilim skins can be very hard to pull off, but these execute a colorful organic vibe without just being splotchy psychadelics. The bugs are certainly underrepresented in fan models, so these are nice to see. You can find his older Orca design and texture prototypes here.
EMERGENCY RESURFACE! ... no time to explain, just escape, retreat, regroup and run in fear!

These are 2k maps. Presumably can be shrunk down to 1k. Polycounts didn't change during this year.


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