Speculative Kilrathi Flight Control Rendered

Lars has previewed this interesting scene from a work center overlooking a Kilrathi hangar deck. We get just a few rare glimpses at the inner workings of Kat vessels throughout the series, and they're always cool opportunities to get a look at the really dark and creative design potential that they reveal. Lars has taken advantage of jagged shaped viewscreens and windows to set the mood, and he's got a couple of cool ship renders in the background to better set the atmosphere. I really like that Paktahn wireframe too!
Currently I am trying to figure out what goes where and how the Kilrathi equivalent of a workstation could look like and other Kilrathi stuff. As a reference I am using an image of the Kilrathi DN hangar bay, some WC3 cutscene images and an image I found from Privateer 3 (?) concept art.

It's an very early design and I can already see one or two problems with this.
A) I have just rendered the stuff for Saga back then but don't know how to implement it
B) I can't model people, let alone an Kilrathi. So we would need someone who can help out in that regard.

WC RPG Sets Sights on Dynamic Mission Tree

It's been another busy and productive month for the Wing Commander RPG Wiki. Our last update was just over a month ago, so that means there've been five weekly updates worth of new content. capi spent the first part of February working on stat blocks and wrapping up character creation, and then he pivoted back to work on the his Kilrathi expansion's campaign. The story will be full of "adventure hooks" that lead to the type of mission branching that Wingnuts are used to seeing in regular WC games. There's also some cool stuff bubbling up in regards to the game's art. You can read the latest update for yourself here, and don't be fooled by capi's modesty - he gets more accomplished in a slow week than some fan projects do all month!
I have an idea for the campaign's main plot, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to write it. I also have yet to figure out just what events will constitute the main plot line, and which will act as side plots and adventures. My current plan of action there is to take some time to flesh out a campaign tree (with which anybody who has ever played any Wing Commander game should be intimately familiar) and I spent a fair amount of time over the weekend writing down adventure hooks (I'm using some diagramming software to do this, basically a high-tech version of the "post-it note" storytelling method).

So the plan for this week is to organize my adventure hooks into a proper campaign tree. This will let me know roughly where any single given adventure will fall in the whole series of events, which in turn will let me know into which of the four "Acts" a given adventure will fall, which in turn will let me begin making wiki pages for each adventure and start hammering them out. It'll also show me if I need to add some additional adventures. I'm actually pretty excited and looking forward to this whole process - for a while now I've struggled with what will be in the campaign's middle, and it'll be nice to finally have something there. I do have an even dozen plotline missions planned at this point; it would be nice to get that up to a multiple of eight (for no reason other than to keep with the whole relationship between the Kilrathi and the number eight, really).

WCDX Improves Again with SM2 Support

It's been barely a week since the last release of WCDX, but Stinger has already achieved compatibility with The Secret Missions 2. He can also confirm that the game works with the PC Gamer KS WC1 release, so any CIC visitors can give it a try right away. There are a few minor bugs that remain, hence the beta label, but these should be resolved before long and development will proceed to Wing Commander 2. If you spot anything that needs to be addressed or are just happy with the improved compatibility of your Kilrathi Saga, let Stinger know at the CIC Forums. The WCDX 1.2 beta is available here.
And now 1.2 beta 1 is up, with Secret Missions 2 support! Next on my plate is the planets bug; I want to try and tackle that before heading on to WC2. Happy flying!

WC Sketches Infused With Technology

There's three diverse new Wing Commander sketches by talented artist NinjaLA. The first two are drawings that were painted in on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. A Scimitar is under fire up front, and although its fuselage and wings are blended a bit more than we typically see, the acceleration absorber pods are unmistakable. The second image is a fighter returning from battle... maybe the same craft? The Ralari is an entirely digital drawing still in its early stages, but there's already tons of detail and an action scene emerging. And is that a tiny Dralthi for scale?
Not totally done yet but progress shot of a Wing Commander post card sized painting. Back from a successful mission.. but the deck officer looks less than amused.

Get Academy's Claw in 3D

The Academy animated series features a familiar but distinct design for the Bengal strike carrier that's always been one of my favorites. Community member unfortunatecrow kept staring at freeze frames of the Tiger's Claw until he could piece together a 3D representation. The resulting model is some 5.8 centimeters or 2.3 inches long, and it's now available through 3D printing service Shapeways. If you missed our previous coverage, there is even more cool stuff on Shapeways to check out: the Dream Foundry, the Terran Fleet Supply and Chronocidal's Excalibur kit!
This is my rendition of the TCS Tiger's Claw from the Wing Commander Academy cartoon series. Due to a lack of good images, I had to improvise and take liberties with the design of the ship; particularly with the hangar bay and underside of the ship in general. For the hangar bay, I used a design that fits thematically with other Confed carriers in the lore.

Kilrathi Mod Reconnects With Fans

It's been a while since we last heard about Aginor's Kilrathi-perspective WC mod, but he's provided a status update to let everyone know the project's still in the works. In its early days there was considerable feedback gathered on how to manage the Kilrathi look and feel. Then over the years missions and features were implemented, so the primary outstanding tasks relate to the finalizing the story, adding some art and completing some voiceovers. That's actually a lot further along than some fan games get, so head over to the CIC Forums if you'd like to provide some encouragement or help Aginor finish!
I have most of the story finished now, and proofread. I will try to write the rest soon. It is all there in my head, but it is sometimes hard for me to concentrate and really write a whole chapter. The missions are mostly complete, with a few dialogues missing, and perhaps some testing and balancing. Concerning models, scripts and so on my mod is feature complete. I am missing some pieces of art, the minimum being a Kilrathi player portrait (or even just a WC3 style helmet to put there). The rest is optional. I wanted to do a cool main hall like Saga has, but I suck at 3D art, and both of the guys that wanted to help me aren't anwering my emails anymore.

So while my mod is pretty far in development it lacks the final touches. I couldn't motivate anybody to help me out with it (except capi who did the proofreading). It is hard to create such a thing without somebody who kicks you in the butt sometimes, giving you a nudge forward. So yeah, that's my status. :)

Oldies Games Upgrades Its WC4 Profile

OldiesGamesTV has remade their French language profile of Wing Commander 4. The previous edition was based on the CD release, so they've remixed the English DVD edition with French voiceovers and other sound. This is really cool for Francophones who'd like to see the higher quality movies! Most of our visitors might not understand what's being spoken, but we try to provide something for Wingnuts around the world. And it's neat to see someone enjoying the game, no matter what language you speak! Part 1 is below:
Here is the reissue of Oldies Games TV # 13 # 13 ... OGTV have as subject 4 Wing commander on CD-ROM PC but this game is out in the US version dvd so only in English. But for your enjoyment I remade the show with videos from the DVD version, and the sound of the CD release, a new way to enjoy Wing Commander 4.

WCDX Updated With Secret Missions Support

Stinger has released a new 1.1 beta of WCDX that now plays The Secret Missions. There was a funky cursor bug that delayed release (pictured below), but it's now been resolved. All of the effort spent so far should also help lay the groundwork towards support of SM2: Crusade sooner rather than later. WCDX patches the Kilrathi Saga edition of WC1 with improved D3D programmer that enhances compatibility, improves color display and fixes resolution issues. Grab the SM1 update here! If you're a KS owner, you can also download the Secret Missions here.
Secret Missions 1 support is finally here!

Somewhere in the process I managed to introduce a bug that prevented the game from cleaning up the cursor, so it was just leaving cursor trails all over the place. It's the sort of bug that would have been very easy to fix if I were working from the game's source, but with access only to disassembled code, I had to dig pretty deep to figure out what was going on. In the process, I managed to figure out the game's resource and image formats (yes, I know HCl already did that) and write my own extractors. This should help with figuring out the planets issue, but before I get to that I want to at least get SM2 up and running. With more knowledge at my disposal, that shouldn't take anywhere near as long as SM1 took, so look for it in the next couple of weeks.

I'm classifying this release as a beta only because I haven't spent much time actually playing it; I am not at this time aware of any remaining issues. If you find any, please let me know.

Now go get that dreadnought!


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