Klavs' 3D Hangars Open For Business

Wing Commander modeler Klavs continues to break out of 2D with his latest effort. He has uploaded his WC1/2 fighter designs to p3d.in, a service for sharing 3D models through the browser. Users can easily zoom and rotate the models without the need for external plugins. You can find Confederation ships in Hangar B and Kilrathi models in Hangar C. Free accounts have a fairly low limit on texture resolution, but Klavs' work still looks really sharp. Earlier this year, HCl had also put together a browser-based viewer for RealSpace engine (WC3/4/Armada) objects.

The TCS Victory Museum is proud to announce the opening of Hangar C, housing a unique and unmatched collection of Kilrathi wartime artifacts. Also on display in the Kilrathi hangar is Lancelot 300, the famous F-103 Excalibur that dropped the Temblor Bomb which destroyed Kilrah and ended the Kilrathi war.

Please bear with us as we reorganize the information displays.

Hangar B has been reorganized to contain exclusively Terran spacecraft. And opening soon, the orbital display portion of the museum will provide EVA sled tours of some of the Kilrathi War's most famous capital ships, from Fralthi cruisers to the Bengal Class Carrier TCS Wolfhound!

Play The Flat Universe Alpha Now!

The first playable edition of top-down shooter Wing Commander Flat Universe has been released! The Maslas Brothers still consider this a 0.5 alpha version, but it already looks like a lot of fun. Today's download is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, so fans can test out the game on the platform of their choice. Key commands are available in a helpful reference card, and a larger quick start guide should be available soon. The download files and installation instructions are available here.
We are happy to announce that we have just released the first playable version of the game! Yes it is still in alpha but we think it is already lots of fun.

We have also prepared some manuals which include both keyboard and gamepad / joystick reference cards and blueprints ala Wing Commander 1. All the manuals are located at the "Destiny's Way" section of the site. So and without any further delay head to http://flatuniverse.solsector.net and grab your copy!

P.S. Don't forget to check the updates in our website where you can find some of the ships that we are preparing (you can thank Klavs for his hard work of course!) at the "Flight Deck" section.

Crusader: No Remorse Goes Free On Origin!

Electronic Arts' Origin service has announced its newest On The House game, Crusader: No Remorse! Crusader is an Origin Systems isometric shooter renowned for its rich setting, interactive environments and exciting action. After two games were released in the series, its lead designer, Tony Zurovec, left Origin to found Digital Anvil with Chris Roberts and now works on Star Citizen at Cloud Imperium Games Austin. The team that was left behind at OSI actually went on to develop Privateer 3, which was unfortunately cancelled before release.

There were quite a few Crusader crossovers and easter eggs in Wing Commander over the years. The series' World Economic Consortium appears in Secret Ops fiction, Star*Soldier included a movie poster for the canceled Crusader: No Mercy project and even more complex tie-ins were sprinkled around various Origin franchises. This makes the second Origin Systems classic to show up in the Origin service's high profile giveaway spot out of just eight titles that have appeared to date. It's great to see our favorites so well represented! If you want to learn more about Crusader, check out the Echo Sector fan site.

Catch up on a classic. Crusader: No Remorse is yours, On the House. The unforgettable tale of revenge in the future of 2196 is a favorite of PC gamers, and it's available right now, for free.

No pity. No mercy. No Remorse.

As a Silencer, one of the elite enforcers of the World Economic Consortium, you're supposed to be incorruptible. But if the system you serve is utterly corrupt, where does that leave you? You go over to the Resistance, the same pack you used to hunt down. Now, your former employers better watch their backs because you're coming after them with all the firepower at your command.

Antares Rocket Fails At Launch

Yesterday's departure of an unmanned Orbital Sciences resupply module resulted in a large explosion shortly after liftoff. After half a dozen routine private resupply missions to the ISS and a lengthy stretch of diverse and successful exploratory ventures over the last several years, the mishap came as a bit of a shock. But it serves as a reminder of the difficulty and complexity associated with all space travel. In addition to cargo, the lost rocket also carried numerous smaller satellites and science experiments. While it can be disheartening to think about all the lost effort that went into these projects, Planetary Resources tweeted this after losing their asteroid hunting satellite: "Cheer up everybody - A3 was just a robot! We are making more. #LiveToFlyAnotherDay"

X-Wing & Tie Fighter Released on GOG!

Classic '90s space sims X-Wing and Tie Fighter were released this morning via Good Old Games. In both cases, these are the special CD-ROM editions that come with all expansions and enhanced graphics & sound. Official strategy guides are also an extra bonus. These are a good deal at $10 each, but the premium over the typical $6 price point reflects their popularity and the allure of the Star Wars brand. Today's release has created quite a bit of internet buzz, which will also have the positive side effect of exposing more gamers to the Wing Commander franchise also for sale at GOG. A series bundle is in effect that includes virtually all DOS & Windows WC games for $34.96. This is also the start of a streak of Lucas Arts titles. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Secret of Monkey Island and Sam & Max Hit the Road were also released.
Note that numerous Lucas titles, including 3 from the launch lineup (Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition, Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition, Sam & Max Hit the Road), are available digitally for the first time ever, ready to play with no fuss on modern operating systems.

Alternate 3D Printing Resource Allows Resizing

Klavs' latest 3D printing experiments have put his slick new Rapier front and center. The ship is now available to order from Sculpteo in unpainted plastic or resin and a fancy prepainted color variant. One major difference between this vendor and Terran Fleet Supply at Shapeways is the scalability. Fans can select designs anywhere from 31 mm in length to about ten times that size depending on casting material. Note that since the technology is still experimental, sizes larger than a few inches can quickly become quite expensive, although it's kind of fun to see how hard you can get the price calculator to work. This is still a great option for anyone looking to fill out a miniature tabletop fleet or just generate a neat desk ornament. Klavs' Hellcat is also available at Sculpteo here.
Model uploaded to Sculpteo, so you can size her to your heart's content.

Video Puts A Positive Spin On Kilrathi Concept Ship

Howard Day has posted a slick animation of his Drak'thli. The ship was originally designed by Feng Zhu, who was commissioned to create concept art for an unreleased Wing Commander game that would have occurred after Secret Ops. Although it's not exactly like any other Kilrathi vessel that appears in the game, it fits into the WC3-era design scheme extremely well. Star Citizen's Vanduul fighter also plays off the large asymmetrical wing motif - the idea certainly had lots of promise. If you're working a project that could use a fresh new Kilrathi craft, Howard's 3DS model is availablt here.

Latest Renders Bring New Armor Textures To Bear

ScoobyDoo's interpretation of the cult favorite Bearcat fighter has been further refined in a new update. Enhanced techniques have allowed him to give the metal hull a better finish. The typical Confed markings are missing, but below Scooby explains how they can be modularly added in the FS2 engine - where most of his designs take flight. A pair of small dorsal stabilizers has been added, and they complement the design quite nicely.
The texturing has gotten slightly better and a lot easier to create and if necessary adjust. Smaller easier scripts while using simple bevels and extrudes in photoshop. Plus it gives off a nicer metallic shine.

There are no color stripings with these. The FS2 engine now has a "-misc" map which let's anyone creating painted designs without touching the base texture and also use different colors for different factions. Sorta like blue for confed, red for border in WC4 and team colors in Homeworld.

Orchestra Warming Up For Wing Commander Album

Lots of exciting news from George Oldziey today. Production of the Wing Commander live album (orchestra and choir) starts at the end of next week, and George has hired a professional film crew to document the process. And one dedicated fan with a talent for music has managed to score himself a seat in the orchestra...
Hey guys. Just checking in before our big trip to record the music next week. We leave Austin on Tuesday and arrive in Bratislava Wednesday morning. The sessions are scheduled for Friday; orchestra sessions from 9-12, 1-4 and choir from 6 to 9 PM Slovakia time. I've hired a professional film crew to document it, including interviews with key personnel. Matt Hiltner, the biggest donor, and his fianc´┐Ż will be joining me in the booth. Interestingly, another WC fan and fine cellist, Branislaw Madziar, who lives in Germany, requested to play in the cello section, so he'll be there too.
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