Gr'Kath's Sick Of Herding Kittens

Next up in NinjaLA's stream of sketches is a Wing Commander comic concept. Before you get your hopes it, this is just a one-off concept page. Ninja has several other examples from prior attempts to kick off a full length story, but an engaging and visually striking series is a huge undertaking. For today, we'll take what we can get!

Homeworld Mod Strives To Be First To Kilrah

Now that L.I.F. has officially relaunched the Homeworld Remastered Mod so that it runs under the game's new engine, he can start to look towards the project's future. One exciting possibility is a special campaign that features End Run's story and the adventures of the TCS Tarawa. On the model front, he's been working on how to successfully implement Klavs' ships, and both a Wake class CVE, a Fralthra and an Excalibur are visible in the preliminary screenshots below. Check out even more beautiful pictures at the CIC Forums here!
No promises, but if I can find the time to do it, there miiiiight be a campaign idea involving this girl and her shenanigans in the kitty litter. Say it after me:


Looking Back At The Heart Of The Tiger's Awesome Premiere Edition

One of the most elaborate packages in the Wing Commander series is the Premiere Edition of Wing Commander 3. In addition to the regular items that everyone got, it included a color version of Warbirds, a soundtrack CD, a 'Behind the Screens' CD with cool interviews & features, a t-shirt, a 1995 calendar, a VHS 'making of' tape, a folded poster and a copy of the Fleet Action novel in a film reel enclosure. There was a variant available at Sam's Club, but the primary way for fans to acquire this collector's item was to directly call and order from Electronic Arts - since this was years before online orders were a thing! Joe Garrity scanned in his receipt from 1994 so you can see the slip in all its dot matrix glory. The Big Box PC Game Collectors have put together a retrospective and unboxing video that further details what came in the tin. Adjusting for inflation, the $100 price tag in 1994 comes out to $162 in today's dollars. Not bad for what you got! Thanks to Rear Admiral Tarsus for the tip.

Wing Commander Script Guides Updated For New Release

In the chaotic hustle and bustle leading up to the CIC Birthday, sometimes we run out of time to process a few things in time for the party. Shades' Wing Commander script guides didn't quite make the cut this year, but that means they gets a whole news cycle to themselves today! These were first previewed back in 2014, but Shades has used the intervening time to edit and clean up the documents. He officially calls this a "beta 2" release, but they already seem pretty polished. There's good reference material included concerning mission branching, Colonel Halcyon's briefings as well as the cutscenes. My favorite part is that each branching variant of the game's dialogues is shown. For example, the guide will show both winning and losing text, plus specify addition lines that are spoken if a Kilrathi ace gets shot down or additional verbiage if a wingman survives. Grab them below!
Like all of you I am a huge fan of Wing Commander and have been since the first game. One of the things I loved most about it was its branching story and like many of you I played it many times just to follow the many story branches. Many year ago I decided to flowchart the script/story of the Wing Commander games, something that could be read in a "Choose your own adventure" style. My first public release was for Wing Commander II. It was rough but still felt lacking. With my current scripts I've changed the layout and added more picture to help bring more of the feel of the game to the story. It's not done yet but I wanted to release it for the Birthday party. Constructive feedback is welcome.

Our Most Pointless Post Ever... Or Our Best?

There's a sizable slice of the internet today that's just mindless content farm drivel. No, I'm not talking about clickbait listicles or low quality aggregations - this is stuff so pointless that it really makes you pause. I get why they do it. With a macro or simple app, they can spam the internet with mass produced whatevers with virtually no effort, and if by chance they get a few stray clicks and ad eyeballs, then they've succeeded. And yeah, by linking to this, we're playing into it that a little, but it's worth it for the amusement factor alone. I give you... "Our Best Moments: Wing Commander IV."
This channels aims to bring people together by presenting trivial moments and subjects in time or place for all to share their best experiences with them as comment or video replies. Your best/funniest/most interesting moments will be collected into a free e-book called 'Best moments about nothing'.

Please share why you like this game.

Happy 20th Birthday, WC4.123106: The Price Of Entertainment!

Fan fiction is what you get whenever you have creative fans combined with an audience. Today, you'll see stories emerge for game series before the first game is even completed. But in the early days of the internet, things were rapidly evolving and the nature of things like fan fic were dynamic as well. Wingnuts were writing story chapters and sending them out to email lists almost as far back as email existed, but one of the first large scale cohesive "novels" was Wing Commander 4.123016 by Gary Hladik.

Part parody and part refinement of the original story, "The Price of Entertainment" was published in 35 installments starting August 18, 1996 and concluded August 29, 1997. It was first posted in the Usenet newsgroup and later reposted to the agwc Homepage and the CIC. Popsicle Pete even turned it into an ebook for easy reading (with a slick cover by NinjaLA). In addition to being a fun adventure in its own right, WC4.123106 is also something of a fascinating time capsule. Comedy and literary tone can also evolve over time, and it's amazing to think back to how this emerged mere months after WC4 - the game - was itself released. For the emerging online Wing Community of the mid '90s, and especially those who lived in and many of whom call home to this day, Gary's fan fiction filled a big gap between WC4 and Prophecy and has a special place in our memories. Check it out and read or reread it for yourself below!

If Wing Commander IV were approached from a somewhat less reverent point of view, I wondered, what kind of humor could be extracted from it? My own answer to that question is found in the fanfic story "Wing Commander 4.123106: The Price of Entertainment," which debuts next week on While not exactly a comedy, this rewrite of the Wing Commander IV story tries to be considerably more lighthearted and uninhibited than the original. It follows the same general storyline, but I've rewritten every existing cut-scene and added many new ones. I've kept the same Wing 4 characters (although Pliers has a new job), added many new ones, and brought back a few more of the Wing 3 cast (guess who!). The story is told in the first person by none other than the Heart of the Tiger himself, which means of course that the story omits all cutscenes in which Blair is not present, e.g. the opening sequence of the attack on the transport Amadeus.
Thanks to Benjamin Boys for the reminder about this milestone!

Pix Revives Tandy TX For Glorious Wing Commander Run

Pix has put together a wonderful walkthrough of the process he followed to get an 8 MHz Tandy TX to run Wing Commander. The technical hurdles he had to jump through are a fun read for those of us who've built computers from scratch, and the results are quite impressive. The game is super choppy since the machine is well below the recommended specs, but it's amazing that it actually runs! It's not unplayable, and I'm sure we all have stories about playing games that performed worse. As an original Tandy 1000 owner myself back in the late '80s, I'd have been absolutely stunned to see something like this in action. It certainly loads faster than Wing Commander 3 did on a 486 with 8 megs of RAM, and it's only marginally worse than playing Prophecy on a Pentium 100 with 16 megs (both experiences I was all to familiar with in the '90s).

The proprietary 16-color Tandy mode running through this CGA monitor produces very interesting results. Some contrasts disappear and other things are washed out, but it's fascinating to see how the game compensates with solutions like checker box Dralthis and red-faced Spirit. Kids today might think WC1 looks dated, but this will really make you appreciate the graphical quality of the standard DOS original. This gives me the impression of what the game would have had to look like if it were ever ported to the 8-bit Nintendo. If you think this is wild, Pix does lots of great work like this all the time, so definitely check out his webpage for more fantastic info. You can find the full article on this story here.

Dogfight Doubles Down On Colorful Contrasts

Hot on the hells of his very colorful tribute to the CIC's 18th Birthday, NinjaLA has put together this beautiful scene. A Confed fighter chases after a Kilrathi ship in the distance. Its bright engine flare against a blue haze adds some great texture to the mix, plus there's some additional nice highlights provided by the electric green blobs being fired from out of the frame.
A quickie.. I haven't been doing enough painterly art.. I need to remedy that.

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