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Each summer Wing Commander fans from around the world meet up at Dragon*Con. Dragon*Con is the world's largest Science Fiction and Arts convention held in Atlanta every August/September. Each year it's a blast. Hopefully you can join us in 2006!

Dragon*Con 2005

Our 2005 get-together was great! We're anxiously awaiting our sixth annual meeting this year! The DragonCon convention runs from September 1-4, 2006. In the past we have met Wing Commander celebrities such as Tom Wilson (Todd "Maniac" Marshall) and John Rhys-Davies. We typically stay at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis (as opposed to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta). Depending on how rooms are split, total hotel costs for the duration of the convention are estimated to be between $150 to $200. Delta Airlines is the official carrier of the convention. Discounts of 5-15% are available if you book early. If you book far enough in advance, plane tickets can be bought for $75 to $400 in the US depending on your location. If you wait till the last minute, tickets can get up to $500 or more. Actual four-day admission to the convention is $85 at the door, but there are discounts for early registration. If you have any questions or are thinking about coming, please email us! If you're sitting on the fence, feel free to dicuss your situation with us. We are currently filling slots in our Wing Commander hotel rooms right now.

Past Gatherings

This is our old Wing Commander Convention Survey. It was mentioned in as mentioned in Strategy Plus in 1997. We've come a long way since then. It's only up for nostalgia purposes now. It reminds us how ambitious we were and how long we've been involved with the Wing Commander community..

Survey Questions

1. Does the idea of a Wing Commander convention interest you?

2. How far would you be willing to travel to attend a Wing Commander convention?

3. How much, approximately would you be willing to spend? (Including transportation, food and lodging)

4. What would be an ideal location?

5. What month of the year would be the best time?

6. How important is Origin involvement to your attendance at such a Convention?

7. What would be the single largest factor in your decision to attend?

8. How long would you expect the Convention to be?

9. Would you expect to pay an entrance fee?

10. If so, how much would be reasonable?

11. Would you be interested in buying Wing Commander related merchandise?

12. Who would you hope to meet at the Convention? (Fans, Origin personnel, actors, etc... be as specific as possible)

13. What would you expect to see and do at the Convention?

14. Provided we had the computers, would you be interested in playing Wing Commander games (possibly multiplayer) at the event?

15. Would you be willing or able to help in this project in any way?

16. Would you like us to contact you in the event we have more information?

17. If you feel you would not be able to attend, what would your biggest reason be for not doing so?

Form may not work with IE, please email responses to Chris Reid

We would appreciate your support. If you have a Wing Commander related webpage and would like to link to this Survey, please use this Banner:

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