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If you'd like to add a mission, please send it here.

Jump Station

Wing Commander Secret Ops Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Alien Legacy Episode One - Hiding Places Stuart P
TCS Dark Knight missions John Whitney
Defend Position mission set Roberto Barbosa Junior
Avatar Station II Missions Stuart Kerrigan
Black Lance Challenge Josip Nad
Mutiny Kyle
Countdown to Extinction 2 Mario Brito
New Ships Gauntlet Mario Brito
Operation Crisis Jim Guenther
Recover the Maria Magdalena Mario Brito

How to use the Secret Ops missions

Download the Secret Ops Mission Simulator from the Files section. You may want to install upgrade a or b as well. Check the readme's for a detailed description of what they do.

Prophecy Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Alien Revenge Firefly
A Normal, Quiet Patrol... Alex Fong
Avatar Station Missions Stuart Kerrigan
Captured Carriers 1 Stuart Kerrigan
Captured Carriers 2 Stuart Kerrigan
Confed Fighter Gauntlet Firefly
Confederation Gauntlet Origin Systems
Confederation Gauntlet 2 Mario Brito
Countdown to Extinction Mario Brito
Defend Convoy Thomas Bruckner
Defend the Midway Mario Brito
Devastator Assault Stuart Kerrigan
Drakhai Josip Nad
Dralthi Endurance Josip Nad
Escort Convoy Alex Fong
Invasion Thomas Bruckner
Jump Point Defense Barrie Almond
Kilrathi Assistance Mario Brito
Kilrathi Gauntlet Dude
Mission Pack Various
Say Your Prayers (Demo) Mario Brito
Tiamat Assualt Barrie Almond
Thrakhath Lives! Dude
The Traitor Dude
Traitor's Run Stuart Kerrigan

How to use the Prophecy missions

1. Download the external missions patch file from
here and extract the contents in to your Prophecy directory.

2. Double click on patch.exe to run it.

3. Place the contents of your chosen mission zip in the Prophecy\Mission directory and rename the .mis file to s0.mis.

4. Run Prophecy and play the Sim0 mission from the simulator, which will now have been replaced by your chosen missions.

Academy Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Ariel Station Phoozang GG
Base Attack Foxhound
Candy Aces Phoozang GG
Cat Spat Phoozang GG
Cloak & Dagger Corsair
Deneb John Goodrich
Dorkir Hunt Phoozang GG
Ferret Frenzy Phoozang GG
Golden Sun Phoozang GG
Penalty Box Corsair
Station Attacks Alex Johnson
Station Ring Defense Alex Johnson
Transport Attack Corsair
Wraith Blueprints Mario "HCl" Brito

Wing Commander I Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Rise to Honor Omega
Secret Missions 3 : Enigma Omega

Wing Commander II Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Armageddon Mario Brito
Beat the Odds Mario Brito
Destroy a Fralthra Mario Brito
Destroy Kabla Meth Mario Brito
Destroy the Concordia Mario Brito
Tarawa Mario Brito

Wing Commander III Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Favor the Bold Firefly
Primal Urge Firefly
Surprise Attack Mario Brito

Wing Commander IV Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
A Campaign
The Gauntlet Mario Brito
Universe Campaign Packs - #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
Objects pack 1 - Objects pack 2
Warrior Campaign missions 1-9 Josip Nad
Mission 10 of Warrior Campaign Josip Nad
Mission 11 of Warrior Campaign Josip Nad
Mission 12 of Warrior Campaign Josip Nad
Mission 13 of Warrior Campaign Josip Nad
Mission 14 of Warrior Campaign Josip Nad

Privateer Missions

Mission Title Mission Author
Steltek Endurance Mario Brito

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