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MORE WAR . . .

A desperate attack on the Kilrathi homeworld had succeeded in destroying the entire planet, including the Emperor and his warlords. The surviving Kilrathi, on warships and on their colony worlds were hopelessly demoralized and had sued for peace. The catlike warrior race was no longer a threat to Earth and its colonies. Thirty-five years of war had finally come to an end, bringing peace in our time. They thought....

The reality was more ominous. There were still plenty of independent Kilrathi warlords surviving, commanding a formidable array of warships and weaponry. Some wanted revenge on the apes who had destroyed the sacred homeworld, some wanted to set up their own new empires, and some were simply content to go pirate, raiding human colonies at will. But back on Earth, the war-weary people and their leaders turned a deaf ear to reports of Kilrathi belligerence, preferring to look forward to a peaceful and prosperous future.

But it was only the calm before a new storm....

False Colors Information

The 7th Wing Commander novel from Baen was released in mid-December, 1998.

Length: 480 pages.
ISBN #: 0-671-57784-0
Retail Price: $6.99

Check out an early version of False Colors' prologue here. It was graciously provided to us by author Andrew Keith.

Several online bookstores are pre-selling False Colors, including: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Over the course of the past year and a half we've had a chance to ask both Andrew Keith and Bill Forstchen questions relating to False Colors. The below are segments from old interviews.

CIC: What can you tell us about False Colors?
Keith: Well, some of you have seen the first chapter. The rest works like this . . . The war is over, but Kilrathi warlords are trying to rebuild the Empire. The Confederation is facing trouble from an internal conspiracy. Admiral Tolwyn, in disgrace after the Behemoth incident, gets a job with the navy of the Landreich, on the frontier. He brings Jason Bondarevsky out of retirement to help him. Their job is to salvage the Kilrathi carrier Karga, lost in battle. They have to fight pirates backed by the Terran conspirators to get the carrier mobilized. When they do, they discover that a Kilrathi dreadnought has joined the warlord about to attack the Landreich. This is one of those things you can't kill from WCIII. They use the Kilrathi carrier to mount a raid on the warlord's home base and try to take out the dreadnought. I won't say how that goes . . .

CIC: Will we be seeing a lot of returning characters?
Keith: Jason, Sparks, Admiral Tolwyn and his nephew . . . the leader of the Landreich (whose name eludes me) . . . Also a couple of minor characters from past Bondarevsky books.

CIC: Any chance of Doomsday returning?
Keith: He's there.

CIC: What can you tell us about the upcoming Wing Commander: False Colors?
Keith: Understand that I don't know what changes may have been made in the novel's two-year odyssey since it left my word processor. However, it WAS the story of a band of humans whose breakaway frontier worlds are threatened by Kilrathi warlords, interstellar politics, and Terran apathy in the wake of the long war. To save themselves, they set out to recover a damaged Kilrathi carrier and put it back into service, meeting some surprising enemies -- and allies -- along the way.

CIC: Do you plan to write further novels in the WC series?
Forstchen: There's two books in the works right now, both will be delivered to our publisher, Jim Baen, within a month. One book deals with events that transpire in the weeks between the end of "Heart of the Tiger" and the start of "Price of Freedom." I bring back my old hero Jason and tie him in with events out on the frontier and the prospect of a break away action by some of the frontier worlds.

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