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For Immediate Release

ORIGIN Ships Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga

Special Collectors Edition Brings Windows 95 Experience to Award-Winning Wing Commander Franchise

AUSTIN, TX, October 15, 1996---ORIGIN Systems®, an Electronic Arts® company and a developer of world-famous entertainment software, announces the shipment of Wing Commander®: The Kilrathi Saga(tm). This special collector's edition game takes the award-winning Wing Commander franchise to the next level by offering players the first three Wing Commander games in a native Windows® 95 environment. Additionally, ORIGIN is including a Windows 95 upgrade in the game for the recently released Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom(tm), the latest groundbreaking chapter in the Wing Commander adventure. The upgrade also is available for download from the ORIGIN web site. Now more people than ever can enjoy the Wing Commander series with Windows 95 ease of use and attractive holiday pricing.

Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga is a collection of the first three Wing Commander games, comprising the entire Galactic War between Terrans and the evil, catlike Kilrathi. Players will experience the ahead-of-its-time animation and 3-D gameplay of the early Wing Commanders and the groundbreaking multi-million dollar interactive movies introduced in Wing Commander III.

Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga is now frame-limited so the first two Wing Commanders, released in 1990 and 1991, can once again be played at their intended speed on today"s super-fast personal computers. The disparate gameplay controls throughout the series have been streamlined to provide more uniformity. Brand-new features are added to all three Wing Commanders---the choice to play with or without the cockpit for Wing Commanders I and II, and flight pedal and throttle control support for Wing Commander III. Kilrathi Saga also features re-orchestrations by Wing Commander III and IV composer George Oldziey. The music and sound effects in all three games are converted from MIDI to state-of-the-art digital sound. The games also include an intuitive menu interface allowing players to install, play and uninstall each game for an effortless Windows 95 experience. Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga, includes an exclusive 1997 Wing Commander limited edition calendar and is attractively priced for the holiday gift season at under $40.

"This project began when several members of the development team realized they could no longer play the early Wing Commander games on their personal computers," said Kilrathi Saga Producer John McLean. "You"d try to fly a mission and get killed within about 5 seconds!" The decision was soon made to port the fantastic story of the epic Galactic War to Windows 95. Co-Producer and Director Jeff Everett added, "We figured as long as we had the hood open, so to speak, we might as well go all out. So we added digital music and enhanced controls and, my favorite, the no-cockpit option." The end result surpassed everyone"s expectations. "Our goal," McLean said, "was to provide both our customers and ourselves with the ability to recapture the wonderful experience that brought many of us into this industry, whether as game players or game professionals or both---the Wing Commander saga."

The Kilrathi Saga includes a Windows 95 upgrade for Wing Commander IV, released earlier this year. The same upgrade also is available for download from the ORIGIN web site at

Also available for download completely free of charge from the ORIGIN web site are Secret Missions I and II. These mission disk packages (originally released for the first Wing Commander game) are also optimized for Windows 95 and add an additional 36 missions to the Kilrathi Saga package. They are playable only with Kilrathi Saga.

ORIGIN Systems® develops and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software. To date, the company has released more than 50 titles, including the award-winning Ultima®, Wing Commander and Crusader series of games. The company also develops titles under the Jane's® Combat Simulations brand. ORIGIN is based in Austin, Texas, with additional offices in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS). More information on ORIGIN products is available on the ORIGIN home page at

ORIGIN, ORIGIN Systems, Ultima and Wing Commander are registered trademarks and The Price of Freedom and The Kilrathi Saga are trademarks of ORIGIN Systems, Inc. Electronic Arts is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Jane"s is a registered trademark of Jane"s Information Group Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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