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Pre Convention Gallery - Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ChrisReid: The first half of the trip went super fast. People began heading to Atlanta for the actual convention on Wednesday morning.

LOAF: I'm leaving, on a jet train, don't know when I'll be back again.


LOAF: One of these days, Alice, wham, boom, apple sauce.

ChrisReid: At the airport we found Southwest's Shamu 737!

LOAF: Chris said he had a whale of a tale to tell, and I thought he was just plane crazy.

ChrisReid: This one was our plane.

LOAF: Delta's new Vanilla 737 is great. The same cannot be said for their Frescata 737aliono.

ChrisReid: The flight was smooth, and we met Halman at the airport.

LOAF: Do you know why they call them Breeze cards? Because, screw you! is why.

Frosty: The new Breeze thingies are totally rad. If you hold them up to the light you can see all the tron they put in them.

ChrisReid: He looked like a hairy weirdo, so Hades took him immediately out to get a haircut.

LOAF: I'll argue that he looks like a bigger jerk in the after picture.

ChrisReid: Meanwhile, I unpacked my laundry.

LOAF: Sock it to 'em!

Frosty: Yay, puppets!

ChrisReid: Travel tires everyone out.

LOAF: Because they drive cars! Tires! HAH! Also, cross-country skis.

Frosty: Hades probably spells it "tyres" and ruins the joke.

ChrisReid: Then I built my model 737 from the Smithsonian.

LOAF: Luckily he already knew how to put the wings on one.

ChrisReid: Frosty showed up on Wednesday evening.

LOAF: Frosty looks kind of like a Man in Black, without the Black. And the other part is iffy, too.

Frosty: Hey now, you're talking about 100% Grade-A American man-dude here.

ChrisReid: We all packed up and went to Target to stock up for the week.

LOAF: We arrived at the train yard map, but the GM switched it to the town square map for us.


LOAF: Don't hurtle that turtle!


LOAF: What the hell?! You people lied to me, those weren't Ships A'Hoy cookies!

Frosty: I kind of wish I'd bought that box with the special ship in it. Tiny paper boats are sweet.

ChrisReid: We went to EB and LOAF bought a PSP for EA Replay.

LOAF: Badge of honor. I'm hard core, yo. Always remember: with no job and no money and no prospects I bought a new system for a game that hadn't been announced yet.

Frosty: I can do you one better: In that same situation at a much younger age, I bought and even more expensive system based on the rumor of an add-on piece of hardware that never materialized. Who can guess what I'm talking about?

ChrisReid: We had to go quite a ways to carry back the supplies.

LOAF: We vaulted along.

Frosty: Proof positive that at one time I was indeed helping with the obscenely heavy cooler.


LOAF: Let me just make Five Points about this picture.

Frosty: Delicious cola.

ChrisReid: When we got back to the hotel, Death was waiting for us.

LOAF: Lemme just borrow from your coke stash...

ChrisReid: Here's all the loot we got.

LOAF: Nearly eight percent of it wasn't thrown up on.

Frosty: Secret Coke supply hidden from view.

ChrisReid: ace and Blonde set it all up in our pantry.

LOAF: Someone's in the kitchen with dinosaurs, someone's in the... god, I don't even know where I'm going with this.

Frosty: Facade.

ChrisReid: And then we went for a late night run to Champions.

LOAF: Little did we know that it had actually been replaced by the evil Champions from the mirror universe.

ChrisReid: I asked for a root beer float, but they were out of root beer. So I ordered ice cream and got root beer from the hotel lobby. Blonde's quesadillas weren't very good.

LOAF: That's not a nice thing to say!

Frosty: Chris had to make his own root beer float, and ace and me had the six-dollarest beers ever. Way to go, Champions!

ChrisReid: Silas finally showed up late at night.

LOAF: He thinks he's the champion of giving thumbs ups for no reason. Lets just see what happens...

Frosty: The fun has arrived, ladies.

ChrisReid: We got all our laptops working on the hotel room network.

LOAF: Sharing the 1 kbps downstream connection.

Frosty: Holy cow, I see a ghost right in front of me in that picture. If only we'd known for the hauntings panel!

ChrisReid: And everyone fell asleep.


Frosty: Bed, shmed - bring back the end tables.

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